Abyssal Lord of the Magi World
192 Blood Demodand Technique
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Abyssal Lord of the Magi World
Author :Redsunworld
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192 Blood Demodand Technique

When Juntu hears Zatiel's proposition he was surprised, instead of being used as a tool without free will they offer him the chance to work together and assure him that he will not be betrayed or discarded.

The Blood Ruby Centipede has live for thousands of years and he knew of the cunningness of humans and how they can transform a horrible lie into a beautiful truth.

He could not remain silent since that will mean having his ego destroyed, so his options were limited.

"Can you explain to me what is exactly a Soul Guardian Beast?" Juntu was hoping to obtain more information before deciding what to do and was looking expectantly at Zatiel.

The Neo-Demon smile grew wider when he saw this and his attitude became friendlier.

"Of course, is it not too complicated." Zatiel proceeds to explain the method and what will exactly happen with the Blood Ruby Centipede.

The Soul Guardian Beast Technique is very common among the powerful life forms in the Immortal Plane, the place where the Cultivator Path was born.

A link will be established between the True Souls of the magic creature and the Cultivator, allowing them to share their thoughts and create a symbiotic relationship.

The benefits for the Cultivator are plenty. Firstly, his True Soul will be protected by the True Soul of the magic creatures, making any sort of spiritual attack send to him have to face the soul defenses of both of them.

The magic creature can follow him in battle. In some cases like with the Blood Ruby Centipedes, the Cultivator can use his abilities to strengthen themselves.

There are limitations and restrictions on this technique. The death of the Soul Guardian Beast will greatly damage the Cultivator with the exception in the case where the magic creature betrays this one.

In the case of betrayal for part of the magic creature, the soul of this one will crumble and nourish the soul of the Cultivator. And if it's the other way around, the cultivator will lose a part of his True Soul and the Soul Guardian Beast will be free of his responsibilities.

There is a restriction with the level of strength of the Cultivator's True Soul since this one can not be significantly weaker than the one of the Soul Guardian Beast.

That is why the ones chosen for this role are usually magic creatures since even if they are one Rank above the Cultivator, their True Souls are not much stronger.

Since it is a symbiotic relationship, there are also benefits for the Soul Guardian Beast. Their True Soul will be constantly nourished by the True Soul of the Cultivator and their law comprehension will be boosted, which will essentially allow them to get rid of their bloodline shackles.

This increase will be even more powerful if the laws their bloodline helps them to comprehend are also trained by the Cultivator.

When Juntu hears Zatiel's explanation he could not help but feel hopeful. He can feel the level of power in the Law of Blood surrounding Heinz and it was very close to his own, despite him not having any sort of bloodline and being so young.

He will not be a slave or an insignificant pet but a true companion with free will and if the Cultivator becomes stronger, he will also grow more powerful. There is the possibility he may reach the mighty Soul Law Domain Rank, becoming a hegemon of his kind.

Regarding the inequality in the punishment for betrayal, it was something he can accept without a problem, after all, he is a prisoner right now.

"How can I know you are telling the truth." Juntu could not let go of his fear of human's cunningness. Everything sounded good, but what if after going through the process he just ends up becoming a slave.

Zatiel was not surprised for the magic creature apprehension, it was something he was expecting it will happen.

"There is no reason for me to lie since the only other path you have is a waking nightmare that will last for eternity. But since you may become one of us, I will give you the Soul Guardian Beast Technique so you can analyze it and see by yourself if I am telling the truth. The technique is very simple so with the strength of your soul, you will not have any problem to detect tricks." Zatiel took a crystal and fills it with all the magic knowledge and principles of the Soul Guardian Beast Technique.

The Neo-Demon gives a signal to the Elder Brain who made a golden force field appear around him before waving his hand and making the transparent box that contained Juntu disappear.

The device in Zatiel's hand could activate the rune on the Blood Ruby Centipede and incapacitate him in less than a fraction of a second. But the Neo-Demon knew that amount of time was more than enough for the centipede to destroy his head, with the current distance between them, if he did not have a shield protecting him.

Juntu did not say anything regarding Zatiel actions and limit himself to make the crystal reach his head before analyzing the information in it.

He spent hours analyzing the technique form every single point possible and the more he saw, the great the hope in his heart became.

The Soul Guardian Beast Technique is just like what Zatiel described. A symbiotic relationship between the True Soul of Heinz and his own that will severely punish any sort of betrayal.

"I am willing to become his Soul Guardian Beast." Juntu knew that this was a path that will transform disaster into a blessing.

Heinz has learned everything about the technique from Zatiel a while ago and he was ready.

"Ok, you two should start right now. After the technique is completed I will destroy the device and erase the rune." Zatiel distance himself from the duo and activate his Eye of Life and Creation to monitor the process.

Heinz and Juntu look at each other with great solemnity before raising their energies to the peak. Blood comes out from their mouths and gathers in the air creating a three-meter orb.

In the next moment from Heinz's forehead, a blue figure exactly like him surrounded by a sphere of white energy comes out and enters into the orb of blood.

From Juntu head a the same thing happens and a small and blue Blood Ruby Centipede surrounded by white energy enters the orb and starts to orbit around Heinz's True Soul.

Slowly the white energy surrounding their True Souls starts to travel from one sphere to the other combining themselves.

This process continues for several hours before the faces of the True Souls of Heinz and Juntu started to display an unbelievable amount of pain.

A piece of Heinz's True Soul was removed and sent to Juntu's True Soul, and the same happens with the magic creature.

Once this was done, the orb of blood nurtured their True Souls, healing some of the damage that was provoked.

The True Souls of Heinz and Juntu return to their bodies. They open their eyes showing an immense sense of exhaustion and weakness.

The amount of pain that extracting a piece of your True Soul will generate is beyond words and the damage will have been much worse, maybe even irreversible, if not for the piece of True Soul of the other filling the void and the connection that was created between them.

The next time Heinz and Juntu look at each other, there was a sense of familiarity in their eyes. Their souls were connected and the bond they have created was extremely solid.

When Zatiel saw this, he nods and made the device self destruct erasing the rune in Juntu's head.

When the Blood Ruby Centipede feels the rune disappear, he looks at the Neo-Demon and gives a small bow to display his gratitude.

"Good, now that is over, it's time for me to pass the Blood Demodand Technique to the two of you. This technique will strengthen Heinz's body by using blood energy to temper every part of him, which will give him a powerful physique and it will allow his blood to contain a great amount of vitality and energy.

It is very difficult to advance in the Blood Demodand Technique by only using your blood. That is why the technique allows you to use the blood of others to speed up your training, but this will could create flaws since the blood of powerful life forms is contaminated with all sorts of energies. This is where Juntu enters.

As a Blood Ruby Centipede, he can purify the blood and allow only the purest blood energy to be used, making the speed of training hundred of times faster."

After finishing speaking, Zatiel gives the duo the Blood Demodand Technique. They focus their minds on it and after a few hours, they learn what they need to do.

Juntu looks at Heinz, and after this one nods he jumps into his chest and penetrates his skin, entering his body.

Once inside him, the Blood Ruby Centipede travels to Heinz's heart before encompassing and piercing it with his legs.

Heinz's frowned a little due to the pain, but in the next second a wave of vitality fills him, healing all the damage Juntu made.

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