Abyssal Lord of the Magi World
193 Purifying the spine
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Abyssal Lord of the Magi World
Author :Redsunworld
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193 Purifying the spine

Once their bodies have fused, Juntu and Heinz were ready to start training the Blood Demodand Technique.

The principles behind this technique are extremely profound and without amazing talent, it was impossible to even understand them.

The technique seeks to use blood energy to nourish the body enhancing its might and its goal is gradually mutate your constitution into one of a demodand.

Demodands are a type of brutal and very powerful fiend race known for their strong bodies and destructive abilities. They can fight melee battles with Titans on equal ground and rip to pieces normal dragons without a problem.

Despite their might, demodands are one of the least known fiend races, due to their low population and the fact they mostly remain in the Wicked Throne, their home plane.

Like most high-rank techniques, the Blood Demodand Technique uses the power of the laws to work, and in this one, the Law of Blood is essential.

In the minds of Heinz and Juntu, there were six levels of this technique. For the first level, one will need to have the Law of Blood at the 'Potential' level just to start training it and once it was completed, you will obtain a physical power that will allow you to fight with Rank 4 life forms with just your body.

Of course, that was as long your opponent has not activated their Law Avatar, but in that case, you can activate your own and with the addition of your new physical might, your power will soar.

Heinz and Juntu were truly impressed with the technique, especially since to advance, it only requires you to have the Law of Blood at a high level and it doesn't matter if your Rank has not advanced.

Once the third level of the Blood Demodand Technique is completed, your body will go through a qualitative change pushing you one step closer to a true demodand constitution. Your body will have the strength of a Rank 5 life form and unlock very powerful abilities.

Once that happens and since Heinz's law comprehension allows him to fuse with his Law Avatar, he will have the power to fight against Rank 5 life forms at Rank 4 on equal grounds.

What the duo did not know was that there is a seventh level for the technique and achieving it will make you undefeatable under Rank 7 and allow you to at least be able to run from a Being of Laws.

The reason why Zatiel did not give them the entire technique was not a matter of trust. He knows very well that sometimes knowing too much could be extremely dangerous, besides nothing stops him from giving them last level when they become strong enough.

The Blood Demodand Technique is very hard to practice and needs copious amounts of blood energy to work. 

Without Juntu, just finishing the first level will have taken Heinz over thirty years. As for the time needed to achieve the third level, hundred or even a couple of thousand of years would have been considered short unless the Cultivator was willing to use the blood of powerful life forms and run the risk of leaving flaws in his demodand constitution.

Zatiel was using the Eye of Life and Creation to analyze Heinz's condition and make sure no problem occurs. He could see the energy that was running through his blood and constantly nurturing his body, and he also saw how it was diminishing at an accelerated rate.

 Just training the first level for less than an hour left Heinz exhausted and his face was pale but the strength in his body grew significantly.

"I will remain in the Endless Forest from now on and will make periodical trips to The Ocean of a Thousand Wonders. Contact me when we need to go back to the Beta Heavenly World." There was a deep fighting intent in Heinz's eyes as he spoke.

Zatiel understood very well the intentions of his brother. He did not only wanted to use the blood of powerful magic creatures for training the Blood Demodand Technique, but also change his battle style and take full advantage of his increased physical might.

When Heinz saw Zatiel nodding, he teleported out of the magic tower and disappeared into the Endless Forest.

Now then that is over, Zatiel can focus on his power. He communicates with Dante's consciousness inside the Elder Brain.

 "Is the purifying pool finished?"

"Yes, father. I followed your instructions and since most of the ingredients were already in storage, I was able to complete it while you helped uncle." Dante uses one of the tendrils of the Elder Brain and pointed at a container filled with a blue liquid in a corner of the floor.

This was one fo the container used to store the natural energy of the world and now, the liquid inside has changed and obtained purification properties.

Zatiel took a white box from his ring and made the Pit Fiend's spine, which was covered by a force field, appear. 

Without wasting time, he moves the spine above the container before making the force field disappear.

The moment that happens, an evil aura was released from the spine filling the room and it remains floating in the air.

Its power made it seem as if it was a living creature and not just a piece of a devil's body.

The Neo-Demon eyes narrowed when he feels that aura. All sorts of voices started to appear on his mind and tempt him with everything he desires if he obeys them, but to someone like Zatiel, they were no different than the sound of rain.

That did not mean the corruption was not powerful since it was more than enough to contaminate the mind of a Rank 1 life form in a matter of minutes.

Zatiel did not care about the effect of the voice. What matters to him was the Hell Aura that filled the spine.

Hell Aura was the energy used by devils and just like Abyss Aura, it is poison for any other life form that enters in contact with it.

The refining technique that Zatiel plans to use in the Pit Fiend's spine needs for him to use his own body as a forge. That will exponentially increase the might of the corruptive power but with the help of the Chaotic-Core, it will not be a problem.

However, the Chaotic-Core could not help him with the Hell Aura and he needed to purge it from the spine before starting to refine it.

Zatiel gives a signal to Dante, and the Elder Brain takes control over the energy in the tower, creating a massive hand that pushes the spine into the container with blue liquid.

The liquid starts to boil the moment the spine enters in contact with it, like water when heated metal touches it.

Just the blue liquid will not be enough so Zatiel makes the All-Encompassing Sun Flame fill the container and strengthen the purifying process.


In the Beta Heavenly World, inside a small house close to a giant magic tower, there was a woman sleeping.

She was the same person whose legs and eyes were destroyed and that had a body filled with scars and malnourished due to years of starvation and cruel punishments. 

But things were different now. Her legs and eyes have regenerated and all of the injuries in her body were healed.

The reason for her change was the mantle of red lightning that was covering her body. Not only it was healing the damage she had taken but also strengthening her.

Her hair was black and although she was not stunningly beautiful, there was a sense of courage and determination in her face that made her very attractive.

The eyes of the woman twitched for a moment before slowly opening themselves. She was confused, she clearly remembers how her eyes were destroyed yet now she could see and there was red lightning covering her body.

Her mind and will has been temper through years of living with the constant threat of death so, despite the strange of the situation, she was able to maintain calm.

But when her mind became more clear, her eyes widened and she starts to frantically look around the room.

It was only when she saw the baby that was sleeping by her side in a crib that she was able to relax. The same red lightning that was covering her was also on the baby.

There were love and concern in her eyes as she looks at the child. 

"Good, you are finally awake."

When the woman hears those words, she instinctively grabs the baby and looks at the direction where the voice came from.

 In a corner of the room, there was a female humanoid dragon with flaming wings in her back.

When the woman saw those wings hatred filled her face but it disappeared immediately. She understood very well the nature of the monster that dominated her world and knew that they all have human forms so the person in front of her was not one of them.

The Neo-Demon notices her vigilant behavior and did not get closer to her or the baby so she would not get scared.

"I am Shiyu, member of the Daybreak Clan. You were brought here by Lord Ezequiel. I have the task to watch over you and answer any question you may have." Shiyu was displaying a friendly attitude as she spoke.

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