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Abyssal Lord of the Magi World
Author :Redsunworld
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194 Numir

Numir remained silent as she was trying to understand her current situation and deduce the intentions of the people who had brought her here and not only saved her life but also heal her wounds.

The most obvious answer will be that they were benevolent people who just want to help her. But experiencing life as a slave from a race that seeks pleasure by torturing physically and physiologically people like her, she understands how dark and horrible the universe can be.

More than once she has heard how powerful members of the Heavenly race made people feel special and give them hope of a better life, only so they could take away that hope and watch them go crazy in despair.

She was vigilant but the information she currently has is too little and since the woman in front of her has told her that she will answer her questions, she thought for a long time about her doubts before carefully speaking.

"My name is Numir, and I express my deepest gratitude for saving me and my brother. Can you tell me the reason why Lord Ezequiel has saved me and what purpose he has for me?" Numir's way of speaking was refined and it did not display the slightest sense of impudence.

She has seen how people were dismembered just because they say a wrong word or expressed themselves incorrectly so she has trained countless hours on how to speak to powerful beings.

For someone who has been treated like a beast all his life, her skills were impressive.

Thanks to her past, Shiyu notices the fear that gave birth to her behavior, but there was little that the Neo-Demon could do other than show a friendly attitude and calmly respond to her questions.

"I am sorry but I am not able to answer that. I don't dare to speak in the name of a Supreme of my clan and you will have to wait until Lord Ezequiel comes back before directly asking him." Shiyu smiled at the woman and answer her question with complete honesty.

Ezequiel has instructed Shiyu, that she could reveal any information to the woman, as long they were not secrets like the existence of the Chaotic-Core or the Neo-Demon race.

Numir eyes narrowed when she hears those words.

"Can I know more about the identity of my savior, Lord Ezequiel?" There was reverence in Numir eyes as she spoke, but whether it was true or not, only she knows it.

Her question wasn't a weird one since anyone will be curious about the person who has saved them. But her intentions were different, she was trying to understand what he intends to do with her.

"Lord Ezequiel is the right hand of the clan's ruler, the most powerful member of the Daybreak Clan in the Beta Heavenly World and our current leader in this world." Shiyu's respect was obvious and it was something all Neo-Demons share since he is the only one of them to have been titled by the Ancestor.

It was very clear to Numir that Ezequiel was someone with a very high position and whose words carry an immense weight among his people.

She remained silent and after a moment she looks at the flaming wings that Shiyu has on her back. She was doing everything she could to repress the hate she feels when she thought about the people who also have them.

"What is the relation between your mighty clan and the Heavenly race?" Only saying their name almost made Numir's face distort by hatred but she still did not know how deep the animosity run between the invaders and the Heavenly race so she made sure to control her emotions.

Shiyu has been expecting that question and before speaking she took a crystal and made pictures appear on the air.

In the images, you could see thousands upon thousands of people impaled and with their backs shattered and bloodied. The pain in their faces was a clear depiction of the inhumane torture they were submitted before dying. There was a phrase carved in their chests and the words 'Daybreak Clan' was present in it.

This was a gory scene and would have raise repulsion in most people but when Numir saw them, she could not stop herself from smiling due to the immense sense of satisfaction that was filling her heart.

She saw the undefeatable monsters that were her worst nightmare, displayed like pigs in a butcher shop, and just thinking about the pain that they had felt made her eyes sparkle.

Shiyu's expression was no different. She knew a lot of the Neo-Demons whose souls were destroyed by the Duke of the Heavenly race.

Her kobold tribe was no longer a helpless group but members of a powerful race that will deliver the most bloody and brutal revenge imaginable against their enemies.

"The Daybreak Clan and the Heavenly race are irreconcilable enemies. That is one of the many reasons why we are constantly hunting down those who get near the force field and also why we will butcher them as we expand our domain in the continent." Shiyu's killing intent was very deep and could be felt.

When Numir detects it, instead of being frightened by it, she becomes more relaxed and her guard diminished a little.

After that, Numir did not ask more question but Shiyu could see the struggle in her eyes. The Neo-Demon did not rush her and waited patiently for her to speak.

The silence remains for more than ten minutes and finally, Numir looks at Shiyu and hugs tightly the baby before speaking.

"I understand that you have done a lot for me and I am truly grateful, but I need to ask you for some medicine for my brother. He has a strange condition and every full moon he suffers from high fever and I don't know how much longer he can withstand." There was great pain and fear in Numir's eyes as she spoke.

The main reason why her parents and she had taken the dangerous choice of running away from the Heavenly race was to help the infant.

Try to ask the Heavenly race to help the baby will not have only have been futile but would have made the situation worse. They do not allow infants with unknown diseases close to them and the child would have been killed if people found out about his condition.

The reason for her fear was that she did not know if the behavior of the Heavenly race to sick babies was just them, or if other powerful beings also act like that.

With her parents dead, the only family she has left was her brother so she will do anything to save him.

Shiyu only smiled when she saw that brotherly love and her next word surprised Numir.

"I can certainly get medicine to completely heal those types of diseases, but it is no longer necessary. The red lightning that is covering your bodies can be considered an extension of Lord Ezequiel's body and the nature of its energy is so high, that any type of flaw in your constitutions was already fixed."

Those words made Numir's body trembles and tears of joy appear on her eyes as she looks at the baby and caresses him.

The small life in her arms what everything that matters to her so knowing he was already safe was the best thing she could hear.

When she saw once again the red lightning, she feels it was the most beautiful thing she has ever seen and her heart was full of expectation when she thought about the person to whom they belong.

"Please tell Lord Ezequiel that I will always remember his kindness. It is safe for us to leave this house?" Numir eyes were filled with gratitude and her behavior was a little more natural.

"We are next to a magic tower in the lands dominated by the Daybreak Clan, as long as you don't go too far, your safety is guaranteed." Shiyu was sure she will be safe as long people of Neo-Demon were close to her since all of them could feel the energy of Ezequiel around her.

"Thank you very much, I don't want to be rude but I still feel very tired and I want to go back to sleep."

"Don't worry, you should rest. Here take this." Shiyu stands up and send a crystal to Numir's bed.

"Put that in your forehead and you will be able to contact me whenever you want, I will leave the two of you alone."

When Numir saw Shiyu leaving the house, she lies down and puts the small baby by her side. Immense pain and sacrifice have been endured to help him and she would have done it all over again and she knows her parents would think the same.

Slowly her eyes close and for the first time since she has memory, she falls sleep not trembling with fear and worrying what torture she would face the day of tomorrow.

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