Abyssal Lord of the Magi World
198 Evolution of the body
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Abyssal Lord of the Magi World
Author :Redsunworld
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198 Evolution of the body

In the inner area of the Endless Forest, where finding Rank 4 and even Rank 5 Magic Creatures is easy, two immensely powerful individuals were fighting a melee battle.

One was a swordsman less than three-meter tall and the other was a magic creature that looks like an eight hundred meters tall four-armed gorilla.

The magic creature is a Peak Rank 4 Abomination Gorilla. These creatures were known for their powerful body that allows them to crush to pulp other Rank 4 Magic Creatures with ease, but unfortunately, they were very weak with long-range attacks.

It has bones coming out from his skin that covered his body and worked as an armor. His four fists had bone spikes all over them and a black aura that increased their destructive might.

Against Abomination Gorillas, the best path to follow is to maintain your distance and tire them with a flood of ranged attacks. And even then your victory is not certain since you may end up depleted of energy before their defenses are broken.

But the man facing the Abomination Gorilla did not try in the slightest to keep his distance.

Sword and fists were constantly clashing releasing explosion and shock waves. If it wasn't because they were fighting in the sky, everything for kilometers around them would have been destroyed. 

Both parties had released their Law Avatar. Like most magic creatures, the Abomination Gorilla maintained the Law Avatar inside his body, in order to obtain a massive increase in his energy and physical capabilities.

The man had his Law Avatar in his hand. It was the one-handed sword that he was wielding. It was one and a half meters long and there were all sorts of devastating powers in it that were constantly cutting the fist of the Abomination Gorilla, despite the bones and aura protecting them.

The Law Avatar did not only had deadly offensive might. Every time the magic creature bleed, the sword generated a vortex that absorbed the blood.

Heinz's Law Avatar had changed from the massive twenty thousand meters sword to the small weapon he had on his right hand. This not only increases the power of the Law Avatar since its attacks were more concentrated now, but it also diminishes the amount of energy that was needed to activate it.

Before, the Cultivator's body was not fit for melee battles so he preferred range attacks. But now with his Blood Demodand Technique, combining the destructive might of his Law Avatar with his physical aptitudes resulted in amazing battle power.

Rage was accumulating in the Abomination Gorilla due to the hundred of deep cuts that were accumulating on his fists and seeing his blood being stolen.

"RRRROOOAAARRR!!!" Along with that battle cry, the energy of the magic creature raises and he threw one of his fists against Heinz that was three times stronger and faster than his previous attacks.

When he saw that powerful attack coming his way, Heinz smiled and he gave a small step to the right disappearing from the trajectory of the fist by using Void Disruption. 

Fighting at close range doesn't meant take every attack of your opponent head-on. It includes taking advantage of any lack of judgment or mistake to deliver the most devastating attack you can perform.

The next time the Abomination Gorilla saw Heinz, he was on the shoulder of the arm with which he just attacked.

The Cultivator buries his sword on the shoulder, shattering all of the defenses in his path.

Although the sword size was insignificant compared with the eight hundred meter magic creature, a wave of destruction invaded the Abomination Gorilla's body and he felt how his muscles were torn to pieces and his bones were shattered.

The worst thing was that the suction of the sword was ferocious and in less than a second the arm was almost mummified due to the loss of blood.

Pain invaded the Abomination Gorilla and he sends a punch to the hateful humanoid on his shoulder.

 This time Heinz did not dodge and with his left hand still on the sword that was absorbing the blood of the Abomination Gorilla, he responded with his right fist.

For a second the arms of the Cultivator take a red metallic color just when his small fist and the massive one of the magic creature clash.

A blast could be heard as the two fists clashed creating an explosion that ends up in a draw, with neither side overwhelming the other. The fist of the Abomination Gorilla was not only energized with his crazy physical might but also his Law Avatar and yet the Cultivator was able to use just his body to stop it.

If Zatiel were here, he would be surprised. The red skin on the Cultivator's arms was an ability known as Demodand Blood Drive, which means that Heinz not only finished the first level of the Blood Demodand Technique but he also made significant advances on the second level.

Demodand Blood Drive is mastered when the second level of the technique is completed and it can potentiate the body to the point you can fight against a Rank 4 life form who has active his Law Avatar with just your body.

Heinz felt a metallic taste on his mouth but he continues smiling since he had managed to absorb all the blood in the arm and part of the one in the chest of the Abomination Gorilla.

The Cultivator was not greedy and he moves away from the magic creature in the next second, just as his arms return to normal.

Despite the damage and pain, the Abomination Gorilla did not show not a bit of fear. When Heinz saw this, his smile grew larger and he once again he dashed against his massive opponent.


In the peak of a magic tower close to the center of the empire, a dark and dreadful aura was concentrating. Every day pulses of this aura were released and it covered the entire tower and also the city that was built around it.

When they first appeared not only mortals but also Magi were scared of those pulses and they wonder what could have happened to their always gentle leader. But those questions faded away when they felt the effect that those pulses had on them.

Despite being made of fear itself, when they touched people it did not harm them. On the contrary, they all felt their negative emotion and insecurities being wash aways.

When the Magi realized this, they all move closer to the tower. There is no one who doesn't understand how useful having a clear mind is on training and experiments.

Rumor spreads easily and soon people from all parts of the empire were coming to this magic tower, to felt the healing power that the pulses of fear could create.


On the highest floor of the Radiance Magic Tower, a woman was sitting in a meditative position and her eyes were focused on a small dagger floating in front of her.

Waves of liquid shadows and light were moving around the floor with immense power, clashing against each other.

The only part that they did not touch was the center of the floor where a vacuum could be seen containing the woman and the dagger.

Despite their constant collision, there was no rejection between the two forces and there were times when the impact between the waves of shadows and light gave birth to a different power but it disappeared instantly.

The shadows and light were growing stronger with every moment the woman pass analyzing the dagger.

When she thought about the way she obtained this dagger and the person responsible for her great progress a strange light appears on her eyes, but it was immediately replaced by conviction and determination.


Close to the force field built by the Ten Tower Formation, a three hundred meters tall giant was fighting against four Angels of Supremacy and one Angelic Paragon, all of them Master Rank 3 life forms.

The warriors of the Heavenly race were overwhelming the giant sending attacks of all the elements against him. They were a kill squad send to neutralize the cause of death of so many of their kind in this area.

Despite their great strength and numeric advantage, there were solemn expressions on the squad of the Heavenly race. None of them dare to approach the giant and limit themselves to send long-range attacks, which weakens their offensive might greatly.

As for the giant, his body was full of injures but there was a bloody smile on his face as he felt his power and size growing.

Ezequiel's current size was not due to the use of a spell but an evolution provoked on his body by the Law of Inner Force as he advanced to Rank 3. Every single one of his cells was absorbing the natural energy of the world in a diameter dozens of a kilometer around him, driving his change forward.

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