Abyssal Lord of the Magi World
200 Primordial Condestation
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Abyssal Lord of the Magi World
Author :Redsunworld
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200 Primordial Condestation

As the four Angels of Supremacy were gathering their energies into that multicolored ball of light, their faces become pale and their bodies were growing weaker. 

The duo with wings of flame and earth took it worse than the other, and they could no longer suppress their injuries, which reactivated the bleeding in their abdomens.

It was clear that performing the Oblivion Elemental Blast takes a great price for these four Angelic Paragons. The power of the spell, however, is impressive and it was fastly closing into the might of a Rank 4 Spell.

Of course, one made without the strengthening of a Law Avatar.

Ezequiel could feel how the power in the attack of their enemies was growing, despite the fog surrounding him and affecting his senses.

His eyes grow colder as he decides to activate the strongest ability of his Neo-Demon heritage.

"Blood Essence Combustión!"

A red flame appears inside Ezequiel's chest, multiplying his monstrous physical abilities and also increasing the might of his red lightning.

The Angelic Paragon could see everything that was happening with Ezequiel thanks to his fog and when he felt that sudden increase in energy, he became anxious.

Ezequiel's body has already reached three hundred and seventy meters tall and it continues to grow just like the force with which his cells absorb natural energy under the command of the Law of Inner Force, which was close to finishing its task.

It will also not take long before he completes his advance to Rank 3, and once that happens a qualitative improvement will be seen not only in his body but also in his consciousness and energy.

The Oblivion Elemental Blast should be able to draw a great quantity of natural energy into it, thanks to the control over the elements of its conjurers, but they could not fight against the might of the Law of Inner Force over the attraction of natural energy, making the power of the spell diminish almost in half.

All of these factors worried the Angelic Paragon, and since he knew time was of the essence he gave an order to the Angels of Supremacy with a voice full of murderous intent.

"Attack now!"

The spell usually carries a long charge to increase the amount of natural energy it could draw but the Angels of Supremacy understood that their wait will be futile so as soon the hear the order, they activated the spell and from the ball of multicolored light, a pillar of energy was discharged.

Even the fog could not hide the might of the spell so Ezequiel was able to detect its origin and immediately turn around and raises his hands.

"Abyssal Blast!" 

Six beams of chaotic red energy were fired from his palms and they clashed against the Oblivion Elemental Blast.

A powerful explosion occurred when the two spells impacted against each other, and although the Abyssal Blasts were not able to stop the pillar of energy, it was able to diminish its power and slow it down for a moment.

Ezequiel did not waste that opportunity. The time was too little to dodge the pillar, but enough to protect himself.

His arms and legs gather toward the center of his chest and he hides his head forming a sphere with his body.

The red lightning gathers in front of him, reaching such a density that it takes the form of plasma just in time for the pillar of energy to clash against it.

Even with the red lightning protecting him, the impact made Ezequiel's body tremble and he felt how his organs were shaking.

His immense body was propelled into the ground with such speed and power that a gigantic crater was formed.

The pillar of energy did not stop and it continues to bury Ezequiel deeper into the ground as it tries to kill him.

Ezequiel could feel how his bones were cracking due to the pressure he was being submitted and the damage was growing with every second that pass. 

Blood was coming out from his mouth, nose, and ears but there was no fear on the Neo-Demon's eyes. He makes sure to protect his vital organs and increase the power of the red lightning.

It may be due to the threat of death or the damage his body was taking but the speed at which his size and strength grew became faster as did the advance to Rank 3.

The Angelic Paragon did not stop analyzing Ezequiel's condition for a single instant and when he saw how the pull of his body over the natural energy grew, poisonous hatred appears on his eyes.

"Use your life force!" The Angelic Paragon voice was loud and his command carries an unquestionable sense of authority.

When the four Angels of Supremacy hear him, a complicated look appeared on their faces but in the next second, it was replaced with determination.

An extra source of energy, more potent than the previous one charges the ball of multicolored light above them.

The power of the pillar grew but the faces of the four Angels of Supremacy become older and their bodies grew much weaker.

With the new strength of the pillar, Ezequiel's body was buried even deeper into the ground and in less than a second he was already five hundred meters underground.

The Neo-Demon could feel how the bones on his arms and legs were breaking and the resistance of the red lightning weakening.

Ezequiel's head was covered by his arms and no one could see the coldness his eyes were displaying before he closes them.

The more dangerous the situation became the more calm the Supreme of the Neo-Demon race was.

Even with the help of his runic set and the use of Blood Essence Combustion, the power of the pillar of energy was too much for the shield red lightning and by the time Ezequiel's body was four hundred and thirty meters tall, it broke.

The moment the pillar made direct contact with his body, Ezequiel feel how an unbearable wave of heat was setting his skin on fire and mountains were striking his arms and legs.

A pressure that felt like taken from the deepest part of an ocean assaulted his body along with hundreds of air blades.

The wounds were accumulating but on his mind, there was only a countdown.


Fountains of blood were coming from his mouth and even his eyes started to bleed.


Cuts that were so deep that you could see the bone were starting to appear.


 The bones on his rib cage began to broke, provoking internal bleeding.


His arms and legs charred due to the contact with the pillar of energy.


His internal organs started to take true damage as the power of the pillar began to broke Ezequiel's external defenses.

"Zero!" The voice of the Neo-Demon was heard like the roar of a mighty creature ready to attack.

At that moment Ezequiel's eyes open and a wave of energy was released from inside his body that clashed with the pillar.

A great explosion occurred due to the clash between the energies that destroyed the Oblivion Elemental Blast.

The change produced by the Law of Inner Force was completed as was his advance to Rank 3. He was now four hundred and fifty meters tall and the power of his consciousness and energy increased tremendously.

The Angelic Paragon was shocked. Just a few moments ago they were about to kill this monstrous talent but now, due to the interruption of the Oblivion Elemental Blast a severe backlash assaulted the four Angelic Paragon.

The ones with wings made of fire and earth could barely remain in the air, and although the other two were better, the damage to their life force was harsh and they could no longer fight.

The explosion left the crater that Ezequiel formed filled with fire and lightning, blocking the sight of the Angelic Paragon.

'No matter if he manages to advance to the next Rank, the damage done to him will not be healed by that.' 

The Angelic Paragon knew that he should take advantage of his enemy's vulnerable state to kill him. His battle power was not great but he was still a Master Rank 3 life form with an Emperor bloodline.

As he was trying to gain the courage to go into the crater, he hears sounds coming out from it. It was like the noise bones will make when they were compressed accompany by thunders.

When Ezequiel notices the uncertainty and fear of the Angelic Paragon, he no longer bothers with him and focuses on his new Innate Spell, Primordial Condensation.

His body was contracting increasing his power. His bones were healing and the rest of his injuries were being contained by diminishing their size and covering them with red lightning.

But this was not all, during this state a small part of his consciousness was compacting itself and blending with his body.

The energy in that piece of consciousness was growing denser and it filled Ezequiel's body with a destructive might.

After a couple of seconds, the Primordial Condestation ended and left Ezequiel with body forty-five meters tall.

The Neo-Demon raises his head and as he looks at the killing squad that has pushed him to the brink of death, a smile appears on his face.

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