Abyssal Lord of the Magi World
201 Sheep in front of a wolf
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Abyssal Lord of the Magi World
Author :Redsunworld
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201 Sheep in front of a wolf

After the transformation of his cells by the Law of Inner Force ended, the ravenous absorption of Ezequiel's body diminished greatly and it not longer encompassed dozens of kilometers.

He was still able to continuously draw the natural energy into him, with less strength and in a smaller range.

But when Primordial Condensation fused his consciousness and the Abyss Aura contained in it with his body, something happens.

He obtained the ability to thoroughly harmonize with the world, with the air, the plants, the water, the earth, the light, the shadows. He could blend with everything that surrounds him.

Primordials can integrate the energy and laws of the universe into their bodies and truly blend with them, allowing them to reach an unbelievable level of power. They can do this thanks to their souls, energy, and body being one.

Ezequiel state was far from reaching that level of might since only a small part of his consciousness was able to temporarily fuse with his body but still, his power increase exponentially.

The Supreme of the Neo-Demon race felt how the world was sending him natural energy on its own, without the need for his body to act.

It was this wondrous sensation of being one with the world that made Ezequiel smile as he looks at the Angelic Paragon and the four Angels of Supremacy.

The Angelic Paragon could not perceive the state that Ezequiel achieved but he felt the immense increase in power he obtained and that made an uncontrollable fear appear on his eyes.

Without hesitation, he charges all of his power into his fog and sends it to trap Ezequiel.

When the Neo-Demon saw this, he did not move and he lets the fog surround him. As he felt the fog trying to obscure his senses his smile grew bigger.

He didn't need to see them to know where they were, since the air in where they were floating and the light that was touching their bodies were telling him everything he needs to know.

Not only he knows their exact location but also the state of their bodies and how grave their wounds are.

Ezequiel focuses on the fog that was surrounding him and he throws a punch at it but it was not able to connect with anything.

When the Angelic Paragon saw this, his fear decrease and a smirk appear on his face.

'Hmph, what use has a strong body if you cannot defeat my fog. As long we don't attack and reveal our position, I can just maintain you into the fog and make it chase you if you try to run from it.'

There was no way that the Angelic Paragon could know that Ezequiel already knows where they are and that his fog was useless.

Ezequiel has a lot of ways to get rid of the fog, with the most simple one being, launching his body to where the Angelic Paragon was.

Then even if the fog was surrounding him, it will not matter since he could grab the Angelic Paragon and crush him but he chose to do something different.

He closes his eyes and clenches his fist making the natural energy of the world enter in this one and fill it pure force.

The fog of the Angelic Paragon is a special spell that he is capable of use thanks to his bloodline. It is impervious to physical attacks and greatly resistant to any type of spell.

Unfortunately for the Angelic Paragon, Ezequiel's bloodline doesn't only gave him the Law of Inner Force but also the Law of Strength.


"Spell-Breaking Fist!"

There was no fancy movement or beautiful light in his attack, only a straight punch that hits the fog.

For an instant, the fog that was constantly moving around Ezequiel and blocking his view froze.

Cracks begin to appear all over it before shattering in the next second.

"AHHHHH!" A scream of pain came out from the Angelic Paragon as he grabs his head.

The fog contained part of his consciousness and Ezequiel's fist destroyed severely harming him.

 The Angelic Paragon did not wait for the pain to stop and without hesitation, he flew away with the greatest speed he could achieve.

The four Angels of Supremacy did not have time to understand what was happening before they hear a sonic boom so loud that made their ears bleed.

At the same time that the sound of the sonic boom reaches them, a giant appears in front of them and grabs the Angel of Supremacy with wings of earth and the one with wings of fire with his hands, leaving only their heads uncovered. 

In this state with the Primordial Condensation and Blood Essence Combustion active, the Angels of Supremacy could have barely responded against Ezequiel if they were on their peak condition.

 And with their wounds and damage life force, they were no different from sheep in front of a wolf.

Ezequiel looks at the duo with wings of water and air before clenching his fists and crushing the bodies of the Angelic Paragons in his hands.

As light comes from their eyes and mouths, the runes on Ezequiel's palms activate and absorb that energy.

When they saw the fate of their comrades, the two Anges of Supremacy that remains alive flew away immediately, taking different routes. They understood that it will be impossible for the two of them to escape together, but if they separate maybe one can make it.

Ezequiel saw as they flee with fear in the eyes, but he just focuses on absorbing as much energy as he can and send it to his red lightning.

 After the light coming out from the duo on his hand vanishes, Ezequiel looks to the direction where the Angel of Supremacy with wings of air was and kicks the air.

His body became a red flash an in an instant he was above his enemy.

There was an absolute terror in the eyes of the Angel of Supremacy when he felt the shadow covering him. He looks up and sees the merciless giant that just killed two of his friends.

"Wait I can.."

He did not finish speaking before Ezequiel grabs him and crushes his body to a pulp.

 Ezequiel did not need to hear their words or know their names. They are members of the Heavenly race, the most disgusting race he has ever known.

And even if they were different, their leader has hurt the Neo-Demon race and as the will of the Ancestor of his race, his mission was to eliminate them.

Once he finishes absorbing his energy and increasing his red lightning, he flashes to where the last Angel of Supremacy was.

Just like the others, he was not able to escape the fate of being crush alive and having his energy consumed.

With the death of Angel of Supremacy with wings of water, only one individual from the squad that attempted to kill him was alive. The Angelic Paragon who was already far away.

Ezequiel's eyes remain as cold as ever and as he prepares to chase him, his entire body trembles and he starts to uncontrollably cough blood.

 His condition looks good and with the Primordial Condensation, his bones were healed and his wounds are contained.

But the truth was that his internal injuries were extremely severe and if it wasn't for the Blood Essense Combustion providing a great amount of energy to his body, he could not fight.

 The red lightning he created absorbing the energy of those Angels of Supremacy was able to help him a little but he was still far from being fine.

Ezequiel breathes deeply as he focuses on his connection with the world before raising his hand that was full of red lightning.

Thunder was heard and from very high in the sky, descends lightning that clashes into Ezequiel's hand.

The red lightning grows stronger and under the command of the Neo-Demon, it takes the form of a spear.

Even with his eyes, the Angelic Paragon was nothing more than a dot in the distance, but there was no doubt on Ezequiel's mind as he focuses all the power in his body and throws the spear of red lightning. 

The spear speed was so high that even a Rank 3 life form will found hard to see it, and as it advances it was rotating and increasing its power by absorbing the natural energy of the world.

The Angelic Paragon was focus completely on escaping and nothing more was present on his mind, not even the fate of his team.

With every second that pass, he was getting closer and closer to escaping the monster that frightens him. 

'No matter how talented or special you are, the moment the dukes know about you, they will kill you.' There was hate but also envy on the eyes of the Angelic Paragon.

That was his last thought before a wave of terror assaults his heart and a spear of red lightning five times his size impacts against him, destroying his body.

The red lightning was a part of Ezequiel's body just like his blood, so he was able to see how it kills the Angelic Paragon.

The Neo-Demon's body returns to his normal size, of four hundred and fifty meters since he could no longer have Primordial Condensation active.

His breathing is harsh and he could not stop coughing blood. The only thing that maintains him active is his Blood Essence Combustion.

Ezequiel knows that the battle will draw people and right now he could barely fight against a Novice Rank 3 Angel so he flew away to the domains of the Daybreak Clan.

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