Abyssal Lord of the Magi World
202 Assault to the City of the Sun
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Abyssal Lord of the Magi World
Author :Redsunworld
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202 Assault to the City of the Sun

Zatiel was on a room so big that the entire body of the Void Creature was able to fit inside without a problem.

This place was hundreds of kilometers underground and the only way to access it was through a special teleportation formation inside the Daybreak Magic Tower, that can only be activated by the Elder Brain.

The walls were extremely resistant and made of a material that could deceive the consciousness of a Rank 4 life form, making them think that no room existed.

This place was devised to shelter the Daybreak Clan in case a threat so immense falls over it, that even the magic tower cannot contain it.

It was made during the creation of the laboratories that were connected to the tower. No one besides Zatiel and Dante knows about its creation.

Right now Zatiel was sitting with his eyes closed above what little remains from the Void Creature. His energy was growing as he approached his advance to Rank 3.

The Genesis Sun Seed was constantly rotating drawing the natural energy of the world and disintegrating the body of the Void Creature into dots of light that fused into the Sun Domain.

The domain was growing bigger by the second and although there was not a significant increase in the power of the dark golden flames, the vigor of the Undying Leviathan that was swimming through the flames was becoming stronger and its body more corporeal.

Now that it was passing from being a creature made of energy to something with a physical body, it could display some of the abilities of the being from which it was designed.

The Incarnation of the Undying Leviathan and Nether Crow is one of the spells inside the Path Technique Aumvor Sempiternus. One of the life forms that were studied by the Being of Laws to create the spell was the World Swallowing Eternal Leviathan.

These creatures were among the most powerful kind of the Leviathan race, with a Law bloodline running through their bodies.

Zatiel knows that the Undying Leviathan will not be able to achieve the level of power that the World Swallowing Eternal Leviathan could display even after fusing the soul of the Void Creature into his domain but he was confident that will be strong enough to help him during his battles.

The Undying Leviathan was already able to manifest an ability. Thanks to the massive weight of its body, waves of pressure were being released from it that filled the entire domain.

Now whoever was inside the domain will not only have to resist the dark golden flames but also a crushing pressure that will greatly diminish their speed.


Weeks have passed from the time Zatiel appeared in the sky and displayed his skill with his sword and life in the City of the Sun was calm as always.

But this peace was broken when from nowhere six individuals, whose bodies and faces were covered with black cloaks, appeared above the city and without hesitation made meteorites fall from the sky.

Those meteorites were Rank 3 spells with the power to kill thousands of people even if they were Rank 1 life forms. But before they could even get close to the members of the Daybreak Clan, a golden force field appears above the city protecting everyone.

At the same moment, from the Sunlight Core, more than one hundred beams of golden fire were shot against the group in the sky.

The perpetrators' faces were covered and you could not see their expressions but they were surprised by the reaction speed that the Daybreak Magic tower had displayed.

Their arrival was made with the help of a Rank 4 spell and they should have had time to create chaos on the city before escaping, but they were detected immediately and a ferocious counterattack was sent against them.

Despite their surprise, these people were very well trained and they activated their defensive spell fast. 

Dozens of beams of golden fire were sent to every one of them and their defensive spells were shattered instantly.

Each of these beams had immense power but they were prepared and there was a ring on their hands that shattered and cover them with a layer of black ash.

When the beams of golden fire clashed against the ash, they were able to destroy a great amount of it and the impact sent the group flying away into the direction of the Endless Forest.

They were shocked by the outcome since the ash should be able to resist the power of Rank 3 spell without a problem and yet just that barrage diminished more than half of its power.

They were taking the momentum that the attack gave to try and escape but just after the first barrage ended, another one was fired from the Sunlight Core.

This time they were not able to activate any sort of defensive spell and their only protection was the ash surrounding their bodies.

An explosion appeared around them once the beams of golden fire clash against them and destroy what remains of the ash.

Three of them end up with moderate injuries, and there was one who was almost intact.

There were two, however, with severe wounds and missing limbs. Their minds filled with fear when they see how the Sunlight Core was preparing the next barrage.

"Leader please help us."

"Please save us."

The man to whom they speak was the individual with the least injuries and when he hears those pleads of help he looks back for an instant before waving his hand and launching two balls of fire that kill the duo.

When the rest of the group saw it, they were shocked but there was no time to speak and they continue flying to the Endless Forest without stopping.

Another barrage was sent from the magic tower, but the group had already left the City of the Sun and although some of the beams manage to impact in them, it was not enough to stop from fleeing. 

The group did not stop flying even after entering the Endless Forest and continue at their maximum speed until the City of the Sun was no longer visible.

They gather close to a big tree and some of them almost crumble to the ground due to the injuries that the last attack of golden fire left on them.

After noticing that there was no one around them, they remove their cloaks. They were two men and two women, all of them shared the distinctive traits of draconic horn in their heads and scales by the side of their faces.

A woman with blue hair looks at the strongest of the group, the man who killed the duo with fury in her eyes. He was three meters tall and his scales were red.

"Boris, why did you kill Sebastian and Natalia?. We could have saved them!"

When Boris heard the woman question, he sneered.

"Hmph, If we had stopped for just one second, we would have died under the attacks of the magic tower." 

The woman was smart and understood the logic of the man's words, but still, that did not diminish the anger inside her heart.

"Then why did you kill them. They were our friends, we could have rescued them in the future!"

When Boris hears those words that depict him as a heartless monster, his eyes became cold.

"Cinti, do I have to remind you of the cruelty of Zatiel Daybreak!. That man is not someone who will restrain himself because of our backgrounds. He would have tortured Sebastian and Natalia until they told him all they know and after he finds out what we have done, he will continue to torture them until they can no longer take it." Boris was angry but there was also sadness in his eyes when he thought about his friends.

Only when Cinti heard those words and lets her rage calm down, did she understood that Boris' attack was an act of mercy.

They all have been thoroughly informed about the Daybreak Clan and the most notorious member of it before this mission.

Zatiel Daybreak was a name well known in the Aeternum Empire. A monstrous genius, capable of jumping Ranks in battle and with unbelievable skills as a Runemaster.

Leader of the Daybreak Clan and creator of the City of the Sun, a place that is the envy to most weak Magi in the empire due to its safety and the excellent living conditions.

He has a connection with Heinz, a Prince of the empire. Their relationship is so strong that the Prince did not hesitate to kill a Soul Forging existence to protect him.

He cares genuinely about his people and is merciless against those that try to harm them.

The group was able to obtain some information about his actions in the Beta Heavenly World, and how he tortured and then impale dozens of thousands of people of the Heavenly race.

The woman understands how dangerous and brutal he can be with his enemies. She knows very well that a fate worse than hell would have fallen on her friends if they end up captured by him but still the pain of losing them did not diminish.

Boris did not continue to rebuke her, since he understood very well her feelings and looks at the others before speaking.

"Our mission is over and we will rest for a few hours before going home. The other group should have obtained the package."

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