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Abyssal Lord of the Magi World
Author :Redsunworld
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206 Mr. Grey

Zatiel did not underestimate the person in front of him, even if it was just an incarnation made of energy and a thread of consciousness. Anyone with proficiency over the Law of Fate so high that he can intervene with Rank 4 life forms was a formidable individual.

More than once he has been in danger due to the actions of the Sage, and if he was any other person, he would have died.

He emptied his heart of all emotion and maintained a cool mind as he focuses on the grey figure. This will help him to make the best decisions possible.

He hugged the child with his hand and was ready to put him inside the spatial ring in case of any danger.

For how easily the incarnation was able to stop the bone sword, Zatiel deduced that its power should be very close to Rank 4.

The grey figure was also focusing on Zatiel and after a moment it spoke, with a robotic voice that gave no information about his sex and much less its identity.

"Even an anomaly like you, Zatiel Daybreak, can make a mistake. I am not the Sage, and the truth is that just like you, I am his enemy and wish nothing more than to see him dead. You can call me Mr. Grey and I wish to be your ally." The grey figure gave a bow to Zatiel when he finishes speaking.

When Zatiel heard that, a peculiar light appeared on his eyes for an instant before disappearing and an amicable smile rose on his face.

"If your words are true then I am very happy to have an ally against the Sage and the enemy of my enemy is my friend. He is too powerful for me and I can't fight against him alone. But if we are going to work together we must have some level of trust and for that, we should meet in person." There was a trustworthy aura around Zatiel when he spoke and he returns the bow to Mr. Grey.

"I can't do that, it's too dangerous." Mr. Grey responded with the same robotic voice.

Zatiel expression did not change when he hears that and the smile continue on his face when he speaks again.

"For Mr. Grey to create an incarnation so powerful, it means that you must be at least a Peak Rank 4 life form so how could I be a threat to you. As a show of good faith, I can let you decide the location of our meeting as long it is in a place under the control and rules of Aeternum Empire."

Having a meeting with someone you don't know in a place of their choosing is extremely risky, even if you two are in the same Rank. As for having the empire codes as a shield, that was something only an idiot would trust.

So there was no reason for Mr. Grey to refuse Zatiel offer, especially if you consider that the latter is a Rank 3 life form.

Mr. Grey did not answer immediately and after focusing for a long time in Zatiel, he spoke.

"In every possible future in which we meet, you are able to capture me and extract all my secrets and knowledge. No matter how well prepared I am or what kind of help I get, you always manage to defeat me. So I will not meet you under any circumstances."

Zatiel friendly smile was replaced by coldness. Mr. Grey was telling the truth, he would have done exactly what he had just said if they had gathered in person.

For the Neo-Demon, there was no reason to ally with people he did not trust when he could just obtain everything inside their minds with ease.

"Hmph, then why should I believe anything you say?." 

For Zatiel, Mr. Grey was just another user of the Law of Fate and he was sure that it was he, who guided this pair of Eye Holders to him.

"I can tell you the reason the Sage had targeted you, some of his plans, and how to weaken him. You can decide how to act with this information."

Zatiel could not discern anything from the robotic voice of the incarnation and after a moment he signals for Mr. Grey to speak.

"Fate is like an ocean in which all life form beneath Rank 4 swim. Although those at the Rank of Soul Forging, Law Engraving, and Soul Law Domain can fly above it, they are still part of the ocean.

Ripples are generated constantly in this ocean by those inside and above it, and the more powerful the life form, the greater the ripples they create. It is by intervening with these ripples that the Sage increases his power.

A few years ago, you created a very powerful ripple that transformed the fate from a group of ants that would have lived a meaningless life into mythical Rocs that will rise above the ocean of fate to unmeasurable heights.

Somehow, the Sage managed to detect the ripples and trace them back to you. He wants to destroy your ripples since it will have the same impact on his training than alter the fate of a Soul Law Domain life form."

Mr. Grey's incarnation was focusing on Zatiel to see if he could detect any type of reaction, but unfortunately for him, the Neo-Demon did not show anything.

Zatiel was able to figure out which event created those ripples with ease. It was when he transformed the kobold's tribe into Neo-Demons.

Although he did not train the Law of Fate in his past life, he knew that should have been impossible for someone inside the Magi World to track those ripples to him.

'His words made sense, but it seems that I have underestimated the Sage.'

There was no regret in Zatiel's mind when he found out that transforming the kobolds had made a powerful enemy targeted him. The small life he has on his hand was worth fighting against anyone.

After a moment, Mr. Grey gave up attempting to detect anything from Zatiel.

"He knows about your actions in the Beta Heavenly World and will start to meddle with them. I don't know much, but I can tell you it is related to something called Volcano Eruption."

The Beta Heavenly World is very important for Zatiel and became angry when he found out that the Sage was also trying to hurt him there. But the wrath he felt when he heard Mr. Grey's next words, was on a completely different level.

"He also helped the people that kidnapped that child" Mr. Grey was looking to Junter.

An unmeasurable coldness appeared on Zatiel's eyes. When the Sage only targeted him, the Neo-Demon could accept it since it is the nature of the universe for the strong to prey on the weak.

But to Zatiel, his clan was his reverse scale. He will butcher anyone who dares to even think of going after them.

"You said there was a way to weaken him, which it is?"

"They are the key to weaken the Sage" Mr. Grey turns around and focus on the two Eye Holders.

They have been staring at Zatiel and Mr. Grey these entire time and although they have not been able to hear what they were speaking before, now the sound of their voices was reaching them.

It was clear for the duo that neither Mr. Grey nor Zatiel, are people from whom they can escape so they chose to prepare their energy in case they have to fight. Even if they die, they have decided to leave a mark in their enemies.

Zatiel also looks at the duo and frowned. The man had brown hair and his bloodline eyes were yellow, the air around him acted strangely and his body was very powerful to be a simple Eye Lord.

As for the woman, she was extremely beautiful and had silver hair. Her bloodline eyes had a grey iridescent color and all types of beautiful illusions formed in them.

The two of them were extremely talented and have Emperor bloodlines but to someone like Zatiel, that was insignificant.

The Neo-Demon did not speak and just waited for Mr. Grey to explain himself.

"The Sage manipulated their fates. They were supposed to leave the ocean of fate and fly above it. But instead, if everything goes according to the Sage machinations, they will live like guinea pigs until they die.

I have guided them to you and if you manage to help them restore their fates to a glorious path, it will severely weaken the Sage, to the point in which I may be able to uncover his identity."

After finishing speaking, without a warning or giving Zatiel time to do anything, the energy and consciousness that created the incarnation disintegrated.

If Zaitel had managed to obtain a piece of the energy that created the incarnation, he could have found out Mr. Grey's real identity after some time.

The Neo-Demon had to admit that this person was truly careful and afraid of him. He did not blindly believe what he had heard and will verify it before deciding what to do.

"You can either follow me to my magic tower or take your chances out here." Zatiel looks at the duo for a moment before flying away without waiting for their answer.

There were all sorts of complicated emotions in the minds of the Eye Holders. They will have to rely on the man that moments ago almost killed them due to an unknown monster messing with their fates.

Something was clear, an immense danger was approaching them and they will not be able to face it alone. After looking at each other, they understand the decision of the other and flew after Zatiel.

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