Abyssal Lord of the Magi World
207 Terra Eye Clan
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Abyssal Lord of the Magi World
Author :Redsunworld
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207 Terra Eye Clan

Zatiel flew to the center of the City of the Sun with the Neo-Demon child in his hand and the two Eye Holders behind him.

There were complicated expressions on their faces as they were still trying to assimilate everything that had discovered.

It is not every day that you found out that a master of the Law of Destiny has targeted you, and put you into a hellish path. Only for another master to interfere and guide you to a monster who can kill an Eye King with a wave of his hand.

Zatiel did not bother with them and was focusing on the state of the members of the Daybreak Clan. Despite the attack happening just a little while ago, most people were going with their days as if nothing had happened.

The adults were used to surprise assaults due to their lives before entering the clan, and they have total trust in the fact that their leader will protect them. Which was proved to them, when they saw the golden force field stopping the meteorites and how the perpetrators had to run for their life with two of them being killed.

It did not take long for Zatiel to reach the area where most of the children stayed and there was an adult Neo-Demon already waiting for him.

"He will wake up in a few hours and will not remember anything that just happened. Keep an eye on him for the time being."

"I will follow your command, Ancestor." The Neo-Demon bows to Zatiel, before carefully taking the child and fly away.

A smile appeared on Zatiel face when he saw all the children playing from the sky, and just as he was about to leave, a furry object flew to him with great speed and crashed into his abdomen.

When Zatiel saw the funny expression on Tao's face, he started to laugh as he grabs the dog who was now almost two meters long.

"Tao, you have grown a lot over the past few years." Zatiel caressed the head of the dog as he spoke, making the smile on this one bigger.

Tao had grown very fast over the years and was already a Peak Rank 2 life form. Although his battle power remained as weak as ever, his defenses were already equal to a normal Rank 3 life form, and his ability to swallow beings and created drones have been strengthened.

 His intelligence also improved and was already as smart as any adult human. But his playful nature remained the same and he preferred to spend most of his time either playing with the children or sleeping with his belly to the sun.

"Woof-woof." Tao was communicating with Zatiel, and although it may seem like they were just barks, the Neo-Demon was able to understand the message in them.

"Oh, you are telling me that with your next advance, you will be able to start affecting the soul of those who you swallow."

Zatiel was surprised by what he had just heard. They have given Tao living creatures for him to swallow and make drones off, but the results were no different than when he uses corpses.

But it seems that just like with a Neo-Demon where the Chaotic-Core explain their abilities when they advance in the Ranks, Tao heritage also gives him information about his abilities and how they will evolve as he grows stronger.

"Woof-woof." Tao raised his head with pride and moved his tail from one side to the other when he heard Zatiel's surprise.

"Hahaha, you are a very good boy, Tao." Zatiel laughed when he saw the attitude of the dog and rubs his head and back for a while.

The tail of Tao moved with even more strength as this happened. His behavior was just like a small child that told his parent he had good grades and wanted to be praised for it.

After obtaining what he wanted, Tao licks Zatiel's face before flying back to the Neo-Demon children.

After the dog leaves, Zatiel face became emotionless and his attitude made a 180° change. He turns around and spoke to the Eye Holders.

"Let's go to the tower. There you will answer my question and I will decide what to do with you."

The duo understood that Zatiel's words were not a request but a command. There was no going back from the path they have just taken so they nod and follow the Neo-Demon into the magic tower.


A couple of hours later in one of the upper floors of the Daybreak Magic Tower, that resembles a throne room, Zatiel was staring at the Eye Holders who were waiting for his decision.

He went through all the information he had just gather from them and thanks to his Animus powers and the fact the duo were only Advanced Rank 2 life forms, he was sure about the veracity of their answers.

Their names are Sigrid Flokis and Aren Flokis and they are twins. They are part of the Terra Eye Clan, a clan with a King bloodline from the Eye Dynasty, that due to the weakness and lack of talent of their progeny over the last few centuries had grown smaller and the last Law Engraving life form in it died five decades ago.

The clan future was bleak and it was just a matter of time before they were degraded to a Tier Three Clan due to their more powerful member being a Peak Rank 4 life form.

But fortune shined on them and two miracles appeared. Sigrid and Aren were born with mutated Emperor bloodlines.

Mutations on the bloodline are extremely rare but they are also a source of great joy for any clan in which it happens.

The Patriarch and Elders from the Terra Eye Clan could not be happier with the birth of these two children.

Not only they were a beacon of hope that could help return the clan to their glorious days, but they also have the possibility of becoming Soul Law Domain existences, which means they could transform the Terra Eye Clan into a Tier One Clan, only beneath the Holy Bloodline Clan.

The Patriarch decided to guide their training himself and used every single resource the clan had to nurture them.

Despite their status as geniuses, Sigrid and Aren were not spoiled and constantly told by the Patriarch and Elders that they were the hope of the clan and it was their duty to bring back its glory.

This was an immense pressure to put on two children, but the twins rise to the challenge and proved to the entire clan that they were worthy of their faith. Not only they raised at a very fast speed through the Ranks, but they were able to kill a Novice Rank 2 life form when they were Master Rank 1, by working together.

It was like if fate was smiling to the Terra Eye Clan, but suddenly and without a warning, everything started to go downhill.

The first calamity was when a group of Elders went to conquer a Middle World. But instead of having to fight against the weak natives, they faced a horde of devils that had invaded the world just before their arrival.

Among this group was the Grand Elder, the second strongest individual of the clan, and they should have been able to escape but in the end, they all died under the assault and schemes of the devils.

This was a heavy blow to the Terra Eye Clan but it was just the start. Gradually the power the clan continued to decrease as more and more of their powerful members died under mysterious circumstances.

The Patriarch was not stupid and understood that someone very powerful was targeting them, but when he attempted to seek the help of the Tier One Clan, from whom they were subordinates, he was received with excuses.

After grasping the severity of the situation, the Patriarch established a total lockdown, not letting any member of their clan members leave or allowing strangers to enter their territories.

This strategy hindered any sort of attack from the shadows against them and it worked for a few years.

But the ones behind their calamity grew tired of waiting and one night the home of the Patriarch was attacked. There were still Rank 4 life forms in the clan but the assailants were too powerful and in a matter of minutes, all of them were defeated.

As for the Patriarch, he was a Peak Rank 4 life form, but the leader of the attackers was so strong that with a single blow destroyed most of his body. Before dying he made use of every single ounce of power left in him and activated a formation that allowed both Sigrid and Aren to escape.

When the leader of the enemies saw the action of the Patriarch, he made everything he could to stop him, but in the end, he was not able to prevent the escape of the twins.

The formation left the duo in the Endless Forest, close to the Sinux Magi Tower. The relations between the Aeternum Empire and Eye Dynasty had grown worse over the years, so the duo had decided to go into the lower levels of the Underground.

Unfortunately, somehow, the enemy knew where they will be going and an Eye King manage to intercept them.

It was only after finding out about the Sage and hearing the conversation between Mr. Grey and Zatiel, that Sigrid and Aren understood that the reason for their clan misfortune was them.

Guilt was in their eyes but an even stronger desire for revenge filled their hearts. They have sworn to kill the individuals who hurt their clan even if it means dying.

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