Abyssal Lord of the Magi World
209 Dragonstone Kigdom
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Abyssal Lord of the Magi World
Author :Redsunworld
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209 Dragonstone Kigdom

With the plan for Sigrid and Aren's fight against fate already in march, Zatiel was ready to handle the last of his problems before going back to the Beta Heavenly World.

On the floor where the Elder Brain resides, the broken body of Severus was lying on the ground and a small golden flame was on his heart, preventing him from dying.

Severus was in a coma due to the severity of his injuries, so even though he was a Rank 3 life form, he was not able to pose any resistance to Zatiel's Animus abilities.

The Neo-Demon had his hand over the head of the Magus. He extracted all the information on his mind no matter how insignificant it was and used the A.I. Chip to organize everything.

After a few hours, all the knowledge of Severus was already under Zatiel's control and the Neo-Demon understood the reason behind the abduction.

The Magus full Name was Severus Dragonstone and was part of the royal family of the Dragonstone Kingdom. A minor organization created by a Law Engraving existence that ruled some territories in Aestus.

Most of the Dragonstone Kingdom is formed by Bloodline Magi with the blood of Chromatic Dragons. There are a great number of Rank 4 bloodlines in the kingdom and the royal family has the Black Ash Dragon bloodline, a King Bloodline.

The ruler of the Dragonstone Kingdom is Severus' grandfather but he was not the one behind the abduction. The person who ordered the child's kidnapping was the father of the Magus, Sirius Dragonstone, a Rank 4 life form.

Sirius Dragonstone was never talented and despite his bloodline and resources at his disposal, as the Crown Prince of the kingdom, he was barely able to reach Rank 4. He was already very old and his chances of advancing to Rank 5 are almost null.

Despite his lack of talent, his arrogance and ego were beyond measure so he was not willing to just die of old age and had attempted all types of methods to increase his power.

During the past few decades, he has been experimenting with different bloodlines and when he found out about the group of dragonborns that lived in the Daybreak Clan, he did not waste time and investigated them.

By the power his spies felt in some of the children's bloodline, they wrongfully assumed that they had a King bloodline. What they actually felt was the combination of the might of their Rank 4 Metallic Dragon bloodline and Neo-Demon heritage.

When Sirius found out about the power of their bloodline and the fact that they are part of a clan who did not even have a Rank 4 life form, he was ecstatic and immediately sent a group of Rank 3 Magi to capture some of the children.

His arrogance, however, cost him greatly and all the people he sent were butchered. There was no need to say that Sirius was furious about it, and he was tempted to go himself to get the children.

But he was not stupid and had already learned about the powerful Cultivator whose magic tower was very close to the City of the Sun and who is powerful enough to kill a Rank 4 life form with ease.

Severus doesn't know very well what happened after that, but someone visited Sirius and his always impulsive father chose to wait and planned for several years before acting again.

The leader of the team whose job was to abduct the child was Severus, but he had no idea from where, the artifacts that were used to trick the magic tower's surveillance, hijack the connection between the Sun Tadpole and the Elder Brain and create a copy of the child, were obtained.

With the knowledge given by Mr. Grey, it was not hard for Zatiel to identify the individual who helped Sirius Dragonstone.

The Neo-Demon's eyes were cold and although he wanted nothing more than butchering the entire kingdom, he was not strong enough yet.

Luckily for him, for now, he will not have to worry about the Law Engraving existence of the Dragonstone Kingdom, since he had gone to explore the void a decade ago, and he usually returns after a century.

As for Sirius Dragonstone, he was not a real threat and when he learned the relationship that he has with his son, Zatiel was sure the old man would not risk his life for Severus.

"Dante, keep him in a safe place and make sure he doesn't die. I made him a promise and I intend to keep it."

Even though he was in a coma, when Severus heard Zatiel's word, his body trembled. Unfortunately, the Magi has already fallen very deep into the Abyss and there was no way for him to escape.

"Yes, father." Dante's coldness to these people wasn't inferior to the one of Zatiel and using the tendrils of the Elder Brain, he grabs the body of Severus and deposits him into the pool beneath him.

Zatiel takes a magic crystal and sends a message to all the people who will be accompanying him to the Beta Heavenly World.

"It is time to go back!"

As soon as he finished speaking, the voice of Heinz came out from the crystal.

"Brother, what a coincidence, I am already very close to your tower. Come to see me, I bring a lot of friends with me."

A strange expression appeared on Zatiel's face when he heard Heinz's words, and taking into consideration what the Cultivator has been doing in these last couple of months and his behavior, a weird scene appeared on his mind. Without waiting, he flew out of the tower and rose into the sky.

The Neo-Demon's vision was impressive so he was able to see Heinz figure accompanying what could only be described as a horde of Abomination Gorillas and Blood Ruby Centipedes.

"Goddamn lunatic" Zatiel could not help but sigh and shake his head when he saw Heinz relaxing on the shoulder of a Rank 4 Abomination Gorilla who had one of his arms missing.

Some people were also able to see the horde, despite the distance after all the bodies of some of the Abomination Gorillas, measured hundreds of meters.

"There is no need to feel fear, they are friends."

Every member of the Daybreak Clan heard that message in their head, either by the Chaotic-Core or the Sun Tadpole, and their faith in Zatiel was so much that they stopped worrying about the horde immediately.

Zatiel flew to the horde and they met a few meters away from the City of the Sun. There were around two hundred Abomination Gorillas, most of them at Rank 0 and 1, thirty-four at Rank 2 and five at Rank 3. The only Rank 4 Abomination Gorilla, was the one with Heinz on his shoulder.

The number of Blood Ruby Centipedes was a little less than three thousand but their size was so small that the space they occupy was much less than the Abomination Gorillas. Their proportions in power were similar to the Abomination Gorillas, but there were two of them who had reached Rank 4.

"So who are they and why did you bring them here?" Zatiel spoke to Heinz after analyzing the horde. He already had an idea of what was happening but wanted the Cultivator to confirm it.

"He is Tyrus and I met him during one of my battles in the Endless Forest. He is a great fighter and I liked his attitude so we became friends." Heinz was referring to the Abomination Gorilla on whom he was sitting, but this one was too busy focusing on the people of the Daybreak Clan and did not bother with the words of Heinz.

Zatiel frowned when he saw Tyrus analyzing his people, but when he noticed how the eyes of the Abomination Gorilla were devoid of any negative emotion and there was just curiosity, he relaxed and a calm smile appeared on his face.

The second part of Zatiel's question was not answered by Heinz. From the Cultivator's shoulder, the head of Juntu appeared and he explained the reason for this horde to be here.

"We went to where my kind lived and I gathered all of them before bringing them here. I was hoping to see if they could also be part of the Daybreak Clan. This place is much better than the Endless Forest and you will not have to worry about any of them not controlling their instinct, since as long a Rank 4 of my kind remains in the City of the Sun, they will behave. I also have no problem if they are converted into Soul Guardian Beast"

Rank 0 and 1 Magic Creatures have a problem controlling their instincts and having so many of them inside the City of the Sun could be dangerous. But since the Rank 4 Blood Ruby Centipede will be controlling them, that danger is neutralized.

And since the two Rank 4 were under the leadership of Juntu, and the latter could not betray Heinz unless he wanted to die, there was no reason for Zaitel to refuse them.

"Ok, they can become part of the clan. I will publish the Soul Guarding Beast Technique to those who have made a great contribution to the clan, but it will be the choice of your kind if they want to become a Soul Guardian Beast or not and the punishment for betrayal will be changed so it's equal for both sides."

Since the Blood Ruby Centipedes will be joining the clan, Zatiel will be treating them as one of his own. As for discriminating against them for being magic creatures, that type of behavior was not accepted in the Daybreak Clan.

"Thank you very much. This guy also brought his kind, but he says he will make his decision once he sees the city and how his people live" Juntu was very happy, and after explaining why Tyrus brought his kind, he went back to Heinz's heart.

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