Abyssal Lord of the Magi World
210 Return to war
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Abyssal Lord of the Magi World
Author :Redsunworld
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210 Return to war

Tyrus was examining all the people from the clan and was surprised when he saw how despite the immense diversity of races, there was no discord between them. 

He observed a sense of unity and brotherhood that even among members of the same race would be difficult to obtain.

Despite his brusk and frightening appearance, Tyrus was very smart and enjoyed peaceful places. Just like some humans are born with a tendency to violence, some magic creatures are born with a more civilized nature.

This did not mean that the Rank 4 Abomination Gorilla did not enjoy fighting, but the need for violence was not something that guided his actions.

When he heard from Juntu about the nature of the Daybreak Clan, he was skeptical but now that he sees it, he understood the truth in the Rank 5 Blood Ruby Centipede's words.

After observing the clan, he focuses on the young man in front of him. He was standing before a horde that would be able to terrify a Rank 4 life form, but in his face was complete calmness, and not even the slightest sense of fear could be seen in his eyes.

"You are weak and I can defeat you with ease in a direct battle, so there should be no reason for me to be under you. Of course, you can state that the difference between our ages is the reason for my power, but so what. If I were to fight against a Soul Forging Magus who is only more powerful than me thanks to the use of runes and equipment, complaining about the advantage of his civilization will help me?" Tyrus' attitude was extremely forthright and it was clear that he was not someone who likes excuses.

Zatiel was a little surprised by the wisdom in the Abomination Gorilla's words and he could not help but nod. He has trump cards that he could use to defeat him, but it would be impossible to win in a direct battle.

After seeing Zatiel's reaction, Tyrus became more respectful before continuing speaking.

"I can feel a very powerful bloodline inside you and I know your future will be impressive. Allow my kind to be part of your clan and enjoy all the benefits that being part of a Magi organization carry. In return, I will protect the entire clan from any threat no matter how high it is, even if it means dying. But I have two conditions." 

The straightforward approach of Tyrus pleased Zatiel greatly. It is very weird for a Magic Creature to break their word, and they usually detest any type of scheme.

 "What would those conditions will be?" Zatiel did not accept immediately and although having a Peak Rank 4 Abomination Gorilla will be very useful for his clan, it was not something which they cannot do without.

"First, you must treat my kind with respect and never intentionally harm them, even if I am no longer alive to protect the Daybreak Clan. If you fail to do that, I will drag my corpse out of the grave and kill you." There was a serious aura on Tyrus when he spoke and gave Zatiel a threatening stare.

Zatiel was not someone who answered well to threats, but he understood the sense of responsibility in Tyrus' words.

His previous promises were not mere words. He was ready to die in order to protect the clan if necessary. He just wanted to make sure that the rest of his kind will be fine even if he is not around anymore.

"No matter where they come from or their race, as long they follow the principles of protecting each other and always put the clan before the individual, I will never fail them." Zatiel's eyes were full of resolution and those words came from the deepest part of his soul.

Tyrus was extremely pleased when he saw Zatiel's sincerity and his instincts were telling him that he could trust his words.

"Excellent. The second condition is pretty simple when you become a Rank 4 life form, have a melee fight with me" Eagerness could be seen in Tyrus' eyes, and his fighting spirit was burning.

"Hahahaha, did not I tell you, brother, that his character was pleasant. True warriors only know each other when they exchange blows." Heinz was laughing as he spoke.

As for Tyrus, he was continuously nodding to show his approval to the words of the Cultivator.

Zatiel could only sigh when he saw the behavior of the duo, and he decided to just let them be themselves.

"I can agree to all of your conditions, but since I don't know you and your power is high enough to create immense damage before being stopped, I will need to leave a brand on your True Soul with my consciousness. That way, I will be able to temporarily incapacitate you."

Tyrus understood Zatiel's concern for his people and since having that brand in his True Soul will not harm him or force him to do something he doesn't want to do, he accepted.

Zatiel sent a piece of his consciousness into the Abomination Gorilla's mind, and it reached his True Soul, where it formed a circle around it.

"Good, from now on you and your kind are part of the Daybreak Clan." Zatiel smiled as he uttered those words and every member of the clan heard them.

The Neo-Demon focus on Heinz's heart and spoke to the Blood Ruby Centipede that resided in there.

"Juntu, tell your kind to go to the magic tower. There my son will give every one of you a Sun Tadpole that will be useful to obtain techniques and missions that will grant them all sorts of beneficial supplies for their training."

After hearing those words, all the Blood Ruby Centipede made a bow to Zatiel before flying to the magic tower.

With that handled, the Neo-Demon focuses on the Abomination Gorillas.

"As for you. The bodies of those at Rank 2 and above are too immense to move around the City of the Sun. I will teach all of you a very simple transmutation spell that will shrink your bodies. Although in that form your strength will decrease, you can go back to normal instantly."

Zatiel used his Animus' skills and shared the spell with every Abomination Gorilla, even with those at Rank 1 and 0. It will be useful for them to practice such a simple spell.

With the groups handled, Zatiel had time to focus on Tyrus' missing arm, and when he saw how neat the cut was, he turned to look at Heinz.

The Cultivator noticed the look in Zatiel's face and a prideful smile appeared on his face.

"Yes, I did. We were in a very intense battle and taking advantage of the arm weakness, I cut it off with a single move of my sword."

"Hmph, you forgot to mention that I managed to land a blow on you with all my strength when you attacked and the damage done was greater than losing an arm." Tyrus' grinned when he spoke those words.

 "So what?. I was able to heal very fast, but your body is so immense that it will take you a while to regrow that arm." 

Neither Heinz nor Tyrus were willing to concede and they still did not decide who ended winning in their final exchange.

Zatiel did not bother with the duo argument and made the Genius Sun Seed appear. Thanks to his advance to Rank 3, there were now four arcs of golden fire around the seed, and the Neo-Demon sent all of them to Tyrus.

The Abomination Gorilla was surprised by the power in those arcs and how his body felt so strong and full of vitality. Now instead of weeks, he will just need a few days to regrow his arm.

"Finish learning the spell and then go to the tower. My son will resolve all of your doubts and also handle your residence."

When Tyrus heard Zatiel's command he gave a small howl making all the Abomination Gorillas, including him, bow to the Neo-Demon, before closing their eyes and focusing on the spell.

"Let's pick up some people from the tower and then let's gather with Zitra and Totto. It's time to return to war." Zatiel looks at Heinz and in the eyes of the duo, great killing intent was present.

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