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Abyssal Lord of the Magi World
Author :Redsunworld
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212 The Fallen

A group was coming out from the World Gate that was inside the first magic tower built in the Beta Heavenly World.

The first to appear was a couple of Eye Holders. Their faces were pale and a feeling of tiredness invaded their bodies. Just like any alien life form that enters a world, they are suffering from the restrictive pressure of this one, and they will have to get rid of it before they can use their full power.

After Sigrid and Aren, the ones who appeared were Zatiel and Sophia. Great changes have occurred in the Neo-Demon woman. Her power has increased greatly due to her advance to Rank 3, but the most significant development was the rainbow-colored flames that will appear from time to time in her eyes.

Zatiel had obviously noted the dangerous type of power that was inside her but after Sophia assured him that everything was under control, he decided to trust in her. 

Of course, Zatiel had made back up plans that will allow him to save her in case of danger and the Sun Tadpole in her hand was constantly feeding him information. 

A couple of seconds after the Neo-Demons, another couple showed up. They were a beautiful woman and an old man. The power in Zitra and Totto has increased greatly in the past few months.

There was a dark aura covering the Lich's body and you could even see howling faces full of fear and despair inside it. His right hand and left eye were replaced by the Hand of Sorrow and Eye of Despair.

Despite all of this dreadful characteristic, anyone who was near the old man felt all of their insecurities go away. It was as if their fears were being engulfed by the dark aura around him.

 Totto has his usual gentle smile that looked very odd in his decrepit face.

Zitra had a yin-yang symbol made of light and shadows constantly rotating in her glabella, right between her eyebrows. There was a chain around her waist that was carrying a broken dagger.

The visual phenomena in these two Soul Forging life forms were due to a fast increase in their law comprehension. They will be able to be controlled and kept hidden after they get used to their new powers.

The last to pass through the World Gate was Heinz. There were no phenomena around the Cultivator's body but it was easy to sense the great physical power that he was radiating.

All of a sudden, everyone on the floor felt an archaic and powerful existence focusing on them and after a moment it concentrated solely on the Cultivator.

Despite the power in that presence, no one felt the most minimal threat from it. Just as you will not feel afraid of a shark when you see them in an aquarium.

Heinz had felt that presence before so he understood its origin, but the rest were different.

"It is the World Consciousness. Heinz's power is already bordering that of a Rank 5 life form despite not having fused with his Law Avatar so the world felt threatened. There is no need to worry, most World Consciousness operate like machines with programmed commands and until your power reaches Rank 5 and it maintains there, it will not be able to do anything."

Zatiel words were loud and everyone was able to hear them. Despite the World Consciousness being present in the room, there was no fear in the Neo-Demon and a couple of seconds later, the presence disappeared.

 After the World Consciousness left, everyone regained their focus and they turned to look at the Cultivator with surprise in their eyes.

This was especially true in the eyes of Zitra and Totto. They knew that Heinz was able to reach Rank 5 battle power when he fused with his Law Avatar, but that was equal to someone who had just entered the Law Engraving Rank, and it could be maintained for a very short time.

Now he was able to produce a permanent increase in power, that will allow him to truly fight Rank 5 life forms while being at Rank 4.

Heinz did not deny Zatiel's words. After his fight with Tyrus, he spent a lot of time in The Ocean of a Thousand Wonders and you could say he went on a rampage.

He killed dozens of Rank 4 Magic Creatures and he absorbed all of their blood. With the help of Juntu, he was constantly producing copious amounts of blood energy, and his progress in the Blood Demodand Technique was impressive.

He was still far from finishing the second level but his mastery over the Demondand Blood Drive has increased greatly. 

It was during his stay on the ocean that he had an encounter with a Rank 5 Magic Creature. Although Heinz was forced to flee, he was able to exchange some blows with the magic creature without the need to fuse with his Law Avatar.

After that, he spent most of his time healing his wounds in the Endless Forest, having friendly sparrings with Tyrus, and helping Juntu gather his kind.

Seeing that Zatiel did not worry too much about the World Consciousness, the rest follow his lead and stop caring.

The moment they left the tower, they saw Ezequiel who was waiting for them.

The eyes of the three Rank 4 life forms and two Eye Holders widened as he saw the Supreme of the Neo-Demon Race.

The reason for the Eye Holders shock was the feeling of being in the presence of a bloodline that was in a level completely different than theirs. Even with Zatiel, they did not felt such overwhelming inferiority.

Just being able to perceive the power in Ezequiel's bloodline was a probe of the duo's talent and perception, since not even a Rank 4 life form could detect it.

The reason why the Soul Forging existences were surprised was that their souls were powerful enough to detect how every cell of Ezequiel was absorbing the natural energy of the world, without any effort.

They were Rank 4 life forms that could control the laws, and their spells could draw the natural energy around them, but none of them could reach such harmony with the world. 

Zatiel was also able to detect the changes in his body and he was impressed. Ezequiel's original goal was just being able to draw the natural energy into his body when he attacked, but he achieved much more than that.

'Even with all my upgrades, I highly doubt I can defeat him. The Primordial bloodline is truly terrifying. Such power can be found in its simplicity.' Zatiel was truly happy for Ezequiel, after all when he named his Will, they were not empty words.

Ezequiel flew until he was in front of Zatiel and gave a small bow before looking at the two new faces.

"Who are they?"

The relation between the Daybreak Clan and the Eye Dynasty was not exactly friendly, so Ezequiel found it weird to see two Eye Holders here.

"Sigrid and Aren. We need to help them change their fate. They are important in our fight against the Sage. Do not directly help them but if you see they are about to die, save them."

Zatiel spoke those words through the core to Ezequiel. In all honesty, he doesn't truly care about the life of the two Eye Holders, after all, he has known them for a very short time.

But he could not allow them to die, since even if it was not exactly the fate the Sage planned for them according to Mr. Grey, it was still a tragic one and it would not cause any sort of backlash.

There were a lot of things to do before starting the expansion of their domain in the continent and the first thing would be to gather the council and determine everyone's task.

But just as Zatiel had taken the communication crystal from his spatial ring, this one glowed and a message reached it. And the same happened with the ones of Totto, Heinz, and Zitra.

The voice of a Rank 4 Magus was heard. His name was Marcellus and he was positioned in one of the towers in the periphery of the force field.

"A group has contacted me and he wants to gather with us. They call themselves the Fallen and they say they want to help us defeat the Heavenly race."

When the three Rank 4 life forms heard it, they looked at Zatiel.

"What should we do?" Zitra was the one who spoke.

It may seem strange for a mighty Soul Forging existence to ask guidance from a Rank 3 life form, but they all waited for Zatiel words.

They understood it was not a coincidence that the message had reached just when they arrived in the world. There must be powerful individuals among the Fallen.

"We will of course gather with them. Why reject a useful tool, especially such an easy one to control?." Zatiel smiled and was ready to act.

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