Abyssal Lord of the Magi World
213 Seven wings
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Abyssal Lord of the Magi World
Author :Redsunworld
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213 Seven wings

Not far from the force field built by the Ten Tower Formation there was a swamp that extended for dozens of kilometers. 

This swamp was covered by a very dangerous poisonous fog that was lethal even for Rank 2 life forms and could severely harm those at Rank 3, making it a desolate place. But today in the center of the swamp there were four individuals and it was clear by the thriving energy in their bodies that the fog did nothing to them.

All of them were Rank 4 Angels of Supremacy. They were part of the organization that had contacted the Magi invader force in the Beta Heavenly World.

One Angel of Supremacy with wings made of silver feathers was walking around the swamp and there was annoyance in his face. The other three, however, were waiting peacefully.

"Calm down, they told us they would be here at noon, they are just a little late." The one who spoke was an old man with wings made of bark.

"Hmph, Sebastian, how could you say that?. We are members of the Heavenly race and are offering our help to them. They should be honored by our generosity." There was a sense of preponderance in the man's face as he spoke those words.

When the two Angels of Supremacy who had not spoken heard those words, their eyes narrowed but in the end, they just shook their heads and remained silent. However, the reaction of the old man was more severe.

"Dimitry, I will not remind you again, we are no longer part of the Heavenly race, we are the Fallen!. How could we be part of a race that finds pleasure in senseless butchering and being cruel just for the sake of cruelty?" There was anger on Sebastian's face and it was clear he did not feel happy when the Angel of Supremacy with silver wings called them members of the Heavenly race.

Dimitry was about to rebuke when he heard a sonic boom and felt a presence approaching them at an immense speed. It was a man with golden hair and there was a sword on his back.

It took less than an instant for him to reach the swamp and he landed ten meters away from the Angels of Supremacy.

There was a great power running through this man's body and despite the numerical disadvantage, there was no fear in his eyes.

"I am Heinz, leader of the invader forces of the Magi World!. State the specific goal behind this meeting and what type of help you think your group could bring us." There was dominating might in Heinz's words and he was clearly stipulating his superiority.

Although Sebastian did not feel happy with Heinz's attitude, he did not lose his composure and was about to talk. Unfortunately, someone spoke before him.

"We are willing to help your people and that is how you behave in front of us. You should be thanking us for this opportunity!." There was a narcissist expression on Dimitry's face as he spoke.

When Heinz heard this Angel of Supremacy and saw how he behaved, his eyes narrowed.

'So he is from the first kind.' There was a cold light in the Cultivator's eyes when he thought of this and he focused on the rest of the Angels of Supremacy.

When the old man heard those words, he was furious with this Angel of Supremacy and was about to speak to defuse the situation when he saw how Heinz waved his hand and made something appear. 

It was the body of a young native child, with his extremities and eyes missing. You could see in his face the immense pain he had felt before he died.

"I found him not far away from here. Did one of you have anything to do with this?"

When the Angel of Supremacy with silver wings saw the child, there was no change in his expression. It was clear that to him, seeing such an act of evilness was not different than seeing a dead cow.

But the other three were different. There was disgust in their faces when they saw such a level of cruelty and anger when Heinz accused them of being part of it.

The Cultivator had been observing everything and when he saw how those three Angels of Supremacy behaved he nodded.

'Three of the second kind and one of the first.'

Heinz had clear instructions on what to do when he met the Fallen. Zatiel had given him a lot of information about this group and how to interact with them.

The Fallen are taboo existences for the Heavenly race, and they do everything in their power to hunt them down and kill them.

Every Fallen is a member of the Heavenly race who in one way or another has acted against the unbreakable rules of the race.

Just finding a dozen scattered Fallen in a Middle World under the control of the Heavenly race would have been impressive since they are usually killed with extreme speed. That is why Zatiel did not consider them in his plan for this world at the beginning. 

The fact they were able to form an organization with several Rank 4 life forms intrigued Zatiel since he never heard of something like that when he was the Incarnation of Death and Destruction.

Millions of years have passed since the end of his second life, so it was not out of the question that great changes had happened throughout the universe during that time.

According to what Zatiel told Heinz there are three kinds of Fallen.

The first kind is those who were not willing to obey others just because they were born with a more powerful bloodline. They also include the ones who had betrayed the members of their race or abandoned them during a fight due to cowardness.

 This kind still believes themselves superior to other races and their wickedness is equal to any other member of the Heavenly race.

The second kind is completely different. They are the ones whose mentality follows a sense of fairness. They are not all necessarily good, but they feel disgusted by acts like butchering children of different races for pleasure.

Although their behavior was normal for almost any race in the universe besides fiends. That type of mentality was not allowed in the Heavenly race.

Heinz remembers very well the instructions of Zatiel.

"If there are more of the first kind in the group you will meet, it means that the leaders of the Fallen in this world are also of this kind. In that case, bring me the strongest one and kill the rest. If they are more of the second kind, then we can form an alliance with them but you must make clear who is the one in control."

The Cultivator waved his hand and the body of the child disintegrated into dots of blood that entered his palm. It was just a construct made of blood, after all, Heinz would not be desecrating the body of a child just to test this group.

"I suggest you prepare." When he spoke those words, Heinz took out his sword and made the energy on his body rise.

"Wait, we have not come here to fight." Sebastian knew how important collaborating with the Magi was, so he was still trying to mend the situation.

However, not everyone in his group thought the same.

"Enough words, we just need to teach this weakling how powerful we are. Come human, I will show you true swordsmanship." There was a mocking smile on Dimitry's face as he saw Heinz sword and took his own.

His weapon was a broadsword. Although it was an artifact, the quality was very bad.

Everyone knew not to activate their Law Avatar since it could alert the Heavenly race forces due to the drastic increase in energy and the changes in the laws.

When Heinz saw the broadsword, he sneered and he buried his sword in the ground.

After doing that he disappeared from where he was only to appear right in front of Dimitry. His entire body was now shining with a metallic red color.

He threw a punch that landed on the body of the sword, destroying it. The fist continued its path until it reached the Angel of Supremacy's right ribs, pulverizing them and pushing him hundreds of meters away.

Sebastian and the other two Angels of Supremacy were shocked when they saw this. Even if they did not like Dimitry's character, they had to admit that he was a good fighter, and yet he was defeat with a single strike.

They did not have time to think since Heinz vanished from their view again and appeared beside Sebastian.

The Cultivator threw an uppercut to the old man, but this time he controlled his power and made sure to only incapacitate and not harm his opponent.

The other two Angels of Supremacy acted. One of them attacked with a giant staff while the other sent whips of water.

Despite the power in that staff, Heinz was able to stop it with his palm. He then hit the Angel of Supremacy's wrist, making him let go of the weapon.

He connected a kick to the stomach of the man, throwing him away.

The whips of water managed to land on the Cultivator's body, but space around him acted strangely diminishing most of the momentum in the attacks.

By the time the whips landed on Heinz's body, they were not able to harm his red skin. He threw the staff to the Angel of Supremacy, incapacitating him.

When all four Angels of Supremacy were defeated, Heinz extended his hand, making his sword fly to him, and using all of his power he countered a spear strike that descended from the sky.

The newcomer was also a member of the Heavenly race, but he wasn't like any the Cultivator had seen before. There were seven wings on his back, all of them covered with dark feathers.

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