Abyssal Lord of the Magi World
214 Mutated bloodline
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Abyssal Lord of the Magi World
Author :Redsunworld
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214 Mutated bloodline

When the spear of the Fallen and Heinz's sword clashed, a force wave was generated carrying such power that destroyed the ground under their feet and created a vacuum in the center of the swamp free of poisonous gas.

Even though the spear strike seems like a surprise attack, Heinz knew very well that it wasn't. The Fallen had made his energy explode before attacking, clearly indicating to the Cultivator not only his presence but his exact position as well.

Both Heinz and the seven winged Fallen were pushed back hundreds of meters after that clash. There was no clear winner during their first encounter.

Heinz felt a metallic flavor in his mouth and could not hide his surprise as he focused on the Fallen. With Demodand Blood Drive, his battle power wasn't too different from the one he could reach by activating his Law Avatar, and yet the man in front of him was able to harm him.

The Fallen appearance was that of a very young man with black hair and yellow eyes. His face was very handsome and his body was perfectly proportionate. A thriving life force could be felt in him proving his young age

His seven wings full of dark feathers were truly impressive. There were four on his right side and three on the left, and every single one of them seems to be connected with the laws.

'Someone of the third type' Seriousness appeared in Heinz's eyes when he thought of this.

The third type of Fallen is those who are born with a mutated bloodline. In most races, mutated bloodlines are highly accepted since it usually means an evolutionary advance and even if they do not provide greater power than the original, it helps the race's bloodline not fall into stagnation.

But due to the extremely narcissistic nature of the Heavenly race, who makes them think about themselves as perfect and who do not allow any change in the chain of command, they consider mutations as abominations who need to be destroyed. 

The power of the members of the Heavenly race bloodline can be distinguished for the number of their wings. Four for King bloodline, six for Emperor bloodline, and eight for Law bloodline.

Heinz could not accurately distinguish the power of the bloodline in the Fallen in front of him, but even if it was not a Law bloodline, it must be very close. This did not discourage the Cultivator and with a monstrous battle intent in his eyes and a smile on his face, he threw himself at his opponent.

A blue light appeared on the eyes of the Fallen and he flapped his wings, flashing to where Heinz was with extreme speed.

When the spear and sword clashed against each other, the eyes of the Fallen showed surprise. He felt how all the power in his attack was being redirected away from the Cultivator.

This was not just great swordsmanship, but a high-level application of the Law of Swords.

Without losing his momentum, after sending the spear away from him, Heinz directed his sword to the waist of the Fallen.

Just as the sword was about to land on the body of his enemy, dark wings got on its path and despite the great power the weapon was carrying, they were able to stop it.

In that precise moment, the Fallen gained control over his spear again and with amazing speed, he made it clash into the shoulder of Heinz with such power that sent him flying away.

Heinz was pushed less than one hundred meters before he regained control over his body and landed in the ground. There was a very deep cut on his shoulder and a rebellious type of energy was left in it, stopping its healing and increasing the damage in the injury.

The Fallen also end up hurt during that encounter. There was a long slash on his wings and energy belonging to different laws was in it, all of them with some sort of annihilation properties. The bloodline of the man was containing those energies and mending the wound.

When Heinz saw this, he frowned. That sword strike had the power of the Law of Space, Law of Swords, Law of Blood, and Law of Killing, all of them at the 'Initial' level, and yet the Fallen was able to neutralize it in a moment.

Of course, the Cultivator did not fall behind. An immense amount of blood energy reached his shoulder, purging the energy that stops its healing and mending the wound in a moment.

Using his blood energy during a fight when he had activated Demodand Blood Drive would tire him very fast. This blood energy, however, was coming from Juntu's reserves.

The Blood Ruby Centipede could not fully train the Blood Demodand Technique, but he could create blood energy and save it on his body, giving it to Heinz whenever he needed it.

When the Fallen saw his opponent's regeneration abilities, the blue light on his eyes grew stronger and he pushed his energy to the maximum before flashing to the Cultivator.

The smile of Heinz grew bigger when he saw this and he also made his energy reach the peak. A thick layer of killing intent formed around his sword and he attacked.

Their clashes were devastating the entire swamp and the earth was already reduced to sand due to the overwhelming power the two of them released. 

Neither of them was using their Law Avatar, but the power they were displaying was enough to kill most Rank 4 life forms with their Law Avatar released.

The bloodline of the Fallen was extremely powerful, making his body very resilient and energy extremely destructive. His laws seem to allow him to break any obstacle on his path and his power only continues to increase as he pushes himself forward.

Heinz has his Dao Heart and the Sword Empyrean Path Technique, that granted him a law comprehension of a supreme genius. The Blood Demodand Technique and Soul Guardian Beast Technique gave him not only an immense physical power and great soul defenses but also an extra energy pool that belonged to a Rank 5 life form.

Despite all of his technique and powerful laws, Heinz found himself on the losing side in most of their clashes and wounds were accumulating on his body. But this only made the fighting spirit in the Cultivator grow bigger and he had ordered Juntu to focus on the wounds that will limit his battle power, to save energy.

Their attacks grew more and more powerful and in less than a minute after their fight started, the entire swamp that could threaten the lives of Rank 3 life form was obliterated and nothing was left from it.

The killing intent in Heinz's sword had reached the point where it took the form of a red liquid, and the power in it was only increasing.

The blue light had filled the eyes of the Fallen and an indomitable sense of pride was being released from his soul.

Heinz could feel how Juntu's blood energy reserves were already close to depleting and his Demodand Blood Drive could not remain active much longer. Without the two of them, he will not be able to compare with the body the Fallen.

Resolve appeared on the Cultivator's face and when the sword and spear clashed again, he used all of his strength to send the Fallen into the sky.

He charges all the killing intent around his sword that has been accumulating during this entire battle into his most powerful attack

"Annihilation Ocean!"

What could only be described as a red ocean was released from Heinz's sword. The Law of Blood and the Law of Killing give it physical form, the Law of Sword its crushing might and destructive power, and the Law of Space the ability to obliterate any defense and lock in his enemy.

This was a spell he developed during his fight in The Ocean of a Thousand Wonders and it was the one who managed to harm a Rank 5 life form. It was the most powerful attack he could create without fusing with his Law Avatar.

Due to him not having his Law Avatar released, the spell could not display its full power but it was more than enough to severely injure Angelic Paragons and maybe even destroy their bodies.

The eyes of the Fallen widened when he saw that overwhelming red ocean coming his way and felt how it managed to lock space around him.

But in the next second all of his doubts and apprehension vanished and the only thing that was left in him was absolute pride.

"ROOOAAARRR!" Along with that roar, something unbelievable happened with the Fallen, something that will shock even an ancient monster like Zatiel.

On his back, something formed. It was illusionary and it seems like it will disappear in the next instant but it was there.

Another wing appeared on his back and now he had eight wings, the same as an Archangel!.

Releasing a sonic boom that seems like it will break the sky, the Fallen throws himself at the red ocean and when he was right in front of it, the blue light on his eye gathered in his spear.

"Pride Fall!"

An immense arc of blue energy was released from the spear that split the Annihilation Ocean.

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