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Abyssal Lord of the Magi World
Author :Redsunworld
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215 Nero

The immense arc of blue energy fired from the spear did not stop after splitting the red ocean. It advances to Heinz's location with an overwhelming might and destructive power.

Heinz's eyes widened when he saw the strength in the attack. He did not dare to delay his response and after sending a command to Juntu, he channeled all the power that he had left into his Demodand Blood Drive and Law of Space.

Dozens of ruby shields appeared in front of Heinz. This was an Innate Spell performed by Juntu and although the Blood Ruby Centipede was weak, he was still a Rank 5 Magic Creature.

The shield should have been able to delay for some time the attack, but the laws that made Pride Fall were special. They were capable of overcoming any obstacle and shattering any restriction.

The moment the blue energy touched the ruby shield, they disintegrated like water in front of lava, barely stopping the spell for a fraction of a second before it continued its path to Heinz.

The Cultivator was using Void Disruption to fold space, increasing the distance between him and the arc of blue energy.

In the end, Pride Fall managed to overcome even the resistance of the Law of Space and it buries itself into the ground.

An immense gorge was forming as the arc of blue energy breaks the earth. The Fallen noticed the danger in his attack and immediately focused on the spell and made it disappear. 

The spell had immensely destructive power and it managed to form a canyon more than two hundred kilometers long and seven hundred meters deep. If the Fallen had not deactivated the spell, the damage would have been much worse.

At the periphery of this canyon, Heinz appeared. Comparing the size of the Cultivator to the canyon is like comparing an ant to a human.

He had lost his right arm and his entire body was full of wounds. The damage would have been much worse if not for Demodand Blood Drive enhancing his defenses.

The Fallen was not surprised by the presence of Heinz. He had a good estimate of the strength of his opponent and knew that attack could not kill him.

He remained in the sky, focusing on the scar his attack left on the earth. It was only after a couple of seconds that he relaxed.

If his attack had created greater damage in the world, it could have incited a response from the World Consciousness. Unless he was a Rank 6 life form, battling against a World Consciousness was not something he could do.

Slowly the Fallen descended on the other side of the gorge, away from Heinz. His eighth wing disappeared, his face was pale and blood was coming out from his eyes.

It was clear that launching that attack and creating the eighth wing was not something easy.

The Angels of Supremacy were seeing the duo from the distance. Heinz attack had only temporally incapacitated them, so they were able to move away from the battlefield with ease.

As for Dimitry, he was also with the rest, but unconscious and with a gaping hole in his chest with the form of a fist.

The trio did not think about meddling in the fight. Unless they activated their Law Avatar, they wouldn't have been of any help to the seven winged Fallen.

Heinz was trying to regulate his breathing and estimate how extensive was the damage to his body when he felt how his shadow was beginning to act strangely.

In the next moment, he saw how two arcs of golden fire and a torrent of golden flames came out from his shadow and landed on his body.

Immediately, the Cultivator felt an immense amount of vitality and life force filling his body and healing all of his wounds. His arm was regenerating and it won't be long before its good as new.

From the shadow, Zitra accompanied by Zatiel and Totto came out. The woman's improved comprehension over the Law of Shadows allowed her to do this type of feat.

When the seven winged Fallen saw the new additions, he put his guard up. The two individuals at Rank 4 were not as strong as the Cultivator, but they were still very powerful.

As for the man at Rank 3, his power could not pose any threat to him, even in his weakened state. However, he could not hide his surprise when he saw how his flames were healing the Cultivator at an impressive speed, despite this one being a Rank higher and had a special type of body.

The three Rank 4 Angels of Supremacy flew to the side of the seven winged Fallen, carrying Dimitry with them.

Zatiel was focusing on the Fallen and he was frowning. This Fallen should have been an Angelic Paragon whose bloodline mutated.

But even if he was a mutation, pushing his bloodline to the level of an Archangel should be impossible due to the characteristic of how Archangels are made.

'With the type of alterations that were made to this world, impossibles can happen.' Zatiel knew very well how special this world was. He has an idea of what happened to this man's bloodline, but he will have to wait to see if his speculations are correct.

"Why did you all come?" Heinz was supposed to be the only one who would meet with the group of the Fallen and the others will be looking from the distance.

"Hmph, you let your fighting spirit take over you. You were supposed to demonstrate our strength but not incite a battle of such level. Even if you did not activate your Law Avatar, the level of energy generated here will draw the attention of the Heavenly race."

Zatiel was displeased with Heinz's actions. This fight will alert the Heavenly race and they will be vigilant from now on.

Many years had passed without a great battle and the Heavenly race defenses should have been weakened since they could not remain vigilant and had all of their power in one continent for almost a decade.

The Neo-Demon was hoping to take this opportunity to launch a devastating attack but that will no longer be possible.

 Heinz understood he had made a mistake by letting his desire for battle cloud his judgment.

"I am sorry. He is truly strong, I don't see myself winning before starting the third level of the Blood Demodand Technique."

"Yes, he is." After speaking those words, Zatiel walked forward until the edge of the canyon and made the two arcs of golden fire that were left in his Genesis Sun Seed fly until they were in front of the seven winged Fallen.

When the Fallen saw those two arcs of golden fire he did not grab them and keep looking at the group in front of him. His eyes were full of confusion when he saw their behavior.

He saw a Rank 3 reprimanding someone who could battle against Rank 5 life forms before walking forward and taking the lead, and the other two extremely powerful Rank 4 life forms acted as if it was natural.

"My name is Zatiel Daybreak. You should take them, they will heal most of the damage you have taken during this fight. We need to speak but this is not the place to do it." Zatiel was taking the lead of the group, and the other three remained in silence.

The Fallen's eyes narrowed when he heard him. He saw the condition of the three Angels of Supremacy and the fact that besides some bruises they were perfectly fine made his vigilance diminish a little. As for Dimitry, it was clear he did not truly care for his state.

After a moment he let the two arcs of golden fire enter his body, and felt how they healed his injuries, no matter how severe they are.

"I am Nero. There is a forest not far away from here, we can speak there."

Zatiel went through the geographic information of the continent in his mind and after assessing the likelihood of danger in the forest, he nodded. The four followed Nero and the rest of the Fallen.

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