Abyssal Lord of the Magi World
216 You have to kill him
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Abyssal Lord of the Magi World
Author :Redsunworld
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216 You have to kill him

The two groups landed in the forest but maintained a proper distance between them. It was clear they were careful from each other.

Zatiel golden flames were still bathing Heinz, as they have been doing for the last couple of hours. The Cultivator's condition has improved greatly with his right arm already regenerated and most of his wound healed. Although there were still some injuries and his energy pool was low, it won't be long before he returns to his peak.

Nero's wounds were less severe than the ones of Heinz, and the arcs of golden fire had helped him greatly. However, he will still have to rest for some time before being able to activate his eighth wing again.

The one who broke the silence between both groups was not Zatiel or Nero, but Heinz. The Cultivator made the question that has been in his mind for some time now.

"Why does your group hide? Many years ago I fought with a man that was supposed to be the strongest in the world, and he is nowhere near your level. With your battle power, you could have easily killed the Rank 4 members of the Heavenly race one by one until obtaining control of this world."

Heinz's words made sense. Although the Garden of Creation could create more members of the Heavenly race, the speed at which it would do it would not be fast enough to stop the Fallen advance.

Interest appeared in the eyes of Totto and Zitra when they heard the question of Heinz. However, the expression on the faces of the Angels of Supremacy was one of frustration and indignation.

Nero remained silent and his face was emotionless. There was no need to disclose more information than the one needed for this alliance.

Unfortunately for the Fallen, he was dealing with a group that has a treasure trove of knowledge among them.

"He can't do it. The moment a duke of the Heavenly race is killed in a satellite world due to the actions of a Fallen, batch after batch of Rank 4 Angelic Paragons will be sent from the Heavenly Creator World into that satellite world until every Fallen is slain."

Understanding appeared in the eyes of the trio when they heard Zatiel's words.

The only ones with the power to mobilize hundreds of Rank 4 life forms are Law Beings. But they usually do not interfere with battles in Middle and Low Worlds.

This was an unspoken rule between the high powers of the universe that was put in place to give their members' proper training.

But there was no way the Law Beings of the Heavenly Creator World will allow a world to be dominated by the Fallen.

"Then why don't just leave the world. Journey through the void is dangerous but is much better than just hiding here."

Heinz knew that finding a place fit for life was almost impossible without coordinates that will guide you. But he doubted this group could not obtain some with their power.

"That would be equal to suicide for them. The Garden of Creation will detect whenever an individual, who was born from it, leaves the world. If a Fallen leaves the protection of the Crystal Wall, from the Heavenly Creator World a Soul Law Domain existence will come to kill them."

When Zatiel explained his inability to kill a duke, Nero was not surprised since that was something anyone with enough knowledge about the history of the Heavenly race would know. But the fact the Garden of Creation can track them was something he only knew due to his teacher.

It was due to the Fallen not knowing this, that most of them die when they try to escape from the world and their existence is so well hidden.

Nero could not understand how someone who was just a Rank 3 life form could know that secret.

Zatiel was happy with the expression of the seven winged Fallen. He had to admit he underestimated the power of this group. This was something anyone would have done since there is no way they could have predicted the existence of someone like Nero.

However, despite all of their power, he was still able to identify their goal and how to take advantage of it.

"And that is exactly the reason why they want to ally with us. They want to use our World Gate to leave this world. That way even if the Garden of Creation detects their exit, they will be in the Magi World, and from there, they can go anywhere they want and there is nothing the members of the Heavenly race can do to stop them."

Nero and the three Angels of Supremacy were shocked when they heard those words. Their ultimate goal for the alliance with the Magi invader force was exactly what Zatiel just said. They would have slowly gained the trust of the Magi until they found an opportunity to use the World Gate.

Trying to create their own World Gate or Void Gate was impossible. The materials needed for the gates are strictly controlled and the knowledge of how to build them and make them work is only in the mind of the dukes.

They knew that now that their goal is in the open, obtaining it will be much harder.

"We can work together and if your help is great enough, we can allow your people to use the World Gate. But before that, how much do you trust the Angels of Supremacy behind you?" Zatiel was looking at the three Fallen behind Nero and his eyes were cold.

The three Angels of Supremacy were surprised when they saw Zatiel behavior. Even though Heinz had fought with them before, it was clear he did not want to harm them but they could feel a murdering intent from the man that was the leader of the group.

"Explain yourself." Nero frowned when he saw Zatiel's killing intent.

"To the Heavenly race, the Archangels are their most sacred beings. If they found out a Fallen can mutate his bloodline into one of them, their reaction will be merciless. I would not be surprised if they decide to destroy this entire world just to kill you."

This world was too important for Zatiel and he could not allow it to be destroyed. The Neo-Demon gives a signal to Totto, Zitra, and Heinz.

The trio understood what he wanted to do. Their energies rose and their killing intent focused on the Angels of Supremacy.

The three Fallen were felt anxious when they were targeted by such powerful beings. Heinz alone was able to defeat them without using all of his power, and when they heard Zatiel's words they could not help but be afraid of Nero's decision.

Luckily for them, they did not have to wait long for Nero's answer. All of their concerns were dissipated when they felt how seven unfolded wings cover them. 

Zatiel's eyes narrowed when he saw this. He closed his eyes and focused on his Animus abilities.

His Mind Force was depleting itself at a very fast rate while he used the discipline of Telepathy. Although his proficiency was not as high as with Clairsentience, and it was very difficult to use them in Rank 4 life forms while being just a Rank 2 Animus, he was still able to detect something.

He was able to feel their emotions for an instant and immense pain and dizziness assaulted his head after doing it. Zatiel's face was pale but he was smiling due to the result of his investigation.

 In the Angeles of Supremacy, he felt gratitude, admiration, respect, and loyalty. Zatiel raised his hand and made the trio behind him relax.

"Good, you have the heart of their kind and that means you are someone I can work with. As a show of goodwill, I will allow any Fallen beneath Rank 3 to use the World Gate and leave this world."

Nero and the three Angels of Supremacy felt joy when they heard that. Even though they will not be able to use it, it will help their people and reduce the pressure over their shoulders since they would no longer have to be constantly protecting them.

"There is only one thing you need to do before we establish our alliance." Zatiel focuses on the unconscious Angel of Supremacy in the ground and with a smile on his face he dictates his fate.

"You have to kill him." 

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