Abyssal Lord of the Magi World
217 Eliminate blue
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Abyssal Lord of the Magi World
Author :Redsunworld
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217 Eliminate blue

Unlike the previous vague threat to the life of the Angels of Supremacy from before, Zatiel was now declaring that they will need to kill Dimitry if they want to work with him.

Nero's reaction, however, was not anywhere near as aggressive as when the Neo-Demon threatened Sebastian and the other two.

The seven winged Fallen looked at the unconscious Angel of Supremacy in the ground. At first sight, you could not detect anything on his face but if you look carefully enough, you could see the disgust in his eyes.

He was not a hero who travels through the world trying to destroy evil, but he could not stand acts of senseless cruelty happening in front of him. Especially when they are done just to obtain pleasure.

Even if he had not been born with a mutated bloodline, he would have still become a Fallen, since he could not accept the type of mentality of the Heavenly race. But the type of Fallen like Dimitry was even worse in his eyes.

They still shared the reasoning of the Heavenly race regarding other races, but they do not have their sense of brotherhood. They will run from a battle and leave their people to die without hesitation if that means saving their lives.

"Why?" Regardless of his personal feelings, Nero was not going to kill a member of his group just because a man he has never met before asked him to do it.

A smile appeared on Zatiel's face when he heard that. If he had rejected him or asked for some sort of trade, things would have been more complicated, but the fact he just asked for a reason told him everything he needed to know.

"Although I don't know him, by the small interaction he had with Heinz, I can gather he is an extremely narcissistic and rancorous individual. He would rather harm his own people than see those he despises succeed. If he remains alive, we will always have to be watching our back when we work with you. Am I wrong?" Zatiel was very confident in his assessment of the Fallen.

And by the expression in the face of the three Angels of Supremacy, it seems he was completely right.

Sebastian has lived for a long time and he thought that he would never meet someone as astonishing as Nero. But the young man in front of him broke that thinking.

The old man still could not understand how someone at Rank 3 could order Soul Forging existences and have such a high understanding of the Garden of Creation.

Nero understood very well the personality of Dimitry and knew he would act exactly as the man in front of him depicts. He will rather harm all the members of the Fallen than to allow successful cooperation with a group of individuals he thinks have humiliated him.

Killing intent was present in his eyes when he looked again at the Angel of Supremacy. But in the end, he only sighed.

"It is not so simple. He was sent here for the second strongest person of our group, Verius, and killing him will carry all sorts of problems."

Zatiel's eyes narrowed when he heard that and his plan for the Fallen was already taking form in his mind.

"Let me guess, the mentality of this Verius is just like Dimitry and has gathered all the people who think like him under his wing. They are the last to cooperate but the first to claim the reward. His groups always try to establish some sort of hierarchy, just like the one in the Heavenly race, but with them at the lead. Unfortunately, you need them to protect the rest of your people since it is not safe for you to show yourself to much and they use that as an excuse to push their goals forward."

Surprise appeared in the eyes of Nero and the three Angels of Supremacy.

"How do you know so much!." Sebastian could not help but ask. Right now, even the Cultivator who could kill with one strike did not frighten him so much as the young man in front of him.

Zatiel saw that not only the Fallen but even the trio behind him was full of curiosity. The Neo-Demon smiled since the truth was very simple.

"I have endured a lot. I have seen the worst and also the best of what life forms in this universe are capable of. When you understand the true nature of people, most things just repeat themselves in an endless loop and the fools that believe themselves smart, are the most ease to predict." There was a sense of ancientness in Zatiel's voice as he spoke.

Many people who knew about the Incarnation of Death and Destruction think of him as an almighty being who could do anything and whose will could make the entire universe tremble. But no one knows the painful path he had to transcend and slaughter that accompanied his ascension.

Always alone, never daring to trust in anyone since the most minimal step in false could end in his demise.

The feeling that Zatiel's words gave, made them think they were hearing a monster that has lived millions of years in solitude and not a young man in the prime of his life full of friends and people who love him.

From the trio behind him, Zatiel noticed how someone walked to him, it was Zitra. The Magus advanced until she was by his side and just remained in there without saying anything.

Zatiel was surprised by the action of the woman, but he just smiled at her before focusing again on the Fallen.

"With us, you will no longer have to worry about protecting your people and you would no longer need Verius. If he remains with you, his group will only bring your demise."

"So according to you, I should change an unreliable partner for another I can't possibly trust since I have never met them and know nothing about them?"

Nero knew very well how dangerous Verius' group was, but they were a necessary evil if he wanted to protect the rest of his people and he could at least control him. That was not something he could say of the man in front of him.

"That is the brilliance of it, you don't need to trust me. The Heavenly race will never accept working with me, even if I offer all of your people to them for nothing. They hate me so much that they would rather die than take my help. I guess you have seen my name written in those impaled bodies close to the periphery of the force field."

There was happiness in Zatiel's face when he described how he gained the eternal enmity of an entire race.

The eyes of the Fallen widened when they heard Zatiel's words. They have indeed seen the phrase in those thousands of bodies of the Heavenly race and although they have heard Zatiel's last name they could not associate such a calm person with that type of brutality.

But now that they have got to know more about him, they believe he was capable of that and more.

Zatiel saw how Nero was still indecisive and chose to give the final push. He made three balls of fire appear, one golden, one black and the last blue. Then he proceeds to try to fuse them.

The black and golden were able to become one, strengthening each other beyond the mere sum of their individual powers. But the moment blue attempted to blend with them, it provoked instability and it was only when it was extracted did the harmony between gold and black return.

Nero was very smart and understood very well what Zatiel was trying to express. Not only will Verius' group not help them but will harm their cooperation.

"You may be thinking that we could work between our groups and left Verius and his people aside, but things will not be so simple. Do you believe blue will just remain sitting and let black and golden grow stronger, or he will do anything in his power to stop their growth even if that means going back to its origin? After all, there are very few things that can't be forgiven by paying the right price."

When Nero heard those words, for a second he did not know what to do. But after a moment, his characteristic pride came back to his eyes and along with it, there was determination.

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