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Abyssal Lord of the Magi World
Author :Redsunworld
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219 Purge II

In the center of the island, where the most powerful members of this group had gathered, three Angelic Paragons were discussing.

"What do you think is the reason Lord Dimitry has told us to come here with such urgency."

"I am not sure, but not too long ago I heard a rumor that leader Nero was trying to establish some sort of alliance with the invader force that reached this world a few years ago. Maybe he made a mistake and now Lord Verius is trying to seize this opportunity to take the position of the leader of the Fallen"

"I hope Lord Verius manage to do it. It is pretty sickening the way the rest behave, always stopping us when we want to have some fun with the natives. They are inferior beings and their only use is as toys for us."

This group would not dare to speak so freely anywhere else, but in this place, all of them shared the same mentality.

"Tell me Loxas, don't you find it weird that such a large crowd has formed on this island. According to the message, only those who had proven their loyalty would have received this invitation, but I can see almost all of those who side with Lord Verius ideals here."

Loxas was a thin man with wings made of solidified light and although he was not the strongest of the trio, he was certainly the fastest.

"I also find it strange, but this was a command given by Lord Dimitry in the name of Lord Verius. There is little we can do besides obeying unless we want to have an "accident" during one of our mission."

The Angelic Paragons know how dangerous and frivolous Dimitry was. It was one of the reasons why all of the people who got his message came here, no matter what they were doing.

 The Angelic Paragons were discussing when a sense of danger assaulted them, and they immediately looked at the sky. They saw a red and a golden projectile falling with immense speed and power.

One of the projectiles was a giant covered in a mantle of red lightning that was forming a monstrous winged snake. He was rotating as he fell, acting as a black hole over the natural energy of the world that entered his body at an unbelievable rate, increasing the power in the red lightning.

Next to the giant was a colossal creature with the form of a calamitous whale whose head was covered by an exoskeleton. It was wrapped in dark golden flames and it was hard to imagine the weight such a creature could reach.

Although the power that this creature was displaying was inferior to the one of the giant, it was still amazing. Riding on its back was a man, with a sword full of blue flames on his hand.

None of the Fallen was able to do anything to stop the winged snake of red lightning and Undying Leviathan from crushing in the center of the island and creating an explosion of dark golden flames and red lightning that covered thousands of meters. The momentum that the two of them carried was so immense, that they created an earthquake that split the earth apart.

An Angelic Paragon along with several of the Rank 3 Fallen that were in the center of the explosion had perished. This was where the duo had concentrated most of their power and due to his inability to run away, they had to withstand the power of two fully charged attacks from a couple of Rank 3 Neo-Demons with a Law bloodline.

 The other two Angelic Paragons were fast enough to get away from the epicenter of the attack, but they were still wounded, with Loxas being the one with the least injuries due to his impressive speed.

The Rank 2 Fallen who were reached by the explosion, either end up dead or severely wounded. Luckily for those at Rank 1, they were at the periphery of the group so they were the least affected, but still, some were touched by the energies in the explosion, and they were too weak to resist.

One of the two remaining Angelic Paragon, a man with wings of metal, had his face contorted by rage and it was so much that it made his fear for the duo disappear. He started to yell with all of his might.

"Who do you think you are attacking? We are glorious members of the Fallen under the protection of Lord Verius, a being so mighty and powerful that your mind could not understand his..."


A voice interrupted the Angelic Paragon speech and after that, a sonic boom was heard. The next thing he saw was a giant whose entire body released a sense of unequaled strength, throwing a punch at him.

The Angelic Paragon could not understand how someone so big could reach such speed, since this man reached him before the sound of the sonic boom even touched his ears. In that fist, that was greater than his body, he could feel the power of the elements gathering inside and the entire world coming down at him.

Dodging was impossible, but due to the threat of death the Angelic Paragon was able to release all the power inside him, making his entire body obtain metallic properties and huge spikes appear all over his skin.

He was an Advanced Rank 3 Angelic Paragon and in this state, he should be able to resist the attack of a Master Rank 3 life form without a problem, especially if it was a physical strike since the spike will hurt the attacker.

The Angelic Paragon was hoping to see at least the fist slow down, but the giant did not do such a thing. To the horror of the Fallen, an immense amount of red lightning gathered around the fist of the giant increasing its might by a factor of three.

The moment the fist touched the spikes, these ones twisted since they were not able to penetrate the mantle of red lightning and the blow carried such potency that the moment it touched the Fallen, it pushed him hundred of meters away.

The Angelic Paragon clashed against boulders and trees along the way, breaking all of them. His body was deformed in every possible way, and there was not a single organ inside him that wasn't ruined. Before he touched the ground, a light came out from his mouth and eyes signaling his demise.

When the rest of the Fallen saw this scene, terror filled their hearts. The fact this giant had a physical might capable of killing with a single blow the one person with the greatest defense made their souls tremble.

But the nightmare was not even close to being over. The man that had been riding that massive creature appeared close to where a great number of Rank 2 Fallen had gathered.

Under his feet, the Undying Leviathan materialized and in the next moment, a domain of dark golden flames with a miniature sun in the center appeared around them.

All of the Fallen who were unfortunate enough to be inside the domain were submitted to crushing pressure and raging flames that broke their bones and burned their blood.

And if that was not enough, the sword full of blue flames in the hand of the man began to expand and hunt the Fallen who were still alive inside the domain.

When Loxas saw this massacre, he did not hesitate and focused every ounce of his power into his speed and flew away from the island.

When Zatiel and Ezequiel saw the Angelic Paragon trying to escape their eyes narrowed but when they noticed the direction he was going, they chose to ignore him and continue their slaughter.

 Loxas' consciousness shows him that neither of those monsters was going after him and although he did not understand the reason, he did not dare to slow down and test his luck so he just continued flying away.

Unfortunately for the Angelic Paragon, he was not able to advance more than a couple of hundred meters before someone blocked his path.

It was a four meters tall dragonborn with scales that seems to be made of obsidian mineral. There was a white flame coming out from the corners of his mouth that irradiate immense heat.

"I always thought that the Heavenly race was the most disgusting race of the universe, but they would at least fight and not let their comrades die alone. I guess you are worse." There was disdain in the eyes of Kilo as he stared at Loxas.

When the Angelic Paragon saw the contempt in the face of the Neo-Demon, his mind was filled with hate.

"Get away from my path, disgusting lizard!" Loxas did not stop his charge and he continued with immense speed as he attempted to clash against Kilo.

"Hmph, let's see what a chicken with an Emperor bloodline can do."

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