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Abyssal Lord of the Magi World
Author :Redsunworld
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220 Purge III

There was anger in Loxas' eyes as he charged at Kilo, due to this one attempting to stop his escape. This wrath was increased when he saw the Heavenly race wings made of white flames in his back.

The reason for his anger was not the fact that a member of the Heavenly race had to die for Kilo to have those wings, but the fact that a member of what he thought to be an inferior race dared to use the symbol of their superiority.

Just when Loxas was about to clash with Kilo, his wings glowed with great intensity before releasing a flash of light. The light was very special, able to blind the Neo-Demon and cover hundreds of meters.

The Fallen was furious about the wings, but he was more afraid of the duo that was massacring the rest of his comrades. He took the opportunity to blind his enemy before changing his path and flying away.

The Neo-Demon could not see the Fallen and his consciousness was also weakened inside this light, so he could not locate his enemy with precision.

Kilo was still able to detect that Loxas was by his left side, dozens of meters away from him.

The Neo-Demon did not lose calm and without moving from where he was, he sent a kick to his left side.

As he attacked, an immense amount of white flames gathered in his leg and the natural energy of the world was drawn to the flames.

The white flames empowered by the natural energy of the world transformed Kilo's leg into a huge dragon leg that extended for more than fifty meters.

The dragon leg appeared in Loxas' path in an instant and struck him with a physical power that made his bones crack. He was pushed backward with such power that he lost control over his body.

Loxas was surprised when he saw the dragon leg and it was so fast he was not able to dodge it. Not only did the impact of the attack greatly harm him, but also the part of his body touched by the leg was now covered in a white flame that seems to be glued to his skin.

That dragon leg was the result of the combination of Kilo's Rank Spells and Innate Spells. In his full dragon form, his physical power is greater but his body is more clumsy and not fit to perform most of his martial arts.

He could now transform part of his body at will into a full-grown dragon part that not only had the physical might of his dragon form but also the dexterity of his humanoid body and the destructive power of his white flames.

Kilo continued his attack immediately and Loxas did not have time to regain control of his body. The Neo-Demon's entire body glowed as his runic set was activated, which made a mantle of white flames that released an immense heat appear all over his skin.

He sent an uppercut at the Fallen, creating a large dragon arm that punched his body with immense power and sent him into the sky, puking blood.

Loxas was shocked by the power his enemy was displaying. He was able to detect that the dragonborn had entered Rank 3 not too long ago and yet he was overwhelming him, despite being an Advanced Rank 3 life form with an Emperor bloodline.

When he saw how his enemy was once again charging at him, fear appeared in his eyes. Without hesitation he made his energy explode and extracted pieces of his wings that created hundreds of feathers.

This spell was extremely painful and it harmed Loxas' life force, but the power in each of those feathers made of light was impressive and they were fired against Kilo with striking speed.

When the Neo-Demon saw those feathers, his eyes narrowed and he transformed his four Heavenly race wings into dragon wings that formed a cocoon around him. This was not all, he displayed an unbelieved dexterity and he maneuvered the cocoon around the downpour of feathers of light.

He managed to dodge more than half of the feathers of light. The ones that managed to reach him were weakened by his dragon wings and after clashing against his armor, their strength reduced to less than a third of their original power.

Still the feathers of light were worthy of being the ultimate attack of an Angelic Paragon, and they left deep cuts in Kilo's body.

Of course, those injuries did not stop the Neo-Demon. He raised above the Angelic Paragon and he performed a downward kick.

Loxas strived to move away from that giant dragon leg, but its range was too great and that last attack exhausted him so he was only able to protect himself with his wings before being blasted into the ocean.

The water where the Angelic Paragon fell was boiling and after a couple of seconds, Loxas raised once again into the sky. His arms were broken, he was coughing blood and more than seventy percent of his body was covered in white flames.

The Fallen understood that he would not be able to escape from the dragonborn blocking his path and before Kilo charged at him once again, he yelled.

"Are you going to let dozens escape just to stop one." Loxas stares at the island, specifically at those Rank 1 and 2 Fallen who were quietly getting away from the duo who were busy massacring the most powerful individuals.

The Neo-Demon eyes widen when he hears that and a strange expression appears on his face.

When the Fallen saw this a vicious smile appeared on his face. He felt no shame for his actions, and when he saw Kilo's expression, he was sure he managed to affect the Neo-Demon.

Kilo was indeed affected by the actions of Loxas. As a Neo-Demon, his core belief was to always put his race first. He will not hesitate to give his life if that means letting his people escape from a dangerous situation.

To him someone like Loxas, defied understanding and immense disgust appeared on his eyes.

"You are not just escaping and leaving them to their luck, you are using them as sacrifices just for the chance they give you enough time to run away. I am impressed by how low some beings can fall."

The words of disdain of the Neo-Demon made Loxas' face twisted in rage but he did not lose his mind and just as he was going to speak again, Kilo interrupted him.

"You should look more carefully before embarrassing yourself."

Loxas did not understand what Kilo's meaning was, but after a second he heard a roar and he saw how a powerful dragon, with the same obsidian scales that the man in front of him, appeared in the sky of the island.

The dragon opened his mouth and a torrent of dark red flames were released against the Fallen who were trying to escape, killing them in an instant.

And the dragon did not stop there. He sent huge balls of fire all around the island, killing all those Fallen who were away from the giant covered in red lightning and the man with the flaming sword.

The Angelic Paragon could not believe what he was seeing. Just four people were butchering what could be considered an army of Fallen, with several Rank 3 life forms among them and even Angelic Paragons.

But all that shock was replaced with fear when a sensation of imminent doom assaulted him. Loxas saw nine beams of chaotic white energy fired against him.

The Fallen activated the last card he had, releasing a yellow aura from an earring in his left ear that covered him entirely. He was saving it to protect himself until a chance to escape would appear, but he knew that if he did not use it now, he would die.

The yellow aura was resilient but the nine beams reached Loxas practically at the same time, creating a white explosion of great proportions.

When the body of the Angelic Paragon was visible again, his wings were partially destroyed, his arms and legs were missing and his body was full of deep wounds that were being invaded by white flames.

The last image that Loxas saw was how the dragonborn transformed into an immense dragon and devoured him, before ripping him to pieces in his mouth.

"For someone so disgusting, he doesn't taste bad at all. I should go and help dad or else he will scold me for taking so long."

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