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Abyssal Lord of the Magi World
Author :Redsunworld
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221 Purge IV

The Soul Forging existences of the Fallen were discussing among themselves and their accusations were growing more and more severe. Without any of the two leaders trying to defuse the situation, the conflict only continued.

Although Nero's group made solid arguments and stated irrefutable facts, the Fallen accompanying Verius always changed the subject whenever something they did not like came to light or used some excuse to justify their behavior while pushing the blame to others.

The level of shamelessness of Verius' group was impressive. Even when they were found guilty for great mistakes, they refused to take any sort of responsibility.

Verius had a smile on his face when he saw the frustration of Nero's group. In his mind, all the mistakes he and his group committed were in one way or another the fault of the rest, and he refused to see it any other way.

This type of discussion had appeared before when everyone gathered, although not with such intensity, so Verius was used to the type of behavior everyone displayed, but when he saw Nero's attitude he frowned.

He was set in taking this opportunity to obtain the leadership of the Fallen since he was the only one fit to rule them or at least in his mind he was.

Verius had made sure his people were prepared but the target of most of their attack was not paying attention to them. He just stared at the distance with profound meaning in his eyes.

To someone like Verius, Nero not caring about the accusation thrown to him was like saying he did not care what he had to say about him. That was something the Angelic Paragon could not tolerate.

"Leader Nero, we are discussing important matters of our race and how to handle the new threat you have brought to us, and yet it seems you do not care. It seems you only care about those who share your ideas and are powerful enough. That is not something we can accept in a leader." Verius spoke with an aura full of righteousness.

When Nero heard those words and saw the attitude of Verius, he could not believe the level of hypocrisy he displayed.

Those words Verius just said perfectly described him and still, he was using them to accuse others.

If it was any other time Nero would have been angered by such shamelessness but now he was not bothered by them. He looked at Verius and all the ones who were siding with him, with disdain and loathing.

"The Heavenly race mentality is twisted to the level they can be compared to fiends when they interact with other races, however, they still fight side by side with their comrades until death. Every single one of you is a coward or a traitor who thinks themselves superior to the rest. I honestly cannot understand how someone so disgusting and shameless can look at their reflection and still think they are anything different than a bag of garbage."

When Nero spoke those words, not only Verius' group but also the ones beside him were surprised. He has always been composed and no matter what they said about him, he always made sure to not escalate the situation since it would hurt the race if everything went out of control.

His words were like slapping Verius and his group and it was clear that with their petty nature, they could not withstand such insult.

"How do you dare to speak of me and my brothers like that. You are nothing more than an abomination, a mistake in our perfect bloodline." Verius' face was twisted by rage and his words were once again packed with hypocrisy.

He was someone who was not willing to obey others because of the rules their bloodlines applied to them, and yet, he was also defending it when it suited his goal.

"You are just a coward who only knows how to hide"

"Without our group's help, you would be nothing"

The ones beside Verius were just as shameless as the person they have chosen to follow. More than one of them was saved by Nero, and yet they replied to him with malice and hatred.

The seven winged Fallen had stopped caring about all of these people the moment he decided to follow Zatiel's plan. An immense might was released from his soul and the illusion of a blue star appeared behind him that made everyone silent.

" I was wrong before by letting all of you be part of us. Your kind is the perfect example of cancer, truly disgusting. All of you are lumps that need to be destroyed. I was foolish to wish for cancer to change his nature. Cancer doesn't play by the rules so neither can I." There was great killing intent in Nero's words and his power increased even more to the point where it made the entire cave tremble.

When they felt the power of Nero and the murdering intent he released, the Soul Forging existences beside Verius became apprehensive. Whatever they thought about the seven winged Fallen, they all knew he was incredibly powerful.

It was just that Nero was always calm and no matter how they attacked him, he had always taken the high road. But things seem to be different now.

If he did not care about the consequences and attacked all of them right now, more than one would die before the rest were able to escape.

Verius was also afraid but after a moment courage came back to his heart.

"You should remember that a lot of members of the Fallen see me and my brother as their true leaders. If something were to happen to us, no one knows what they would do. Maybe they would go back to the Heavenly race and tell them everything they know about our people and where the weak ones hide."

It was easy to understand the meaning behind Verius' words. Before the Angels of Supremacy and Angelic Paragons beside Nero were wondering whether his leader was going too far, but now all of them had the same killing intent in their eyes that the seven winged Fallen.

If the Heavenly race were to find out their bases, although they would be able to escape with ease, it will not be the same for those at Rank 1 and 2.

A mocking smile appeared on Nero's face when he heard Verius' threats.

"Do me a favor and contact any of those people who think of you as their leader."

An ominous feeling appeared on Verius' heart when he heard those words and without hesitation, he used his ring to communicate with his weaker allies, but no matter who much he tried no one answered.

He was smart enough to understand that any of those Rank 3 and beneath Fallen would not dare to ignore his call, no matter what they were doing, so there was only one possibility left. They were all silenced forever.

Panic started to appear on the Fallen beside Verius when they saw the anxiousness with which he attempted to contact someone.

All of a sudden, Nero's group focused on the seven winged Fallen and confusion filled their mind. This was due to a message they just received from him.

"It will happen in the next second, no matter what you feel do not resist"

Verius looked at Nero with dread. If he dared to kill those hundred of Fallen, then he would not hesitate to do the same with him. 

A shock even greater assaulted Verius when he saw a blonde man come out from Nero's shadow and cover the Fallen around him with his consciousness before disappearing.

As soon Nero's group was no longer in the cave, Dimitry who had been acting normal this entire time, started to convulse and a powerful necromancer aura was released from inside his body.

Runes appeared all over his skin and in an instant, they drained all of his vital force and the energy of his soul.

When he saw those runes, Verius' instincts screamed and terror appeared in his eyes. Without caring for the rest of the Fallen in the cave, he attempted to run.

Unfortunately, he was too slow and an explosion of fiend fire covered him and the rest of the Fallen.

The explosion was so powerful that it destroyed the cave and extended for more than twenty kilometers inside the ocean.

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