Abyssal Lord of the Magi World
225 Purge Final
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Abyssal Lord of the Magi World
Author :Redsunworld
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225 Purge Final

The moment Totto opened that portal everyone felt a deadly aura assaulting them. There was a black wind that covered the portal and did not allow a good view of what was on the other side, but that did not diminish the fear it provoked. 

When they saw the place where the portal connected, even the two strongest of the group, Nero and Heinz, felt threatened by it and did not dare to get closer.

The Reaper's scythe created a portal that connected to a place that is known through the universe as the blackest night, the heart of darkness, and the hunger that devours souls.

The Lich managed to create a ten thousand meters wide portal to the plane of death, the Negative Energy Plane.

Gate to the Underworld was a spell Totto created based on the Rank 4 runic diagram he obtained from Zatiel. It was incredibly difficult for the Lich to perform it, and it was only when he channeled his power through the Reaper that he was able to achieve it.

The black wind started to leave the portal and everything it touched became contaminated by the aura of death.

The Reaper roared once again. He used the Eye of Despair to create a vortex that drew the black wind, making it submerge both him and the Lich.

To any other person present, that hurricane of black wind would have caused irreparable damage to their life force and deteriorated their bodies until they became dust, but in Totto had the opposite effect.

His body started to reform and the wounds on it were disappearing at an astonishing rate. The damage to his consciousness was not so easy to heal, but the black wind was able to purge all the energy that was left inside him by Verius' attacks, so it helped him greatly to contain that damage.

The black wind also nourished the Reaper. The Law Avatar became larger, its power increased and the damage it received during its clashes with the shadowy skeletal hand was fixed very fast.

The black wind was negative energy in his most raw form and the quantities were staggering. To the undead body of Totto and the Reaper that was made by the Law of Fear and the Law Withering, it was very helpful.

Some of the black wind escaped the pull of the Reaper and landed in the ocean where it corrupted the waters as if it was the deadliest of poisons.

When Verius saw all the damage he sacrificed so much to deliver, being erased in a matter of seconds, he was startled. His body was broken beyond remedy and he had a couple of minutes of life force left in him and yet his opponent was bathing in what resembled to be the most heavenly panacea for him.

That image was the straw that broke the camel's back and finally destroyed the last piece of sanity that was left in him.

"BEAST DIE!" Verius launched himself at Totto, completely disregarding the negative energy that filled the air around him.

 The colossal shadowy skeletal hand was fired against the Reaper. The Law Avatar was loaded with all the power that was left in the Angelic Paragon. Regardless of the outcome, it will be Verius' last attack.

When Totto saw the suicidal attack launched by Verius, he decided to also give his all. The Eye of Despair worked with even more power and drew more negative energy to both the Lich and the Reaper.

This power was channeled to the Hand of Sorrow, but this time it did not stop there and traveled into the scythe the Reaper was holding and that opened the portal to the Negative Energy Plane.

"Grim Reaper: Despair's Scythe" Totto body freed an immense might as he performed the spell that could only be done by his Law Avatar channeling the power of the Negative Energy Plane.

The scythe started to grow not only in size but also in power and the Reaper grabbed it with both hands before striking Verius' Law Avatar.


A sound that made it seem like if the sky was falling apart was heard when the two giants clashed. The power in that clash was the greater they have released in this entire fight.

By drawing the negative energy out from the portal and stealing part of the power in his opponent's Law Avatar, the Reaper reached the level of strength where it was able to equal the shadowy skeletal hand.

The power of the Law of Shadows, Law of Withering, and Law of Fear were wreaking havoc in the surroundings. A tornado formed around the duo that extended high into the sky.

Verius did not care about anything and continued feeding his Law Avatar with his life force.

Even with the help of the Gate of the Underworld, it was hard for the Reaper to fight against the Law Avatar of the Angelic Paragon. But while one was able to draw an endless amount of negative energy, the other's energy supply was limited.

As Verius attempted to push his Law Avatar even harder, his entire body trembled and he coughed dust, which was his pulverized organs. The moment this happened, the power in the shadowy skeletal hand diminished greatly.

Totto detected the loss in power of his opponent. He made the Reaper channel all of his energy into the scythe and push with even more strength.

With the loss of energy and now the external pressure, Verius' Law Avatar was not able to withstand and shattered into millions of pieces in an explosion of epic proportions. 

From the scythe, a wave of black energy was released that clashed against the Angelic Paragon. It did no damage to his body but extinguished the last ember of life force inside him and broke his soul.

The broken body of Verius fell into the ocean and the damage to it was so immense that pieces of the corpse were shed from it. But no one cared about the deceased Fallen, and they were all focusing on Totto.

Although the power he displayed in this fight was still not equal to the likes of Nero and Heinz, it positioned him at the absolute peak of Rank 4 battle power.

The body of the Lich was mended due to the immense amount of negative energy but after the death of his opponent, he instantly deactivated his Law Avatar. It could not be appreciated due to his condition as an undead, but he was exhausted.

This fight was a very tough one for Totto, but he was still very happy about having it. He learned a lot and his fighting style was refined greatly during this battle.

Now that he had time, Totto focused on the Gate to the Underworld and immediately started to close it down. A portal to the Negative Energy Plane was very harmful to any world.

The Lich controlled the portal and slowly started to shut it down, but something happened that shocked him. When the portal was half-closed, he lost control over the spell.

The portal not only stopped its closure, but it also grew back and in an instant was more than thirty thousand meters wide and five thousand meters tall.

When the rest saw this they were shocked but he was clear by the expression of the Lich that he was as confused as them.

Totto was sure that no one in a Middle World could take away the control of his spell, so the one who was enlarging the portal was on the other side, in the Negative Energy Plane.

In less than a second, the portal grew until it reached one hundred thousand meters wide and thirty thousand meters tall.

It was then that Heinz, Zitra, Totto, Nero, and all the Fallen saw an image they would remember forever. They saw a yellow pupil covering the entire portal.

The portal was now greater than an entire city and yet it was not large enough to show the entire eye of the creature on the other side.

A feeling of complete suppression rose on everyone that saw the pupil. Even Nero with his Law of Pride and Heinz with his Dao Heart were no different.

This feeling was completely normal since it was the first time any of them truly saw one of the true powerhouses of the universe.

A Being of Laws.

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