Abyssal Lord of the Magi World
226 Running for their lives
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Abyssal Lord of the Magi World
Author :Redsunworld
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226 Running for their lives

The moment the pupil appeared not only Totto and the others were affected. Every single sentient life form in the world, from the small insect to the strongest Soul Forging existence stared at the direction where the portal was.

They did not understand why, but all of them felt a sense of fatality as if the deadliest thing that existed in the universe was in that direction, something capable of ripping apart this world.

The pupil did not remain in the portal for long and the massive body of the creature moved as he focused on enhancing the portal.

Heinz and the rest were not harmed and the restraint they were feeling vanished.

It was not that the Being of Law did not see them. To a life form like him, they were inconsequential, after all, have you ever seen an adult human go out of his way to kill an ant when he has more important things to do?.

The moment they regained control of their bodies, everyone realized the immense danger in which they were. In an instant, they understood what they needed to do.

Heinz's Law Avatar appeared and without hesitation he fused with it. The power of the Cultivator grew exponentially but even though he could fight against a Law Engraving existence on equal grounds and maybe even defeat a weak one, he knew very well that he was still an insect in comparison with that Being of Laws.

His consciousness covered Zita, Totto, Nero and the rest of the Fallen before using Void Disruption and started to run away with all the power he had. It would have been faster to use teleportation, but the Being of Laws had affected the Law of Space in the area when he took control over the portal.

An instant after they started to run away, a formidable presence appeared, and with overwhelming might, he froze space and time around the portal. When this happened the portal stopped growing and the pupil once again was shown in it.

The only being in a Middle World powerful enough to fight against a Being of Law was the world itself. Against this type of threat, the World Consciousness was allowed to use all of his power without any sort of restrain.

When Heinz and the rest detected the appearance of the World Consciousness, instead of calming them, it only enhanced their urgency to escape from there. Neither the world nor the Being of Law cared about them, but their clash will destroy everything around them.

The Cultivator was confused about why he felt no force acting on him and trying to throw him out of the world, but he did not stop to think about it. 

The reason was very simple, the World Consciousness would not care about a mouse that was inside his house when an elephant was right in front of him.

There was wrath in the pupil as it felt the World Consciousness trying to close the portal. The Being of Law did not remain silent and started to fight back.

Tremors could be felt around the portal due to the clash between these two powerful beings. Due to the suppression of the World Consciousness over space and time, the destruction their encounters produced was confined.

From the sky and ocean, two hands were formed. They were massive beyond measure and each of them grabbed one end of the portal and started to close it down.

The response of the Being of Laws was fast. From his eye, pulses of yellow energy that attempted to destroy both hands were released.

The power in the attacks of the World Consciousness and the Being of Law reached a point where the suppression over space and time was not enough to contain it. Several arcs of yellow energy were fired in all directions.

One of the arcs was fired at the place where Heinz and rest were. Despite the great speed at which they were moving and the distance they managed to create between them and the portal, the arc of yellow energy was able to reach their location in less than a second.

Heinz did not stop pushing forward and it was now the time for the others to act. Nero, Zitra, Totto, and the rest of the Fallen activated their Law Avatar and launched their most powerful attack against the arc of yellow energy.

The combination of their powers resulted in a rainbow-colored beam with a strength high enough that it could threaten the life of a Law Engraving existence if it landed point-blank. However, it was not able to defeat the arc of yellow energy.

Luckily their attack was able to destabilize it, making it explode. When Totto saw the power in that explosion, he acted decisively and used his bracelet, Jupiter's Night.

The Lich did not make the moon appear around his body. Instead, it was formed in front of the group, protecting them from the explosion.

That moon should have been able to resist without a problem the attack of a Peak Rank 5 life form who has fused with his Law Avatar, but it was destroyed almost instantly by the explosion. Some of the yellow energy still managed to find its way to the group.

Heinz had folded the space around them but it was of little help. The yellow energy impacted their bodies. They all felt their organs shaking and blood came out from their mouths, luckily there was no damage in their consciousness and they will be able to heal their wounds with enough rest.

Despite having survived, none of them felt happy. That arc of yellow energy was just a small part of an attack released by a Being of Laws, that was greatly weakened by the suppression of space and time performed by the World Consciousness and yet it almost killed all of them.

If it was not for that moon, even if they had not died, they would have been severely injured. Everyone put their hands on Heinz back and channeled all their energy into the Cultivator to enhance his speed.

The World Consciousness was winning the fight against the Being of Laws but the velocity at which the portal was closing was too slow.

Knowing that he could not allow the battle to continue for too long, the World Consciousness channeled all of the power in the elements of the Beta Heavenly World and created an immense bow.

There were energies of fire, water, light, shadows, metal, earth, and everything that formed this world in that bow, and of pure Origin Power, an arrow was formed.

The power in that arrow was shocking and it vibrated with so much energy that space broke around it. The arrow was fired and with a speed that seems to be faster than time and it crashed against the pupil.

The moment the arrow landed in the eye of the Being of Laws, it exploded. The power in it was high enough to move the head of the creature backward.


An immense pain assaulted the creature as he released a roar full of rage and might, charged with all of his power.

A shock wave was created that passed through the portal and expanded into the Beta Heavenly World. It was so strong that the suppression of space and time did little to stop it.

When the World Consciousness detected that power, it made the two massive hands push with even more strength and close the portal faster.

The shock wave created a vacuum into the water that extended for thousands of kilometers, reaching to the ocean floor. And it continued growing larger as the portal was closing down, disintegrating every single magic creature it touched no matter how strong they were.

Heinz and the rest detected the shock wave and the Cultivator pushed his speed to the limit while the rest filled his body with every ounce of energy they had left.

If that shock wave were to touch them, then no matter what they try, they will be killed. 

The eyes of the Cultivator were bleeding as he reached his limit. Luckily for the group, the destruction ended a couple of hundreds of kilometers away from them.

Heinz deactivated his Law Avatar and when he saw the devastation that a roar from a Being of Laws created, he was shocked.

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