Abyssal Lord of the Magi World
228 Strike hard and fas
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Abyssal Lord of the Magi World
Author :Redsunworld
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228 Strike hard and fas

After handling Totto worries and having a basic understanding of what just happened in here, Zatiel made them relate how they managed to survive and escape from the shock wave that had the potency to devastate a continent.

Zatiel made the Genesis Sun Seed appear and sent two arcs of golden fire at Heinz. There was no more because he used all of them a few days ago.

The Cultivator's injuries were the worst and although Blood Demodand Technique had increased greatly the power of his body, reducing the backlash of fusing with his Law Avatar, his True Soul was submitted to great stress and those injuries were not so easy to heal.

The next thing Zatiel did was release a torrent of All-Encompassing Sun Flame and bath Zitra and Totto in it. The lesions of the female Magus healed very fast since her wounds were only of physical nature and did not reach her consciousness and much less her soul.

The Lich condition was not so simple. The fight against Verius left some injuries in his consciousness but the power of the Law of Life in the flames was very effective.

The members of the Fallen, who had not seen Zatiel's abilities before, were impressed by the power in the golden flames.

Normally, the healing spells of a Rank 3 life form were almost useless in Soul Forging existences but Zatiel's fire healed the body of the trio with impressive speed.

"Sebastian, can you explain to us who is that man and what relation he has with the Magi invader force?" The one who spoke was an Angelic Paragon with wings made of strange black metal.

The name of the man who spoke was Enrik. Despite his bloodline being stronger, he talked with Sebastian with respect as if he was addressing an equal.

That attitude was something you would not find in normal members of the Heavenly race or people of Verius's group.

Sebastian saw that the Angelic Paragon was not the only one with questions.

"His name is Zatiel Daybreak, he is the one responsible for the thousands of members of the Heavenly race who were impaled and displayed in the periphery of the territories dominated by the Magi forces. Although I do not understand how and he did not declare it, I am sure he is the decision-maker of the Magi invader force. All of us need to be careful with our words around him." Sebastian's expression was serious and his voice was solemn.

This information shocked the Fallen. A Rank 3 life form ordering a Soul Forging existence was not something impossible, but the fact that he could take the leadership of an entire invader force that had the power to deal blow after blow to the Heavenly race was inconceivable.

Enrik has had a hard life so he was able to get hold of himself very fast. After a moment he focused on the giant man and he frowned.

"Who is that giant covered in red lightning."

Ezequiel's size could not impress the Angelic Paragon, but he felt very clearly the great power in him and the might of his bloodline.

"I don't know but I am sure he is not simple either." Sebastian also noticed the peculiarities of Ezequiel.

After fifteen minutes, Zatiel stopped sending flames to the trio and focused on the Fallen.

"You fulfilled your end of the deal. All Rank 1 and 2 Fallen can use the World Gate to go to the Magi World. I already made arrangements for them to live in my domains and wait for the rest of you. The greater the help you provide us in fighting against the Heavenly race, the better the living conditions of your people will be." After he spoke those words, Zatiel sent some of his flames to Nero and the rest.

Nero knew that leaving the safety of his people in the hands of another group was dangerous, but they would be much safer in the Magi World than in this world, where they need to hide day and night from the Heavenly race.

'I will have to speak to my teacher and see if he can monitor them inside the Magi World.' Nero was not going to blindly believe in another group who just met a short while ago.

 "We need to discuss some plans but this place is not fit for it."

Everyone understood the reasoning behind Zatiel's words and flew away from the vacuum. 

It won't be long before members of the Heavenly race come to this place to investigate and even if their injuries were healed, their energy pools were still depleted.

After an hour they landed on an uninhabited island and Zatiel did not waste time.

"Our current goal is to gain complete control over the Fornes continent. We have the Ten Tower Formation put in place. We will gradually expand the range of the force field that weakens the Heavenly race, and once the entire continent is ours, all the Rank 3 Fallen and one Rank 4 Angel of Supremacy can use the gate and travel to the Magi World."

Nero understood very well that he will be the last of the Fallen who will be allowed to use the World Gate. But since he was set in leaving with all of his people, he had no problem with Zatiel's conditions.

"How the spoils of war will be divided."

The goal of the Magi invader force in this world was to obtain riches and the Fallen also needed them to help their training. 

"In the battles that your people participate in, they will obtain resources according to their contribution. I have a system put in place that is completely unbiased. If after seeing what you gain in our first battle together, you have a problem, we can negotiate again. You will not acquire any land but five percent of what we collect from the places your people helped us secure will be yours."

The seven winged Fallen found no problem with Zatiel arrangement and after a moment he nodded.

"Ok, now I need you to tell me everything you know about something called Volcano Eruption." Zatiel's face was serious as he asked the question.

Mr. Grey had told him that the plans of the Sage in this world were related to Volcano Eruption. Although the Neo-Demon did not trust him, knowing more was always better.

Sebastian and the rest of the Fallen were confused when they heard that question but Nero's eyes narrowed.

A smile appeared in the Neo-Demon face when he saw that. Zatiel was sure that Nero had people infiltrated inside the Heavenly race and it appeared their status was not simple.

"Volcano Eruption is a type of drug that the Heavenly race army used when they fought against the demonic horde. Only Rank 3 and below members used it but they were not told what they were or their origin, just that it will make them grow stronger for a limited time. It makes lava scars appear in your skin and the name of the duke who created them is Oliver, an Angelic Paragon with wings made of lava."

When Zatiel heard those words, his eyes became void of any emotion while a black and vicious killing intent appeared around him.

Ezequiel aura also changed. The natural energy around the Supreme Neo-Demon grew cold.

Nero was surprised by the reaction of the two Neo-Demons. Sebastian and the other Fallen were happy they did not have the slightest connection to the duke of the Heavenly race. It was clear by the expression on the duo's face that they would not let Oliver have a fast death.

"Based on your description, Volcano Eruption also seems to work in Rank 4 life forms. When I fought the duke, he used it to defeat me." The one who spoke was Zitra. The Magus clearly remembered to see Oliver take a drug that filled his skin with scars made of lava.

The expression of everyone became solemn when they heard that. If there was a drug that any Rank 4 member of the Heavenly race could use to increase their powers greatly, then the future battles will be much harder.

"According to my information, only Volcano Eruptions for Rank 3 and beneath life forms are mass-produced. Those for Soul Forging existences may be extremely rare." Nero's words made sense. Drugs for Rank 4 life forms are hundreds of times harder to create than for those at Rank 3.

"That may not be true for too long. There is a high possibility the Heavenly race will obtain some mysterious help soon. In any case, my plans do not change much. We will strike hard and fast and butcher everyone in our path." Zatiel's words were cold. He was determined to slaughter every member of the Heavenly race he finds.

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