Abyssal Lord of the Magi World
230 Expendable force
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Abyssal Lord of the Magi World
Author :Redsunworld
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230 Expendable force

"Mom, dad!" Those were words Numir thought she would always associate with sadness, however, there was pure bliss in her heart at this moment.

The reason for Numir's tears of happiness was that the couple who just appeared in front of her were her parents. The ones who died at the hands of the Heavenly race and the persons the woman though she would never see again.

The couple was confused but when they saw their children, everything else in their minds disappeared and they ran to meet them.

The moment they reached each other, they hugged as if they were afraid that if they let go, they will never see each other again. Numir and her parents could not stop crying, but the baby only looked at the trio with an innocent smile on his face.

The two Neo-Demon remained silent and did not disturb the family reunion.

When Zatiel saw that scene an image appeared on his mind. A family of five, all of them laughing as they shared a meal. They were simple people, but they were happy and full of love.

'I have not thought about them in a long, long time.' A complicated smile appeared on Zatiel's face. After a moment he shook his head and let those memories fade away.

Numir hugged the couple for more than ten minutes until she finally was able to calm down and she stared at Ezequiel, who was looking back at her with a kind smile.

"How is this possible, I was sure they..." Numir was ecstatic when she saw her parent and realized her family was whole once again. But she could not understand how they were here when she saw how they were butchered by the Heavenly race.

"I recovered their remains from the battlefield in which I killed the members of the Heavenly race who harmed you. I reconstructed their bodies and then asked my Master to bring their souls back. It may sound like a miracle but in truth, it is just magic and knowledge." Ezequiel explained what he did to Numir, and he let the couple hear his words, to solve some of their doubts.

To the current Zatiel, resurrecting a couple of mortals who died by physical means was extremely easy. He was able to do something similar when he was just a Rank 1 Neo-Demon, and now that he has reached Rank 3 and had the help of Terminus, everything was much simpler.

"Thank you," Numir said nothing more but the feelings that accompanied those two words were as deep as an ocean.

"Ok then, let's get moving, I have a war to manage and time is precious. Leave your brother with your parents. After the transformation is over, you can solve their doubts."

Zatiel was too lazy to handle the thousands of questions the couple had.

Numir noded and without delay she handed her little brother to her parents. A transparent cocoon of red lightning formed around the trio and moved them to Ezequiel's other palm.

The couple was puzzled by what happened around them, especially when they realized a giant greater than a mountain was holding them in his palm. But they remained silent and waited for their daughter to explain.

Numir followed Zatiel's instructions and adopted a meditative position. The Ancestor of the Neo-Demon race put his hand on her back and from his spatial ring, threads of liquid Abyss Aura were coming out and entering her body.

After the battle on the island, Zatiel transformed all the Fallen who were incapacitated into Abyss Aura and saved all of it into the spatial ring Gabriel gave him, so he could use it later.

Once he obtains the bloodlines of the Scientia Kingdom, he will start to transform the members of the Daybreak clan who have proved themselves worthy into Neo-Demons.

An immense pain assaulted Numir but a life where every day was a living nightmare had prepared her well.

Ezequiel was focused on her and was ready to provide help in case anything happens, but his concerns were for nothing. The Chaotic-Core was built without a problem inside Numir's heart.

While Numir was distracted by the power that was running through her body, Zatiel instructed Ezequiel.

"You can handle her training. Ask Dante if you need any type of Path Technique. I need to gather with the Fallen and also meet the troops that will come from home. Be ready, we will be fighting again very soon."

After Zatiel saw that Ezequiel nodded, he flew off the palm of the Supreme Neo-Demon and entered the magic tower before using the teleportation facilities.


Thousands of people were flying to the first magic tower that was built in the Beta Heavenly World. All of them had wings on their backs and used the World Gate to leave this world and travel to the Magi World.

Unlike the usual smug and narcissistic expression that Angels and Angelic Paragons had, the eyes of the Fallen were filled with courage and determination. A life of constant fighting has tempered their wills.

Something common in all the Fallen was a black necklace. Zatiel had noticed it and understood their purpose immediately. They were a type of tool that would allow the seven winged Fallen to monitor the condition of his people.

The Neo-Demon did not understand how he planned to make them work. The immense distance that is between the two worlds will make it impossible to obtain any information about them, but he did not plan to interfere.

They were moving under the surveillance of Nero and the rest of the Soul Forging existence of the Fallen.

Not far from this group, all the Rank 4 Magi were present and the expression in the face of most of them was one of annoyance. They were not happy with Zatiel's deal, as they thought the Fallen was going to obtain too much wealth.

There was also the fact that all the Rank 1 and 2 Fallen who were leaving through the portal could make excellent cannon fodder in their future battles.

Some of them even tried to change the deal, but Zatiel refused to accept their propositions. Even if they attempted to call a council meeting and vote, the Neo-Demon already had secured the votes of Heinz, Totto, and Zitra.

Zatiel and Dante were beside the Cultivator, the Lich, and the female Magus.

The Neo-Demon knew his actions could anger some of the Rank 4 Magi, but in all honesty, he stopped caring about them a long time ago. The combined power of Heinz, Totto, and Zitra was already above what the other seven could achieve and he was sure that as long they manage to win battles and get richer, their dissatisfaction will disappear.

Nero noticed the friction between Zatiel and some of the Magi. He was impressed when he saw how those Soul Forging existences were incapable of doing anything against Zatiel.

When the last of the Rank 1 Fallen passed through the World Gate and left this world a pleasant smile appeared on Nero's face. He was one step closer to achieving freedom and safety for his people.

The World Gate had just stopped working but in the next second, and under the watch of the Fallen and the Magi, five twenty-meter tall giants appeared. They were completely covered by a black armor and every single one of them was a Rank 3 life form. There was a strange type of energy inside them.

Following them, hundreds of warriors covered in a white armor started to appear.

The Rank 4 Magi were able to recognize these warriors since the armor they had was very similar to the ones a group of the Daybreak Clan used. But unlike the first group who entered this world, whose power was at the bottom of Rank 1, all of these warriors were Rank 2 life forms and there was not a shortage of Master Rank 2.

Their bodies had different forms and the only part that was not covered by the white armor was their eyes, which had a golden flame inside them.

Dante left Zatiel's side and he got closer to this army. The black-armored giants positioned themselves around him, covering every direction.

He waved his hand and in less than five seconds, the two thousand white warriors who passed through the gate created units of one hundred with a Master Rank 2 at the lead in each of them. Thye displayed a perfect coordination, as if they were a single mind.

Even though this army could not pose a threat to any of the Rank 4 life forms who were watching them, they still were impressed.

These drones were the result of Tao constantly consuming thousands of Rank 2 life forms over the years. They were modified by the Elder Brain. 

Their brains were replaced by a special type of parasite tadpole and Sunlight Aura filled their bodies.

This was an army who felt no fear and who would not hesitate to launch a suicide attack if they receive the order. They had the power to butcher any clan without a Rank 4 life form but to Zatiel they were just a expendable force whose job was to die instead of the Neo-Demons.

"Everyone must get ready, in two weeks we will march and start to expand our domain over this continent."

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