Abyssal Lord of the Magi World
231 Artifact armor
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Abyssal Lord of the Magi World
Author :Redsunworld
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231 Artifact armor

Danielle was a Rank 3 Angel of Supremacy who has gone through the most rigorous spy training of the Heavenly race. She was stationed in a mountain range less than ten kilometers of the force field created by the Ten Tower Formation.

She had trained a Path Technique known as Seamless Integration. This technique was extremely hard to practice but she reached the level where she was able to blend with the environment around her.

This allowed her to hide from even the consciousness of Rank 4 life forms, as long as they do not focus on her exact location. The most minimal movement could break her cover, so she had to maintain complete inactivity.

Her task was to monitor the movements of the Magi invader force and contact the headquarters of the Heavenly race whenever someone entered their domains, no matter their power.

The dukes knew it was just a group of Rank 2 life form the ones who opened a portal to the Abyss, so they could not let anyone enter their territories again unnoticed.

She was not alone and there were dozens of other spies all around the mountain range. None of them moved their bodies in the slightest. Their discipline reached the point where they stopped their breathing so their bodies would not move.

Even with their skill and training, none of them noticed the giant who was in the sky above them with a young man on his shoulder. The light did not touch their bodies, making them invisible and there was strange shadow energy that cloaked them.

Ezequiel looked at the mountain range with coldness and in his mind was the location of every single Rank 3 spy. The consciousness of the Neo-Demon could not detect them, but as long the air touched their bodies, the world would tell him their locations.

Unless they reached the point in their technique where they were able to trick the elements, they could not hide from the Supreme Neo-Demon with the Primordial bloodline.

Arcs of red lightning appeared around Ezequiel, and they started to rotate drawing the natural energy of the world into them to increase their power.

Threads of shadows were also entering into the arcs, greatly increasing their power and hiding them from the perception of the spies.

While Ezequiel prepared the attack, Zatiel pushed his Clairsentience to the limit. His face was growing pale and blood came out from his eyes, as his Mind Force was used at an unbelievably fast rate.

A fever so high that even a Rank 3 life form would be affected assaulted the Neo-Demon and if it was not for his golden flames, his brain would have suffered heavy damage.

Just before his Mind Force was depleted, the eyes of Zatiel filled with a mystical light. Without wasting time, he took a crystal from his ring and sent three sets of coordinates.

"Do it." Zatiel gave the order to Ezequiel. After that, he immediately focused on healing the damage that his brain had endured. 

The giant waved his hand and the arcs of red lightning and shadows were fired at the spies, one for each of them.

Danielle felt danger like never before coming at her. She looked at the sky and saw a red flash that advanced with such speed and power, that she knew it would kill her.

The same feeling of despair appeared in all the spies, but just when they thought their lives were over, three sources of power that made the earth tremble appeared.

"The leaders!" Hope appeared in Danielle's eyes. She did not know why the leaders of the spy forces of the Heavenly race were here, but she trusted that they would save her life.

On the peak of a mountain, a man came out of the earth. He was a man with wings made of earth and rocks. His body was bulky, not what you would expect from a spy, but he made no sound at all.

A group of clouds that extended for hundreds of meters compressed themselves in an instant and they formed a woman with a petite figure and wings made of fog and water.

The last one to appear was a thin man, who until a second ago was nothing more than a broken tree branch less than ten centimeters large.

The two men and the women were Peak Rank 4 Angelic Paragons. The thriving life force burning inside them made clear they were extremely talented. They all had high-quality armors and by the power they released, it was clear they were artifacts.

Due to their power and mastery over Seamless Integration, Ezequiel was not able to detect them. They were sent here a few days ago, after the appearance of the canyon close to the Ten Tower Formation and the vacuum in the Ravaging Ocean.

They were not supposed to show themselves under any circumstance, but they could not allow their subordinates to die under their watch. They launched themselves to the sky in order to stop the arcs of red lightning and shadows.

Unfortunately for the trio, no good deed goes unpunished and the moment they rose to the sky, three men appeared on their path and took them by surprise.

One was a swordsman, the other a Lich, and the last one a seven winged Fallen. They had been waiting for the Angelic Paragons and before these ones could react, they broke the space near them.

They were sucked into that crack in space and launched thousands of kilometers upward. They all appeared at random locations.

This intervention stopped the leaders of the spy force from blocking the arcs of red lightning and they could only see how their subordinates exploded.

There was anger in the eyes of the three Angelic Paragons but also confusion. They all reached their positions thanks to their power and abilities.

Their skills have been honed in hundreds of battles in different worlds. They did not understand how the trio was not only able to find them but also to set an ambush.

Not even in their wildest dreams would they think the responsibility for the trap was a Rank 3 life form. Even though he was just a Rank 2 Animus, Zatiel's body and soul were powerful enough to withstand the backlash produced by predicting the future actions of three Rank 4 life forms.

But if it was not for his golden flames, he would be unconscious now and would need several weeks of recovering.

There was no need for words between the two parties, and they started to fight immediately. They released their Law Avatars and launched their most powerful attacks.

The Angelic Paragons needed to weaken their enemies fast enough to escape before their reinforcements reached this place, while Heinz, Totto, and Nero attempted to kill them.

The Cultivator and the other two had medallions that released a jamming signal that stopped the members of the Heavenly race from communicating with the rest of the army.

Nero faced the thin man with wings that resembled thick tree branches. Heinz and Totto faced the petite woman and the robust man, respectively.

The Law Avatar of the Angelic Paragon who faced Nero took the form of giant branches full of spikes.

The seven winged Fallen saw the immense branches that came at him with the sole intent of smashing him.

His response was fast and deadly. He channeled the blue light of his star into the spear on his hand and struck with all his power those branches.

Even though his spear was not even three meters long and the branches were thousands of meters wide, when they crashed, it was the Angelic Paragon's Law Avatar, the one that was shattered.

A blue spear light was released and crashed against the thin man, but in the last moment, his armor glowed and 70% of the attack was absorbed by it.

The Angelic Paragon felt his organs trembling and blood came out from his mouth. Those wounds were shallow and did not affect his fighting power.

Nero's eyes widened when he saw the wounds on his opponent. That attack had all his power and the only thing that was missing was him using his eighth wing.

He was sure he would at least be able to hurt him badly, but he did not lose time and launched himself at his opponent immediately.

Heinz and Totto were having the same problem. Their fighting power was higher than the one of their opponents, but every time they landed a blow, the armors would stop most of the damage.

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