Abyssal Lord of the Magi World
232 Second Layer
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Abyssal Lord of the Magi World
Author :Redsunworld
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232 Second Layer

Zatiel was able to identify the nature of those armors right away. They were Rank 4 Artifacts, and although they do not increase the offensive power of the user, their ability to negate damage was very potent.

He was a little surprised by the improvements the Heavenly race got over these years, but it did not change his plans. He was already prepared for this type of scenery.

His side had increased their power greatly and it was obvious the Heavenly race would do the same, after all, they are part of a race that controlled a High World, and not a simple one, one of the Principal Worlds of the universe that can equal Baator and the Abyss.

Nero and Heinz were overwhelming their opponents. Even if their armors helped them reduce the damage, the difference in power was too great to make a difference, not to mention that the body of the duo was as strong as an artifact.

Totto also had the upper hand in his battle, but the advantage he had over his enemy was not as impressive as the one of the duo.

"Go and help him." After he spoke those words, Zatiel no longer watched the battles.

Zitra materialized beside the Neo-Demon and in the next second her body disintegrated into shadow particles and disappeared.

Heinz was facing a three thousand meters tall humanoid made of stones that had a yellow aura around him which enhanced his defense and striking power.

Despite its immense size, the dexterity and speed of the stone giant were impressive. It launched a punch that created a sonic boom at Heinz.

The Cultivator did not move from where he was and just as the attack was about to hit him, he waved his Law Avatar that had the form of a one-handed sword. In less than a second, he performed thirty-three strikes and all of them severed space because he used Void Slash.

The arm disintegrated when it touched the annihilation power of space, and the destruction continued to the chest of the stone giant.

The center of the giant's chest broke and you could see the Angelic Paragon inside it. Heinz's attack had the power to crush part of his body as well, but the armor saved him. 

The bulky man did not waste time and reconstructed the missing pieces of his Law Avatar.

The Angelic Paragon was shocked by the difference in power. He was one of the strongest members of the Heavenly race in the Beta Heavenly World, only beneath the dukes and if it was not for his armor, he would have had a piece of his body mangled by that attack.

The worst part was that even though he could withstand those attacks, he noticed the domain of the swordsman over the Law of Space, and saw no way of escaping from him.

Heinz did not care about the feelings of his opponent and launched himself back to the fray.

Hundreds of kilometers away from them, Totto and the petite woman were fighting. The Reaper was hacking with his scythe dozens of tentacles made of clouds that wanted to incapacitate him.

The petite woman frowned as her Law Avatar clashed with the Reaper. The clouds should be impervious to physical attacks and very resilient to magic, and yet the power in that scythe was able to wither them.

More than once beams of black energy were fired at her, but she was able to use her clouds to diminish their power and her armor took care of the rest.

As the woman controlled her Law Avatar and attempted to subdue the Reaper, her instincts, that had been honed through countless life and death battles, warned her of the immense danger that neared.

Her body transformed into a mass of fog and moved away, just in time to dodge a dagger that aimed at his head.

She avoided a terrible injury but the Reaper was waiting for her. The scythe was absorbed into the Eye of Despair and all the energy it accumulated was released as a beam of black energy by the Hand of Sorrow.

The attack was thrown just at the right moment and the Angelic Paragon was not able to dodge or make her Law Avatar protect her.

The armor was able to block most of the damage but a massive amount of energy was drained from her. The worst part of the attack was that strands of black energy reached her heart and formed a black seed inside it.

A foreign body growing inside you would cause fear in anyone and even with her experience, the Angelic Paragon found it difficult to control her emotions. That fear and doubt make the seed grow stronger.

Totto and Zitra did not miss their chance and attacked with everything they had. The Magus woman released her Law Avatar and a gyroscope appeared behind her.

The wheels were made of shadows that absorbed the light around them. In the center of the gyroscope was a ball of solidified light that had a dagger inside it.

Zitra fired hundreds of weapons made of light against the Angelic Paragon and the Reaper charged against her with everything he had.

The petite woman was doing all she could to fight the duo. Her armor reduced most of the damage she received but also drained her energy very fast.

The other two Angelic Paragons faced the same problem. Their armors saved their lives but soon their energies pool would be too low to activate them.

The first artifact that stopped working was that of the thin man with wings made of branches. Fear appeared on his eyes when he realized this since without the armor there is no way he could face the seven winged Fallen.

Nero did not miss the opportunity and the blue star shrinked and started to rotate around his spear before he flashed to his enemy.

Panic appeared on the face of the thin man and he made his Law Avatar attack the Fallen with all his power, unfortunately, the branches were no different than a piece of paper before the spear.

The Angelic Paragon was not able to do anything and the spear impacted his head, killing him and shattering his soul.

The Cultivator did not fall behind and he activated Demodand Blood Drive. His power increased tremendously and with immense speed and power he launched himself to the chest of the stone giant.

The Angelic Paragon punched with all his strength at the swordsman, but the moment the arms were close to him, a sword so fast that was invisible to the sight destroyed them.

Heinz pierced the chest of the Law Avatar and came out of the other side. He carried a severed head on his hand with a flawless cut on his neck.

When the petite woman saw the death of her last comrade, fear invaded her mind. Without hesitation, she started to burn her life force and attempted to surround herself with the clouds.

Totto knew that his enemy was going to try to run. His Eye of Despair glowed and the black seed inside the Angelic Paragon exploded.

The body of the woman trembled and for an instant, she froze. It was less than a second but in a battle between Rank 4 life forms, it was deadly.

Both Zitra and Totto charged their Law Avatars with all the power they had. From the gyroscope, giant weapons made of light were shot to the woman and the Reaper released another beam of black energy.

The artifact was no longer active so the body of the Angelic Paragon was destroyed, and just like the other two, her soul was shattered.

The Lich, the Fallen, and the Cultivator saved the artifacts the Angelic Paragons left and also broke into their personal storage space and stole their belongings.

When the battles were over and the Angelic Paragons and every single spy had died, Zatiel opened his eyes.

'They will know we are advancing since they lost contact with all the spies, but they don't know our full power or the direction we are taking.' Zatiel looked back and he saw an army with thousands of warriors approaching his location.

"Be ready to activate the Second Layer of the Ten Tower Formation."

They had a numerical disadvantage and the Heavenly race obtained powerful artifacts over the years. 

But time also allowed the Ten Tower Formation to gather enough energy to activate the ability that would allow the Magi army to face the Heavenly race without the need to have a demonic horde as a distraction.

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