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Abyssal Lord of the Magi World
Author :Redsunworld
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234 Face off

Zatiel was satisfied with the ranking that the A.I. Chip had created for the Law bloodlines. The deduction about the increases in battle power the Law bloodlines granted and the hypothetical outcomes of battles against other bloodlines users was not flawless.

Heinz was not a bloodline user and yet he has the power to face a Law Seeker thanks to his law comprehension and the high-grade Path Techniques he trained. If he trained the Blood Demodand Technique to the third level then he would be able to defeat a Fourth Order Law Bloodline owner.

As for the Daybreak Bloodline. Its power was not well represented in Zatiel's offensive might. The might of the bloodline was in the fact he could heal from any wound no matter how severe they were, even if they were related to his soul. It also gave him the vitality to use runic sets above his Rank for a long time.

The Primordial bloodline was an extremely aggressive one. It had the Law of Inner Force that increased the power of the Supreme Neo-Demon's body in ways that the Blood Demodand Technique, one of the most powerful techniques Zatiel had at his disposal, could not equal. 

It also had the Law of Strength, a law that allowed the user to display a battle strength five or even ten times higher than any spell could do.

Ezequiel could not fully display the power of these laws since his bloodline was meant for a being who had fused the three fundamental powers of body, energy, and soul. But he was moving closer with every fight he had.

The army continued to advance until a stronghold of the Heavenly race, with a castle in the center, appeared in their sight. They were already a thousand kilometers away from the edge of the force field made by the Ten Tower Formation.

There were thousands of warriors of the Heavenly race inside it, but there was a single Rank 4 life form. If the movements of the Magi army had been leaked, then this place would have been fortified beyond measure and all the force of the Heavenly race would have been waiting here.

Everybody knew what to do. Totto and Zitra rose to the sky above the stronghold, and no one could detect them.

The two of them released their Law Avatars. The wheels of the gyroscope began to spin in the opposite direction and the ball of light inside it started to transform into pure shadows.

The Reaper grabbed the gyroscope with his bony hands before the Eye of Despair started to siphon the fear in the world. That energy transferred to the Hand of Sorrow before it started to feed the shadows.

The Law of Fear and the Law of Shadows shared an ancestral origin. The first intelligent life form learned to fear as they imagined the thing that hid in the dark.

Howling faces started to appear in the ball of shadows above the Reaper's shoulders and its power only continued to grow.

After ten full minutes of charging the attack, Totto waved his hand, and the Reaper threw what could only be described as a sphere of shadows with a core of despair.

The might of the laws in it was so high that only seeing it could be deadly for a Rank 0 life form. Its speed was impressive and it fell from the sky like a meteor.

The Rank 3 life forms could not detect the attack, but the Rank 4 Angel of Supremacy in the castle felt the immense danger that approached them. 

The entire castle glowed and a beam of light was fired and formed two giant wings that covered the stronghold. The Angel of Supremacy was sure the winged dome would resist.

Just when he was about to contact the headquarters of the Heavenly race, he saw two men appear above the wings. One had a spear and the other a sword.

The spear had a blue star that circled it and the sword released vibrations that broke space.

The two men attacked the wings, and they behaved no differently than a bubble.

The two mighty wings that extended for thousands of meters shattered in an instant.

The shadow meteor fell in the castle. It stopped the heart of the Rank 4 Angel of Supremacy and froze his soul, killing him, but it did no physical damage.

After that, it transformed into gas that flooded the stronghold and killed everyone inside it.

In less than ten seconds, the four thousand three hundred and forty-two lives in the stronghold disappeared from this world.

The army did not waste time and they invaded the stronghold immediately. A Rank 4 life form made the castle disappear and created a huge pit, two hundred meters deep where it was.

Heinz waved his hand and the materials for the magic tower appeared. Hundreds of automatons made of liquid silver took them and started to work.

Most of the parts were pre-assembled already. However, the process to install a magic tower that would be an extension of the Ten Tower Formation was not easy or fast.

The entire army took defensive positions around the magic tower, all of them in squads. A Sun Tadpole that was present in their hands told them with whom to gather and information about their comrades.

The seventeen Rank 4 life forms rose to the sky and the air raged as they increased the energy inside them.

Less than three hours after the construction of the magic tower started, the earth around the stronghold began to tremble. Thunder and lightning filled the sky as if a storm of apocalyptic proportions was closing in.

The entire army looked to the direction where the thunder originated and their expressions were serious.

The Rank 4 life forms in the sky were solemn. They felt more clearly than anyone the power of the "storm" that approached.

'They were faster than I thought.' Zatiel eyes narrowed as the Eye of Life and Creation showed him the immense army of the Heavenly race, that charged at their direction with a thick slaughter aura around them.

The Heavenly race army had forty thousand warriors, with most of them being Rank 2 Angels, but there were also two hundred and fifty Rank 3 life forms in it.

In the sky above them, there were forty-nine Rank 4 life forms and many of them had artifacts.

A portion of the Rank 4 Magi felt apprehensive when they saw the army approaching them. Everything had been easy for them before but now they would have their first true battle against an organized and fully charged Heavenly race.

Most of them could barely face an Angel of Supremacy on equal grounds, so the almost three to one numerical disadvantage generated a great pressure.

At the lead of the warriors in the sky, there were Heinz, Totto, and Zitra. Despite Nero being the strongest one, it was not good for him to battle dukes, so he will stay with the rest and draw the attention of as many Angelic Paragons as he could.

The trio was wearing the artifacts they took from the Angelic Paragons they killed in their path here. Normally artifacts are branded with the consciousness of the original owner which made it impossible for someone else to use it, but to Zatiel, that was nothing more than a clown trick.

Heinz analyzed the enemies and he frowned. Tomas had become stronger but the difference between the two of them only grew over the years, so the Cultivator did not consider him a threat. However, the woman with crystal wings was different, something was telling him she was dangerous.

"I will handle the woman. Zitra you take care of Tomas, Oliver will be yours Totto. We need to make time so focus mostly on defense. I highly doubt we can kill any of them today."

The two nodded after they heard the instructions of Heinz. Their powers were around the same but without Gate to the Underworld, the Lich's strength was restricted.

The difference in power between the armies was too high for the Magi side to hold on until the magic tower was finished.

However, before the Heavenly race army could reach them something happened. The force field that covered thousands of kilometers of the Fornes continent started to expand and in a matter of seconds, it reached the stronghold.

This was the Second Layer of the Ten Tower Formation. The formation worked by channeling the natural energy of the world and forming a force field that weakened the enemies.

Over the years the formation saved the surplus energy and by using it, the force field can extend beyond its normal boundaries.

The Second Layer is not so powerful as to weaken the enemy's power to ten percent but it still can leave Soul Forging existences with only half of their strength and those at Rank 3 and beneath with a third of their original battle power.

The Rank 4 life forms of the Heavenly race noticed the forced field but they were not surprised by it. As one of the oldest civilizations, their knowledge was staggering.

Despite this setback, the fighting spirit in their eyes showed that they would not back down.

A lot of things were uncertain but the two sides were sure a great battle was going to happen in this place today.

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