Abyssal Lord of the Magi World
235 Burn: Life Vessel
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Abyssal Lord of the Magi World
Author :Redsunworld
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235 Burn: Life Vessel

The Soul Forging existences of both sides stared at each other and the killing intent around them was palpable. They were all thousands of kilometers above the ground and the energy in each of them generated a crushing pressure.

Both sides were clear that the first battle would not involve them. If the Rank 4 Angelic Paragons and Angels of Supremacy wanted to attack the Magi army, they would have to enter deep inside the force field.

Once there, they would be relentlessly assaulted by Heinz and the others and they would find it hard to escape without severe casualties. If five Rank 4 life forms of the Heavenly race die, even if the magic tower is destroyed it would still be a win to the Magi side.

If the Rank 4 Magi and Fallen attacked the Heavenly race army, that would leave an opportunity for the dukes and the rest to destroy the magic tower and then escape the force field.

The Ten Tower Formation was one of the most used strategists of the warmonger Magi World, because of its effectiveness. Once it is in position, there is a great possibility that the entire continent will be conquered as well.

However, no race with a civilization that had prospered for millions of years was weak. The Angelic Paragon with wings made of crystal waved his hand and the entire army started to move.

Squads started to form a perimeter around the army. Something in common among all of them was that they had the same armor and runes on their bodies.

It took them less than thirty seconds to get in position. Their armors glowed and their runes were activated.

In each squad, a white aura was formed. Each one of them expanded until all of them connected and covered the entire army.

The white aura slowly morphed into a giant snake with thousands of wings. The entire forty thousand warriors of the Heavenly race were inside it.

The size of the winged snake could only be described as gargantuan. Once its form was fully solidified, its eyes filled with light and it released a roar that made the ground under it break.

The Magi army was shocked when they saw that creature. Its size was the last of their concerns. The power it generated was shocking and the entire Heavenly race army was protected inside it.

The expression of the Rank 4 life forms inside the force field became sour. The true nature of the winged snake was that of an Origin Runic Set.

The parts of the set were split between the thousands of warriors of the Heavenly race and their armors. This allowed them to withstand the immense drain in energy that an Origin Runic Set generated.

The winged snake charged into the force field with might that could crush mountains. The members of the Heavenly race inside felt their power weakened greatly, but there was no fear in their eyes.

As the Magi wondered what to do to stop that monster, two men moved to the front of the army and their skins glowed due to the runes engraved in them.

Zatield was covered in flames that were filled with the power of life and death. On his hand, there was a bone sword that released a blue fire. The flames in the weapon were the physical manifestation of destruction in Baator.

The Eye of Life and Creation was in the center of his forehead and Abyss' Sight had transformed his two normal eyes into a portal to a hellish landscape.

Ezequiel was one hundred meters to the right of the man filled with flames. Primordial Condensation was activated and his forty-five meters tall body was covered with red lightning.

His body acted as a black hole to the natural energy of the world and the might of the world could be felt inside his body.

When the warriors inside the winged snake saw the two men, mocking expressions appeared on their faces. The duo was extremely strong but against the Origin Runic Set, they were nothing.

Some Magi were also displeased with their actions. This was not the time to try to brag about their power.

Neither Zatiel nor Ezequiel cared about their opinions. A golden and a red flame started to burn inside the chest of the two Neo-Demons. Blood Essence Combustion was activated, which made their power rise tremendously.

Oliver and Tomas stared at the duo, but even though their battle power was unbelievable for a Rank 3 life form, there was nothing they could do against an Origin Runic Set

There was a vicious light in the eyes of the Angelic Paragon with wings of lava.

"Stupid beasts, before us you are nothing." Oliver smiled as he mocked the duo.

Before they advanced to Rank 3, those were all the upgrades in power that the two Neo-Demons had in their repertoire, but now there was something else.

The Absolute Empyrean and Universe Shatterer looked at each other and after nodding, they activated the ability that only a Rank 3 Neo-Demon with a Law Bloodline had.

"Burn: Life Vessel"

"Burn: Life Vessel"

The Bloodline Heart and Elemental Chaos Heart inside their bodies started to beat faster and faster and their blood flow accelerated at an exponential rate. 

The air raged and a storm formed around the duo. Thunder could be heard due to the immense power they released to the environment.

As this happened a golden and red aura was released from them and it fired into the sky. That aura was their blood that was burning.

The mocking expression in the warriors' Heavenly race inside the winged snake vanished. Some of them, who had heard the stories about the two men, started to shiver.

Shock appeared in the faces of the Soul Forging existences on both sides when they felt the surging power in the duo.

At the start, the heartbeat of the two Neo-Demons was 120 beats per minute. Ten seconds after Burn: Life Vessel was activated it reached 670, twenty seconds later it reached 1703.

A minute after they activated the technique, their power finally stabilized and a shock wave was released from their bodies that destroyed the buildings under their feet.

Their hearts were beating at a rate of 8000 beats per minute!.

The Soul Forging Angelic Paragons and Angels of Supremacy could not believe what they were seeing.

They felt the power in the duo and it reached the might of a Rank 4 life form!.

It was at the absolute bottom of Rank 4 and without a Law Avatar, but still, it was something that should be impossible.

Uncontrollable killing intent appeared in the eyes of Oliver when he saw this. 

'They cannot be allowed to live!' The Angelic Paragon was about to throw himself at the duo when a hand grabbed his shoulder.

It was Tomas' hand and he saw how the duke stared at a man with an abominable killing aura around him and a Law Avatar on his hand.

"His speed is too high, there is no way we will be able to reach them before he stops us." Tomas also wanted to kill the duo, but he was able to maintain a cool head.

Oliver was not happy but understood the truth in the man's words

"Don't worry, even with that power they will not be able to break the winged snake before this one crushes into the magic tower." Tomas did not know if his words were to reassure Oliver or himself.

The Magi army was startled when they felt the immeasurable might the two men in front of them released. In the warriors of the Daybreak Clan, there was a pride so potent that could you see it burning in their eyes.

The Sun Tadpole in the hands of everyone brought them back to reality. They all received specific instructions on what to do. Everyone understood the severity of the situation in which they were.

Dante had connected with everyone through the tadpoles. His expression was serious when he felt the power in his father and Ezequiel.

The difference between Rank 3 and Rank 4 was so immense that a single Soul Forging existence could kill one hundred Rank 3 life forms in direct combat.

He knew that to obtain the power they had now, they were forced to burn their life force. 

Unlike the technique many use that left irreparable damage, Burning: Life Vessel only takes a very small part of their life force to use as a catalyst, but it was still a double-edged sword, and they couldn't keep it active for a long time.

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