Abyssal Lord of the Magi World
236 Epic battle
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Abyssal Lord of the Magi World
Author :Redsunworld
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236 Epic battle

Even though the expression of the members of the Heavenly race was bitter when they felt the power in the duo, neither the Soul Forging existences in the sky nor the warriors inside the winged snake were worried.

The resistance of the Origin Runic Set was something even a true Rank 4 life form would find hard to break, much less two individuals whose battle power barely reached that boundary.

But the events that happened next shocked all of them to the core.

The entire Magi army was divided into two groups. With surgical precision and unbelievable coordination, they released their most powerful attack together and created two beams of destruction energy.

The winged snake rushed into the magic tower and it looked like nothing could stop it until these two beams landed.

Their targets were the spots under the seventh wing on the left side of the creature and above the ninth wing on the right side.

The colossal monster that appeared to be invisible and unstoppable, halted its advance. The white solidified aura that was able to resist the power of a Rank 4 life form, to the absolute shock of every Heavenly race member, shattered in the spots where the beams landed.

The woman with wings made of crystal, the one who was composed even when Zatiel and Ezequiel's battle power reached the boundary of Rank 4, shivered as she saw the white aura shatter.

Her knowledge about the Origin Runic Set the warriors of the Heavenly race used, was supposed to be the greatest in this world. It took her a moment but she understood the reason why the attacks broke those parts of the winged snake.

By dividing the runic set into so many sections, flaws appeared and the spots where those attacks landed were exactly that.

"Impossible, how could those beasts know about the Everlasting Snake Runic Set?!" Her voice that was usually accompanied by a pleasant tone was now cold and murderous.

Identifying the flaws was not something anyone could do, but they made the mistake of using an archaic runic set.

One of the things people dismiss about the Incarnation of Death and Destruction was that besides his world-destroyer battle power, he was also a supreme master when it comes to rune crafting, and there are very few runic sets he did not learn.

The Heavenly race army was a tier-one army and the training of their commanders was top notch. 

"Redirect energy to those holes. Units 3, 5, and 7 follow me to the one on the left, and units 2, 4, and 6 will follow Domingues to the one on the right." A Peak Rank 3 Angelic Paragon shouted orders and the warriors inside the winged snake moved immediately.

The Magi army was spent after they launched that attack and they would need a few seconds to recharge, so the Angelic Paragon was sure they would be able to stop any attack from entering the Origin Runic Formation.

The holes shrunk at an amazing speed and the warriors were about to arrive to reinforce but before they reached them, a river of red lightning entered for the tear in the left and a jet of dark golden flames for the one in the right.

Their speed was unbelievable and under the shocked eyes of the forty thousand warriors of the Heavenly race inside the Everlasting Snake, the lightning and flames reformed into Ezequiel and Zatiel.

Despite the twenty thousand to one difference, the Absolute Empyrean and the Universe Shaterrer looked at the warriors of the Heavenly race like sheep that waited to be slaughtered.

The warriors that were next to them were shocked, and although their instincts screamed they understood the immense damage these two could do to the army that was weakened due to the force field. The Heavenly race had many defects but cowardness in battle was not one of them.

Hundreds of warriors threw themselves at the duo and the energy on their bodies exploded as they ignited their life force.

When Zatiel and Ezequiel saw those courageous warriors that came at them without a single thread of fear, their eyes only showed coldness. The moment Oliver shattered the souls of Neo-Demons, every member of the Heavenly race in this world was doomed.

Their bodies glowed and in the next moment, a red and golden explosion originated from their bodies.

Their battle power may be at the absolute bottom but it was still Rank 4 battle power!.

Every Rank 2 life form that was touched by the explosion was disintegrated, while the rest end up with severe injuries.

After they got rid of the burdens around them, they focused on the squads that had the runes that formed the Everlasting Snake Runic Set.

From their hands, beams of chaotic energy were released against those that were near them and killed all of them.

The gargantuan body of the winged snake trembled when this happened and for a second became more illusory.

The holes behind them were closing in and if they did not come out now both Neo-Demons will be caged inside the creature with the entire army of the Heavenly race.

But instead of retreating, the two of them charged to the center of the winged snake and began to kill everyone in their path.

Zatiel released his Sun Domain and the Undying Leviathan appeared under his feet. The creature blasted through everything on its path and the Neo-Demon activated his sword, which created a giant whip of blue flame.

The Nether Crow moved around them. His beak and claws ripped to pieces any Heavenly race warrior not fast enough to dodge them.

Five Rank 3 Angelic Paragon who burned their life force in exchange for power, managed to withstand the crushing pressure and burning flames of the domain. 

They got close enough to Zatiel and performed suicide attacks from all directions, completely disregarding their defense.

"Hmph, useless." Zatiel's eyes were cold. Before the difference in power between them was already great. 

But now with Burn: Life Vessel activated. In the eyes of the Neo-Demon, they moved in slow motion.

He waved his bone sword and cut the head of the two Angelic Paragons on his right. The expression of their faces demonstrated that they did not even realize when they died.

The left hand of the Neo-Demon grabbed the head of another warrior and incinerated it in an instant.

Zatiel threw a back kick and crushed the skull of another Angelic Paragon.

The last one had a spear full of poison and he was set on burying it inside Zatiel, even if the price was his life, but before he could get close enough, the Nether Crow's peak pierced his head.

As this happened, Ezequiel created his own slaughter path. A storm of red lightning was generated around his body and it covered hundreds of meters.

The red lighting consumed the blood and flesh of the warriors of the Heavenly race and increased its power.

The Supreme Neo-Demon style was much simpler than Zatiel's. But that did not mean it was less powerful, after all, there is great strength in simplicity.

His arms and legs moved at a speed that was invisible for a Rank 2 life form and even those at Rank 3 would find it almost impossible to detect.

Every punch and kick landed on a warrior of the Heavenly race. His attacks created explosions of red lightning that seem to carry the power of the world and they killed any Rank 2 life forms that were touched by them.

The Magi army did not remain still as the two Neo-Demons raged havoc inside the winged snake. Under the guidance of Dante, all the companies soared into the sky and surrounded the Everlasting Snake Runic Set.

Every member of the group combined their attacks into a single beam of energy. 

The Sun Tadpole showed them the specific area of the winged snake where the beams of destructive energy they released should land.

The Origin Runic Set was not defenseless. Its wings were like sharp blades that could cut anything. From time to time it released feathers that resembled spears against the attackers.

The air raged and the natural energy of the world became chaotic as the two sides battled against each other.

An epic battle between an ancient winged creature and an army with thousands of warriors composed of Magi, Fallen, Neo-Demons, and drones began.

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