Abyssal Lord of the Magi World
237 Inside Outside
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Abyssal Lord of the Magi World
Author :Redsunworld
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237 Inside Outside

The Soul Forging existences of both sides focused on the battle between the Everlasting Snake Runic Set and the Magi army.

They also maintained an eye on their counterparts. This battle was very important since depending on the outcome, the battle between Rank 4 life forms might not be necessary.

The expression of the Soul Forging existences of the Heavenly race was nasty. The Origin Runic Set should have guaranteed their victory but due to two people, everything went to hell.

Explosions filled the air around the winged snake and the destruction they produced had already transformed the ground under them into a wasteland.

The Everlasting Snake Runic Set roared as hundreds of beams of energy landed on its body. It accumulated more and more damage. 

The attackers seem to know exactly where the flaws of the Origin Runic Set were present.

A young man with a golden bow accompanied by five black-armored giants flew around the immense body of the snake. Behind his right shoulder, there was a ball of golden fire incredibly pure and so compacted it seemed solid.

The ball of golden fire formed arrows that were constantly being fired by the young man with speed and accuracy beyond what a Rank 2 life form should be able to achieve.

The black-armored giants threw fifteen meters long spears, which when landed provoked blasts of Mind Force.

Dante's eyes were focused on his targets and no one would believe if they were told his mind was also instructing an army with six thousand individuals. 

He gave them specific locations where their attacks should land, the danger zone of the snake that they must avoid, and how they could maximize their teamwork.

Two massive obsidian dragons released giant balls of dark red and white fire against the winged snake. Their speed and dexterity were outstanding for beings of their sizes and the destructive power on their attacks was impressive.

Each of them had one hundred white armored warriors above their backs, who combined their powers into a single beam of golden flames.

The Everlasting Snake Runic Set counterattack was ferocious. Its wings were able to stretch for thousands of meters and they acted like a vicious blade that could cut anything on its path.

It was able to fire white feathers with amazing speed and the moment they landed in a target, they exploded which ensured the death of the enemy.

In a part of the battlefield, there was a unit of one hundred Magi. They all released powerful spells when all of a sudden three wings of the Everlasting Snake Runic Set attacked them.

The Sun Tadpole had warned them about the attack and guided their evasive tactics, but even with that, nineteen Rank 2 Magi were killed.

Close to the tail of the winged snake, members of the Daybreak Clan were protecting themselves from hundreds of feathers launched in their direction.

The speed of the feathers was impressive and many casualties occurred, but almost all of them were white warriors. That was due to Dante sacrificing the drones as pawns to protect beings who had a soul.

There were Neo-Demon among the deceased, and every time one of them fell, a comrade close to them would save their remains before going back to battle.

Kilo and Rax were also assaulted by the wings and feathers. Both obsidian dragons would maneuver their huge bodies through those attacks and release powerful dragon breaths to respond. 

The warriors of the Heavenly race did their best to push the Everlasting Snake Runic Set forward. Their goal was simple, destroy the tower and then exit the force field, but with the Magi army attacking them from all directions and right in the spots where the winged snake defenses were the worst, their mission became more and more difficult. 

The greater damage to the Origin Runic Set was being done by the two men that were inside the winged snake along with dozens of thousands of warriors of the Heavenly race.

They were like unstoppable killing machines, one with a sword full of blue flames and the other with his fists packed with red lightning.

The number of warriors each of them killed already reach above three thousand. Despite the impressive regeneration abilities of Zatiel and the resilient body of Ezequiel, both Neo-Demons had deep wounds on them.

Even though the difference in power of the duo with the warriors of the Heavenly race was overwhelming, every single one of their opponents was at least a Rank 2 life forms and they launched all types of suicide attacks while they burned their life force for power.

Zatiel was riding the Undying Leviathan as he made his way across the ocean of warriors from the Heavenly race. His goal was one of the squads responsible for the Origin Runic Formation.

He killed everyone on his path until he was next to them and then launched himself at the group with the bone sword full of blue flames in his right hand.

The Nether Crow followed the Neo-Demon and his red eyes were full of viciousness.

His sword released arcs of blue flames that destroyed anything they touched and from his left hand, a jet of dark golden flames was fired with a heat that calcined any warrior of the Heavenly race on its reach.

The Nether Crow fought against a Rank 3 Angel of Supremacy, and his speed was so impressive that it managed to pierce the chest of his opponent in a second.

Ezequiel also opened a path of death until one of the squads responsible for the Origin Runic Formation. The red lightning had absorbed a great amount of blood and flesh and they formed dozens of three meters tall spears that circled around the Supreme Neo-Demon.

Hundreds of warriors launched themselves against the Neo-Demon to stop him from reaching the squad, but Ezequiel and the red spears blasted through all of them.

He reached the squad and then proceeded to fight. His attacks mangled their bodies or made them explode as if they were balloons full of blood.

Destroying the squads, made them pause for a moment and the seasoned warriors of the Heavenly race did not lose that chance. 

The duo was bombarded by spells from every direction and since the warriors knew that their friends and comrades around those two monsters were dead, none of them contained themselves. 

The Undying Leviathan swallowed Zatiel whole and the red spears made a cocoon around Ezequiel.

Massive explosions covered the figure of the duo but less than a second after that happened, a cracked cocoon and wounded creature flashed to other squads and the figure of Zatiel and Ezequiel became visible again.

New wounds were present in the duo and despite their defensive measures, those attacks left true damage to them. It was not the first time that happened and there were those barrages who had provoked their worst injuries.

Despite their overwhelming advantage, the Neo-Demons knew that the moment they were pinned down in a position for enough time, they would be killed. That is why they escaped from the explosion immediately.

They were in great danger and the toughness of the white aura that formed the skin of the winged snake was just as hard on the inside as it was on the outside, so they could not leave the Origin Runic Set on their own.

Their injuries were truly deep and due to Blood Essence Combustion and Burn: Life Vessel, their bodies were submitted to immense pressure and stress which drained their stamina very fast.

But even with all of that, not even the slightest shade of fear could be seen in their eyes. They continued killing the warriors of the Heavenly race inside the winged snake and destroying the squads that formed the Origin Runic Set.

As they reached the center of the winged snake, Zatiel felt that his body was already reaching his limit and although Ezequiel was in a slightly better situation, he was also very tired.

The Ancestor of the Neo-Demon race knew he could not go on for much longer but was not worried since he was a step away from reaching his goal. 

They had destroyed a great number of the squads that formed the Origin Runic Formation and the winged snake had been weakened greatly.

A river of dark golden flames and red lightning followed the Absolute Empyrean and Universe Shatterer.

'It's time' Zatiel sent that message to Dante before he gave a signal to Ezequiel.

The two Neo-Demon prepared to release the most potent attack of their lives.

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