Abyssal Lord of the Magi World
238 Breaking the snake
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Abyssal Lord of the Magi World
Author :Redsunworld
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238 Breaking the snake

The moment Dante received that order, he divided the entire army into three groups.

One company made of all the living Magi headed for the center of the Everlasting Snake Runic Set. They evaded the wings that threatened to cut their bodies in pieces and the feathers that sought to pierce their hearts.

Another team led by Rax and Kilo went to the head of the winged snake. The Rank 3 Fallen followed the two massive dragons.

Both Neo-Demons had activated their Blood Essence Combustion and used their dragon breath to weaken the feathers thrown at them and dodged the wings that wanted to split them in two. The Fallen were all seasoned warriors and knew how to respond to the attacks of the Origin Runic Set so with the help of the dragons, they were able to advance without a problem.

Dante was the leader of the last group that had the members of the Daybreak Clan in it. He along with every Neo-Demon that could do it, activate Blood Essence Combustion.

He led his team around the wings and used his arrows to shoot down the feathers that were thrown at them. The Brain Golems also intercepted the feathers with their spears.

Their target was also the center of the Everlasting Snake Runic Set, but they positioned themselves at the belly of the beast.

The offensive capabilities of the winged snake had been weakened greatly due to the constant damage that was received from the Magi army on the outside, and the duo who killed the warriors inside it and destroyed the squads that formed the Origin Runic Set.

Ezequiel and Zatiel were ready to act once they reached the center of the winged snake and saw the army had already positioned themselves.

The Absolute Empyrean used his Eye of Life and Creation and the river of dark golden flames that he had left on his path, started to converge into the bone sword.

The hundreds of red spears that were formed after consuming thousands of warriors of the Heavenly race decomposed back into red lightning before entering into the Universe Shateerer's right arm.

The duo trembled and blood came out from their mouths. The power they held right now was too much for their bodies to withstand and tears appeared on their organs.

Zatiel flew upward like a spaceship that sought to break the firmament. The warriors of the Heavenly race that got in his path were incinerated.

"Life, Death, Destruction. Three Flame Slash" A tricolored arc of blue, black and golden fire was shot from the bone sword.

The power in that slash was so great that even Peak Rank 3 life forms were disintegrated when they were touched by it.

Ezequiel fell like a meteor whose goal was to impact with as much momentum as it could. The warriors on his path were sent flying away or exploded from the impact.

"Primordial Dive" A tornado of red lighting formed around the Neo-Demon with his right arm as the beginning of it.

Right when this happened, the Magi and the warriors of the Daybreak Clan attacked the back and belly of the winged snake.

Rax and Kilo along with the Rank 3 Fallen, reach the giant head of the Everlasting Snake Runic Set. The two Neo-Demons roared and they opened their maws to their limit before shooting giant balls of flames at the glabella of the winged snake.

The life force of the white warriors on their back fell instantly. They would not be able to live after this attack, but the beam of golden fire they released was impressive.

The Fallen did their part and performed their most powerful spell.

Zatiel sword slash landed in the same spot where the attack of the Magi fell and Ezequiel's punch impacted the belly of the winged snake just like the spells of the Daybreak Clan.


An explosion like if the world was ending was heard and then complete silence.

The Soul Forging existences of the Heavenly race saw how the Everlasting Snake Runic Set froze before cracks started to appear all over its body.

The winged snake collapsed and a blast of white aura that resembled a raging inferno was released in every direction. The Magi army was sent flying away and many Rank 2 life forms ended up with severe injuries.

But the damage they received was nothing compared to the one the warriors of the Heavenly race inside the Origin Runic Set had to withstand since most of the power in that blast was contained inside the snake.

The attacks of the Absolute Empyrean and Universe Shateerer killed more than one hundred warriors before they even landed. Once the fist and the arc of flames touched the belly and back of the winged snake, they created a shock wave that propagated inside the Origin Runic Set.

The squads that formed the Everlasting Snake Runic Set received a backlash so great that more than fifty percent of the Rank 2 life forms died instantly.

The blast of white aura had also reached Dante, but the Brain Golems used their muscular and resilient bodies to protect him from most of the damage.

Even as he was sent flying away, he still established communication with the Sun Tadpoles, analyzed the condition of every single warrior, and organized the army.

There was no Magi, Fallen, or Neo-Demon who did not understand how great of a genius the young man was, so they followed his commands without hesitation.

The ones with the worst wounds were at the rearguard and focused on healing while those who could still fight were at the vanguard and mobilized their energies.

A golden and red flash exited the white inferno and landed above the army. They had horrible wounds on their bodies and cuts so deep that they reached their bones.

Despite their condition, the entire army looked at the duo with admiration. Anyone who has participated in a world war understands that strength deserves respect.

The Heavenly race army also had good commanders. The strong helped the weaker ones and together, they left the white inferno and organized.

Both sides had suffered heavy casualties. The Magi army had lost almost eight hundred warriors, but the good news was that most of them were drones, so their downfall was not very important. 

Only four Rank 3 life forms had died so the battle power of the army was still standing strong.

The number of deaths in the Heavenly race army reached a staggering number of fourteen thousand, which was more than a third of the army!.

Thirty-seven Rank 3 life forms had also perished. The reason most of them died was not due to the blast of white aura but under the onslaught of Zatiel and Ezequiel.

There was not a member of the Heavenly race who was not wounded and the injuries in some of them were so severe that if they were not treated soon, they would die.

The Magi army was also wounded and tired but the killing intent on the two monsters above them made clear that the battle was not over.

"Enough!" A voice full of undisputable might was heard through the entire battlefield. It was the Rank 4 Angelic Paragon with wings made of crystal.

Both armies focused on her. The energy in her body released an immense pressure and it gave the illusion as if the entire world trembled.

"The battle ends here. You have won this time. Members of the Heavenly race, pull back."

When the Rank 4 Magi heard those words, they felt content. Their side was tired and there was no need to continue fighting since the power they had left was not enough to provoke considerable casualties.

However, when Heinz, Totto, and Zitra heard the commanding tone in the woman's voice, they understood what would happen. They only sighed since there was nothing they could do to stop him.

Zatiel stared at Oliver and then focused on the woman. His eyes were cold and the killing intent in them had not diminished at all.

"Who the hell are you to tell when to stop?." Zatiel knew the energy reserves of the army was low and not enough to generate spells that could inflict a good number of casualties. Also, he and Ezequiel were not in a condition to fight.

But every Neo-Demons has an attack that they can use even if their Abyss Aura is depleted.

He waved his hand and the members of the Daybreak Clan raised their palms. 

"Abyssal Blast!"

Under the ferocious stare of the Rank 4 life forms of the Heavenly race, hundreds of beams of chaotic energy were fired.

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