Abyssal Lord of the Magi World
239 I swear on my True Name
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Abyssal Lord of the Magi World
Author :Redsunworld
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239 I swear on my True Name

Zatiel had made sure the Neo-Demons saved their Abyssal Blast until this moment, where they could do the most damage. From the moment he entered the Everlasting Snake Runic Set, he knew they would end up here, with both armies tired.

If the warriors of the Heavenly race were in top conditions, this barrage of chaotic energy beams would not have had the same effect. 

Screams were heard as thousands died and the rest of the army flew to the exit of the force field with everything they had.

The Neo-Demon did not pursue them. He had provoked as much damage as he could and chasing them would only endanger his people, after all, there were Rank 4 life forms that waited for them just outside the force field.

"You dare!" The Angelic Paragon with wings made of crystal shouted. Her voice was full of hate and resentment.

In her mind, she was magnanimous when she ended the battle and give beings she considered nothing more than animals the victory.

Someone disobeying her words was unacceptable. Her origin was more special than any other member of the Heavenly race in this world, and her ego was just as great.

Anyone else would be afraid of being the target of such a powerful individual, but Zatiel only sneered.

"Hmph, why the hell I would not dare?. Even if the Law Beings of your garbage world were watching me, I will still do it. What gives you the courage to act so mighty when your entire race is no different than the lowest level fiend?. Every single one of you, winged rats, is no different than trash in my eyes." Zatiel's words were filled with scorn.

To him, good and evil were just labels that those who are too weak or narrow-minded to understand the truth of the universe, used in hopes of making their lives easier.

Even if the Heavenly race was even more brutal, he could not care, but the fact they behave as if they were the chosen race of the universe, perfect in every sense when their nature is that of hypocrites truly disgusted him.

The Soul Forging existences of the Heavenly race were shocked when they heard the disdain with which Zatiel talked about them. Their eyes were filled with malice and if stares could kill, the Neo-Demon would have been butchered countless times.

"How an animal like you dares to speak about the Law Beings of our glorious race. Just looking at them would make you fall to your knees and beg for their forgiveness. Since you speak so highly of yourself, then why don't you prove your power and fight me, I assure you that no one will interfere in our fight." There was righteousness in the woman's voice as if she offered a fair chance to Zatiel to prove his words.

When the Soul Forging Magi and Fallen heard her words, they were amazed at the level of shameless she displayed. She said that no one will interfere in the fight, which made it seem the Angelic Paragon sought a fair battle. She did not consider important the fact she was a Rank 4 life form.

"Sure, no problem" Zatiel gave her a mocking smile, but the battle intent in his eyes proved he was serious.

The Rank 4 life forms on both sides were surprised when they heard him. The members of the Havenly race smiled, if Zatiel was dumb enough to accept the fight, they were more than happy to let the woman with wings of crystal and him alone.

"I am not even half a century old, so you just have to decrease your power to the one you have when you were fifty years old, and I will fight you here and now." 

When the members of the Heavenly race heard his words they were conflicted. He had already proved his battle power was high enough to kill a Rank 3 life from with an Emperor bloodline with ease, but at this moment he was severely injured and exhausted. 

None of them could decide on the name of the woman, but most of them hoped she would take the fight. If she killed Zatiel, they would get rid of a threat that would reach apocalyptic proportions, once he awakened his True Soul.

"I accept your terms." After she spoke those words, the Angelic Paragon sealed her True Soul and reduced her power. In the end, she regressed to Peak Rank 3. This proved her great talent since to reach that power within fifty years was shocking.

The Rank 4 life forms on the Magi side were worried about the danger in that fight. Zatiel's power was unbelievable for a Rank 3 life form, but his current condition was deplorable.

The Neo-Demons on the other hand had blind trust in their Ancestor. Ezequiel knew that there was no way his Master would do something he was not confident so he stopped paying attention and focused on his injuries.

"Good, now you only have to swear in the name of the Heavenly Creator World that you will not return to your original battle power during the fight no matter the circumstance." There was a meaningful smile on Zatiel's face when he said that.

The woman with wings made of crystal did not respond immediately and she stared at Zatiel for a moment.

"I give you my word, I will not break the codes of our fight."

"Oh, I am sorry, you confuse me with someone who gives a shit about your word. I know that your stupid race would never break an oath made in the name of the Heavenly Creator World, even if that means losing a war. If you want the fight, you will do it." Zatiel mocked the woman and did not move from his position.

In the mind of the Neo-Demon, those who are stupid enough to trust the words of their enemies deserved to die. He would easily break an oath that had no real restriction on him if that meant killing his opponent.

"How dare you speak about our sacred world with your filthy mouth?. If you are too scared to fight, just say it and stop giving excuses." The voice of the woman was filled with viciousness.

The truth was that she never intended to fulfill her promise. She would have broken every restriction in her battle power at the first sign of losing. Her life could not be compared to the one of a beast.

Zatiel did not bother to answer her and just shook his head. He truly wanted this fight, despite the immense damage on his body, he was still able to launch an attack with Rank 4 battle power one last time.

"Hmph, you cowardly trash, you are just like the rest of your people. They all wept as I destroyed their souls!."

When Zatiel heard those words his eyes widened for a second and he looked at the origin. Oliver stared back at him and there was a mocking smile on his face.

The Ancestor of the Neo-Demon race closed his eyes for a moment and when he opened them, all the rage and killing intent disappeared. He did not control his emotions or kept them at bay, they just faded.

His eyes were empty, and they seemed to connect with his soul that was void of any emotion. One could feel an emptiness that absorbed everything.

The Soul Forging existences of the Heavenly race felt a wave of horror assault them. The smile on Oliver's face froze and he felt he had just made a great mistake.

"There will come a day when you and everyone you have ever cared about will be in a room with me. You will tell me who is the one you love the most and I will inflict in that person as much pain as possible before killing him. Then the others will have their turn and they will curse your name until they lose their mind due to the horrible things I will do to them.

You will never experience the release of death. I will make sure your soul remains until the end of times, with only darkness and your memories to accompany you. I swear on my True Name that you will suffer that destiny."

Zatiel's voice was robotic, with not a single shred of emotion in it, but that made the terror his words provoked increase. 

Oliver could not stop his body from shivering. What he just heard was a type of torture that even the most horrible part of Abyss and Baator would not inflict.

The Neo-Demon was not finished and with the same emotionless voice, he continued speaking.

"The reason why I say this is not to threaten you but to make you felt fear. I want you to know that every day that passes I get stronger and you get closer to that hell. Nothing you can do will stop me and even if your soul is destroyed, I will bring you back. Your future is already decided."

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