Abyssal Lord of the Magi World
243 The Sage“s power I
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Abyssal Lord of the Magi World
Author :Redsunworld
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243 The Sage“s power I

The two Angelic Paragons were shocked at the immense difference in power that there was between them and the Sage.

Tomas' expression was awful and an immense sense of failure assaulted him. He was a member of the Heavenly race with an Emperor Bloodline and a law comprehension at the 'Initial' level.

Despite that, he was defeated in a single movement. The worst part was that what he faced was not really the Sage but merely an incarnation formed by a part of his consciousness and energy.

His condition was much better than Oliver, who had already fallen into unconsciousness but still, there was nothing he could do to free himself. Tomas felt his instincts scream with more power than ever before in his life when he saw how the liquid that resembled boiling asphalt moved from Sage's mouth into his hands.

The heart of the Angelic Paragon started to beat faster and faster with terror, as the asphalt approached his eyes.

"Don't worry after this all your fear and pain will disappear. There will only be peace and bliss. If you prove yourself worthy, then I don't mind making you eternal." The ancient voice of the Sage carried a temptation so immense that those with a weak will would have fallen to their knees and beg for the chance to serve him.

Right when the asphalt was about to enter into the Angelic Paragons, an immense pressure assaulted the Sage. The grey humanoid trembled and its power was reduced for an instant.

It was the World Consciousness. Although the Sage was able to hide from it when he originally appeared in this world, now that he used his powers things were different.

Tomas regained control of his True Soul and energy for a fraction of a second. The danger of the situation made the Angelic Paragon act with resolution.

"Law Avatar: One with the Law!"

Trigrams that surrounded a yin yang symbol appeared behind the Angelic Paragon and in the next instant, they fused with his body.

His body became white and black and his power increased exponentially. His eyes were filled with killing intent and he attacked without mercy. His black wings slashed toward the head of the Sage with monstrous speed and strength. 

The Sage was able to gain control over his body in a fraction of a second. He disintegrated into streams of gray aura and appeared far away from the two Angelic Paragons.

He did not come out unscathed from Tomas' attack. There was a deep cut on the grey humanoid chest but the Sage acted like it was nothing and once again waved his hand and hid his presence of the World Consciousness.

This time however the World Consciousness did not disappear and persisted in the area. It detected the Angelic Paragon increase in power but the threat of the Sage was more significant.

Tomas did not remain still. He released a white sword beam that surrounded Oliver and sent him away. The duke would not be of help against the Sage so he removed him from the battlefield.

With a movement of his wings, Tomas was fired to the grey humanoid. His energy burned and his six wings attempted to cut the Sage's body.

"Die!" The Angelic Paragon launched that attack with all the rage that was present in his heart.

The wings attacked from every direction but there was no fear in the Sage. In an instant, boiling asphalt covered the grey humanoid.

He was able to dodge four wings and used his body to respond to the other two. His body was pushed thousands of meters away, and cuts appeared on his arms. The counterattack revealed his presence to the World Consciousness and although he was able to hide again in an instant, it was not before a bolt of black lightning crashed in him

Tomas was surprised by the little damage his attack produced and it shocked him to realize that the parts of his wings that were touched by the asphalt were now mutated. Tumors with teeth, eyes, and mouths appeared on them.

The Angelic Paragon was able to purge them thanks to his powerful laws, bloodline, and the fact his body was fused with his Law Avatar.

'What was that?' Horror appeared on Tomas' heart when he saw the effect of the asphalt. If it had entered into his body, then death would have been a mercy.

But this fear did not diminish his killing intent. Now that the Sage was harmed by the World Consciousness was the best moment to attack.

He appeared close to the grey humanoid again but instead of a melee attack, he released beams of sword energy.

Three white beams that seem to be undodgeable and three black that released immeasurable heat and weight attacked the Sage from every direction.

A white and black explosion covered the Sage and its power released a shock wave that devastated the coast under them, despite being hundreds of kilometers away.

Tomas saw how the attack landed point-blank and the power in it should have been able to kill a Rank 4 life form.

There was hope in his heart that the attack could have destroyed the Sage's incarnation, however, he was doomed to be disappointed. 

The Angelic Paragon saw how a giant cocoon of boiling asphalt rose from the explosion.

"Not bad my friend. To have a Law Avatar made with the Law of Yin and the Law of Yang and be able to fuse with it means you have some talent. Unfortunately, you are facing something you can't even comprehend." The voice of the Sage was calm and there was not even the most minimal sign of anger.

The World Consciousness launched blades of wind at him but just as they were about to land, the cocoon morphed into an enormous mass which extrudes black tentacles, slime-dripping mouths, and short, writhing goat legs.

It was one hundred thousand meters tall and not only the natural energy but even the laws around it mutated due to its presence.

"Maa, maa, maa!" Goat shouts came out from the thousands of mouths in it. A few of its tentacles clashed against the powerful blades of wind launched by the World Consciousness and they achieved mutual destruction

When Tomas saw that monstrosity, his eyes widened with terror and his soul trembled due to the uncontrollable fear he felt. Those emotions were intensified when he saw it melt into a black mist and disappear from his sight.

The Angelic Paragon flashed from where he was. However, before he could run too far he heard the voice of the Sage.

"You can not escape fate and neither can escape from me." The monstrosity appeared behind Tomas and its tentacles assaulted him from all directions.

The Angelic Paragon was launched to the sky with immense speed and power. Blood came out from his mouth, eyes, and ears while all sorts of mutations appeared around his body.

'If it wasn't for my artifact armor and Law Avatar, that attack would not have only destroyed my body, but also shattered my soul.' Tomas focused on taking back control of his body and purging the boiling asphalt that infected his body.

To the horror of the Angelic Paragon, the monstrosity vanished again. Tomas knew he could not track it and the next attack would be fatal.

But the threat of the Sage reached the level where the World Consciousness could use even more of its power. A gravity that could compress a mountain into a small rock assaulted the monstrosity and forced it to materialize less than one hundred meters away from the Angelic Paragon.

If the World Consciousness would have acted a second later, Tomas would have died. The duke knew that this was the only chance he would have. He used every ounce of power that was left on him and fired his most powerful attack.

"Yin-yang collision. Birth of all universal things!" The black and white wings clashed with each other.

A bright beam of sword energy landed in the center of the monstrosity and disintegrated the boiling asphalt until it reached the area where the Sage was.

While the beam destroyed the grey humanoid, Tomas heard the voice of the Sage. Even though it was just an incarnation, losing it would greatly harm him, however, his words were not filled with anger but pity.

"If you had been willing to sacrifice yourself, then your people would have survived. Your selfishness has doomed this world." The grey humanoid that was made with the Sage consciousness and energy vanished under the sword beam.

Those words were engraved in Tomas' mind as his body was launched into the void. Without the Sage, the World Consciousness no longer tolerated his presence.

The impact of the Sage's message was so great on the Angelic Paragon that stopped him from notice how the world around him was filled with static for an instant before returning to normality.

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