Abyssal Lord of the Magi World
244 The Sage“s power II
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Abyssal Lord of the Magi World
Author :Redsunworld
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244 The Sage“s power II

Tomas' injuries were very grave. The burden that his body and, more importantly, his soul suffered when he fused with his Law Avatar was immense.

Not to mention that the energy in the Sage's attack had contaminated his body at a cellular level, which caused horrible mutations.

He consumed all the healing drugs that were at his disposal and then took the arduous journey through the elemental chaos, passed the Crystal Wall, and finally returned to the Beta Heavenly World.

The Angelic Paragon flew as fast as he could. He was afraid that his absence would put the Heavenly race in danger.

And he was right. The moment he was able to contact Oliver, he understood how grave the situation was.

Somehow the Magi invader force realized he was not in the world and they took that opportunity to extend their domain over the continent. They built two magic towers in the time he was away.

The Heavenly race did not stand by as this happened and they fought with everything they had against the Magi. Without the Everlasting Snake Runic Set, the weight of the battle fell on the Rank 4 life forms.

The Sage's touch had harmed Oliver, so he was not able to participate in that battle. Without two dukes, the power of the Heavenly race decreased immensely.

The Angelic Paragon with wings of crystal was strong but under the cover of the Second Layer, her power diminished by fifty percent. She needed the help of another two Rank 4 life forms only to equal Heinz.

Despite their numerical advantage, they suffered a crushing defeat. Seven Angels of Supremacy lost their bodies and another two had their souls shattered. There was even an Angelic Paragon who had also fallen in that fight.

Those responsible for the casualties were Zitra, Totto, and Nero. It was the seven winged Fallen, the one who managed to kill an Angelic Paragon, even when he battled seven Rank 4 life forms at the same time.

The Magi invader force did not wait even a month after that battle before attacking again.

The outcome was worse for the Heavenly race since even though Oliver was able to join, they still had not healed from the wounds they suffered in the last fight and the Angels of Supremacy had not reconstructed their bodies.

Two Rank 4 Angelic Paragon and four Angels of Supremacy died and a great number had their bodies destroyed.

Tomas' heart was filled with remorse when he heard that news. If he had not told Oliver to contact the Sage, then everything would have been different.

Even though he had returned to the world, his wounds were far from being healed, so he could not fight.

The Angelic Paragon with wings of crystal understood that continuing to fight with the Magi invader force would only increase the number of casualties so she chose to evacuate their people and retreat to the periphery of the continent.

This was a great humiliation for the entire Heavenly race, but there was nothing they could do so they just focused on defense and saved as many of their people as they could.

Unfortunately, many were not able to escape from the Magi. Those who were caught suffered a terrible fate. Their organs were harvested and then they were impaled.

The Magi invader force continued its expansion on the Fornes continent and they spilled so much blood that the earth turned red.

Every day was a living nightmare for Tomas and the regret he felt was so much that more than once he thought of suicide, but everything changed one glorious day.

The moment the Magi were about to gain complete control over the continent a miracle happened.

The Archangel was born!.

When Tomas saw her, he fell to his knees and started to cry uncontrollably while he shouted his sins. There was so much pain on his heart due to the damage he had brought to his people that he could not restrain his emotions. 

The Angelic Paragon knew he displayed a shameful scene but the Archangel did not get angry at him. She picked Tomas up and lent him her shoulder to cry and comforted him until all his pain was gone.

The morale of the Heavenly race rose under the Archangel's radiance and everyone felt that as long as they followed her, everything would be alright.

She led the army against the Magi and showed everyone why they were recognized as the absolute weapons of the Heavenly race.

The Archangel's speed and power were unbelievable. Even Tomas fused with his Law Avatar could not equal her. Her Law bloodline formed a small domain that neutralized the force field of the Ten Tower Formation and she fought against Heinz, Zitra, and Totto at the same time.

She overwhelmed the trio and was even able to destroy the body of Heinz. If it was not for Nero who helped them to escape they would have died.

The Heavenly race cheered and shouted from the top of their lungs when they saw the Magi invader force run. It had been a long time since they tasted anything other than defeat.

The Archangel's face however showed sadness. She saw the thousands of bodies of her people butchered and her eyes filled with tears.

When Tomas saw her, someone with so much power to care for even a normal Angel, his heart started to beat faster and faster.

He did not dare to display his feelings but silently swore an oath to push himself to the limit and always be by her side.

The magic towers were destroyed one after one and the control of the Magi over the continent reduced with staggering speed.

All the members of the Heavenly race showed immense pride in their faces as they followed the Archangel.

No matter what threat they faced, all of them believed from the bottom of their souls that as long the Archangel was with them, they would prevail.

In their eyes, there was an adoration that was even greater than fanaticism. There was not a single one of them who would not give their life for her.

Nothing could stop them and soon they reached the ten original towers of the Ten Tower Formation. Even though those should be harder than the others, the Archangel blasted them to pieces like if they were nothing.

When they finally reached the final tower that was built in the mountain range, Tomas's face glowed with a radiant smile.

'We don't need anyone else, as long as we have her everything will be fine. You were wrong Sage.'

The Angelic Paragon was so fascinated with the Archangel, that he did not notice how once again static filled the world for an instant.

The remorse in Tomas' heart had vanished and as he prepared to march with the Archangel and destroy the last tower and finally regain this world after so many years of painful struggle, he felt a wave of heat so powerful that his face burned.

The Angelic Paragon was not the only one since everyone but the Archangel felt the same pain. The Heavenly race saw with shock how an immense golden sun rose from the last magic tower.

In the center of the golden sun was a young man with three eyes and a bone sword on his hand. He was not alone since behind him there were all the Rank 4 life forms of the Magi invader force and they were stronger than ever.

Even Heinz who had lost his body was with him and there was a thick blood aura around him.

Tomas' eyes widened and fear appeared in them. He remembered the prophecy and concern filled his face as he looked at the Archangel.

You could only see courage in her eyes and not even that golden sun could inspire panic in her.

There was no need for words between the two. The Archangel and Zatiel rose to the sky and they clashed. Shock waves that shattered space were formed around them and it was a death zone for any Rank 3 life form that dared to approach the duo.

The Soul Forging existences of the Heavenly race wanted nothing more than to help the Archangel. They had no problem giving their life if they had to. In Tomas' heart that sentiment was even more strong.

But before they could rise to the sky, the Magi interfered. The duke attempted to go after her, but Heinz appeared in his path, and with a single kick he threw him to the ground.

'Nothing can happen to you, you have to resist.' Tomas saw the Cultivator on his path, and a powerful fighting spirit appeared in his heart.

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