Abyssal Lord of the Magi World
246 Law of Creation vs Law of Fate
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Abyssal Lord of the Magi World
Author :Redsunworld
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246 Law of Creation vs Law of Fate

Zatiel's body shook while blood came out from his three eyes, his brain burned with a fever so high that parts of it were being calcined. His vitality was affected and his blood evaporated which made him adopt the form of a mummified corpse.

While this happened, the All-Encompassing Sun Flame filled every single one of his cells and used the Law of Life in his bloodline to fix the damage in his body. Most of his power focused on his vital organs and made sure no permanent damage was left.

Great amounts of energy were being drained from Heaven Swallowing as his brain passed through a constant cycle of destruction and regeneration.

The reason for the Neo-Demon's damage was the use of the discipline of Clairsentience on a level higher than his Rank as an Animus allowed him to do.

He was now using the spell known Final Destiny. It granted the Neo-Demon the ability to push his mind and consciousness to a higher level of existence which allowed him to perform countless impressions and predictions involving any creature he had seen before.

In simple words, by using supernatural powers, Zatiel could see the future actions that any life form he had seen had prepared for him.

Normally to perform this spell you would need to be a Peak Rank 3 Animus and even then, your mastery over Clairsentience must have reached the level needed to become a Rank 4 life form.

His Neo-Demon's heritage and being an Absolute Empyrean with the Law of Life allowed Zatiel to push his Mind Force to the level where it would have killed any other Rank 2 Animus. Even then the effects of Final Destiny were subpar at best, but any new information was useful for him.

A few moments ago, just for an instant, he felt his instincts scream and the presence of a hand in the darkness that approached him, so Zatiel knew he was in great danger.

The process continued for almost an hour and finally, Zatiel's entire body trembled and he coughed a mouthful of blood before passing out. Immediately, his golden flames acted on their own and started to heal him.

Ezequiel was in the same room and when he saw Zatiel's condition, his eyes narrowed. An immense amount of energy gathered in an arc of red lightning and entered the body of the unconscious Neo-Demon.

The Universe Shatterer knew that his Master damage was physical so after he helped, he once again focused on his training. He realized that there was something that bothered Zatiel but his trust in him was so immense that he was sure it would not be a real problem.

The red lightning mended the injuries around Zatiel's vital organs which made the regeneration abilities of his golden fire act much faster. Despite that help, it took him an entire day to regain consciousness.

Zatiel's face was pale and his breathing was rough, he endured a pain that made him think nails were hammered into his skull. However, all of that was irrelevant for him, and other than the temporary loss in battle power, his main concern was the information he had collect.

A hideous scheme targeted him, but unfortunately, he was not able to determine the mastermind behind it or those who would carry it out. Part of the reason was due to Zatiel low Rank as an Animus and the other the immense power of his opponent.

Of course, he had a pretty good guess of who he was, but that mattered little now.

What he learned was that as long he remained in this world he would not be able to escape the catastrophic hand of fate that targeted him. He would not die immediately since they would try to obtain his knowledge.

Hide in the Ten Tower Formation would give him time, but it would only delay the inevitable.

The only way to stop it would be to leave the Beta Heavenly World and never return. That was not an option since this world was too important for Zatiel because it was a core part of the Neo-Demon Realm.

This world was part of a plan that was put in motion millions of years ago and even all the riches of the Aeternum Empire and the Eye Dynasty could not compare with its value.

As he faced this impossible choice, Zatiel sighed and for a moment his shoulders trembled.

Anyone would feel impotency when something they had strived so hard was taken away from them just when they were about to succeed.

But who was Zatiel Natux Terminus Daybreak? He was someone who was able to raise from the lowest caste of fiend and fight billions of enemies until he reached a level of power that made the entire universe tremble and become a taboo existence that could make demons and devil shiver in fear.

The reason for his shake was not frustration but the fact that he could not contain his laughter. Zatiel's laugh filled the entire room and there was excitement in it.

"Hahahahaha, not bad, not bad at all!. It has been a long time since someone has challenged me like this. Your means are truly impressive but so what, if you think for a second that you have defeated me, you are making a serious mistake. I have lost count of the number of idiots who called themselves master schemers and have defied me only to realize that was the worst mistake of their lives."

From the moment he regained his memories, every trial Zatiel had faced was something he had one hundred percent certainty on winning, but the Sage plan was something that should be impossible to overcome for a Rank 3 life form, even for one as special as him.

However, he was the Incarnation of Death and Destruction, an existence that was able to outsmart Archdevils and force them to a path of despair.

"It seems they will obtain a way to not only stop the force field but also disable the Mirage rune and have enough time to subdue me and escape. Those trump cards will not be cheap and they would not risk revealing them before they are sure they can get me. They will also not dare to diminish their battle power before that important mission." A peculiar light overflowed Zatiel's eyes as hundreds of moving pieces accommodated in his mind and created a plan.

If he did not reveal himself for too long, the other side would take drastic measures that could not only hinder his control over the continent but also put in danger the lives of the warriors in the Magi invader force.

In full honesty, if he found out that everyone, besides his clan and the few other people he cared about, had died he would not even blink. But Zatiel was sure they would target the Daybreak Clan to call his attention.

After some calculations, Zatiel took a crystal from his ring and contacted Heiz.

"Brother, mobilize the Rank 4 Magi and Fallen immediately and start the construction of the next tower. If the Heavenly race doesn't act, then proceed to build another one. Regardless of the outcome of that last one, you and the rest will stop their march and no longer push the expansion forward."

"What do you mean by that, why would they not fight?." Heinz understood very well the narcissistic nature of the Heavenly race and there is no way they would just stand by while they create another tower.

"I have reason to believe that the commanders of the Heavenly race will spend the next few days in some sort of seclusion, so we have to take this opportunity." Zatiel calculated that they would tolerate two towers, but more than that would be too much.

That reason was too vague to mobilize the entire army but Heinz had experienced Zatiel's abilities and had full trust in his art of war.

"We will leave in five hours. I will make sure to keep you up to date as we advance."

With that handled, Zatiel focused on the other problem. He had to find a way to survive a fate calamity that depicted certain death.

He thought for a long time until finally, an idea came to mind, and it made a smile appeared on his face.

"Since you used the Law of Fate to try and mess with my destiny, I will use the Law of Creation to mess it even more. Ezequiel, I need a few hundred liters of normal blood from you."

The Neo-Demon did not open his eyes when he heard that and just extended his hand. A cut appeared on his palm and then a torrent of light red blood came out from it and formed a giant ball in front of Zatiel.

This was the most ordinary blood that was in Ezequiel's body. If it was assimilated into a Chaotic-Core, it could barely create a Rank 3 bloodline, but it was more than enough to fulfill Zatiel's requirements. 

Zatiel also released an immense amount of golden blood and combined it with the blood of Ezequiel. His smile grew wider as he pictured the expression that would appear on the faces of his enemies.

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