Abyssal Lord of the Magi World
247 Strange runes
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Abyssal Lord of the Magi World
Author :Redsunworld
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247 Strange runes

Under the lead of Heinz, the Soul Forging existences of the Magi invader force proceeded to continue with the construction of new magic towers less than three days after they finished the last one.

There was some resistance at the beginning when the Cultivator notified the Rank 4 Magi since the rest of the army was not ready to act so soon, and the moment they entered in a battle against their counterparts in the Heavenly race, they couldn't focus on anything else.

Although those at Rank 3 and beneath would not be useful in a battle of their level, they could still protect the tower to a certain extent from the attacks of a Rank 4 life form with the help of the force field.

Their worries were understandable since the Second Layer needed to cool down after every use or else the amount of energy it consumed would grow exponentially and there was also the fact that the material for each of these towers is very expensive so every incursion must be carefully planned.

Unfortunately for those Soul Forging Magi, Heinz had complete control over the army since both Totto and Zitra supported him in everything and the Fallen were on his side.

However, the worries of the Magi were unfounded. For a reason that they did not understand, the Heavenly race did not stop them.

Neither the dukes nor the rest of the army showed themselves. They felt some scouts that hid and relayed their movement to their leaders, but there was no battle and the tower was built without a problem. 

The moment they finished, Heinz did not wait and guided the rest of the Soul Forging existences to build another tower.

Just like the one before, the Heavenly race did not act and the Magi could not be more exstatic about it. They were able to construct two more towers in a few days without the need to consume the energy reserves of the Ten Tower Formation. They enhanced their domain over this continent by almost 25% and increased their future wealth exponentially.

They did not know why the Heavenly race had adopted a passive stance but it was clear by now for everyone that the Cultivator had some special information.

Most of them hoped to continue with this speed, but after the second tower was finished, Heinz instructed everyone to retreat. He made clear that the Heavenly race would not sit by if they continued and it was better to wait until the Second Layer could be used without any inconvenience and the rest of the army was battle-ready. 

The next couple of months were calm for the Soul Forging existences but it was a different story for those Rank 3 life forms and beneath.

Battles started to happen a couple of weeks after the last tower was finished in the land outside the force field and casualties were very normal on both sides. The Rank 4 life forms did not interfere with those fights, since it was a good way to train their soldiers.

There was a small number of individuals who got famous during this time. Two of them were siblings of the Eye Holder race that fought alongside the Daybreak Clan.

The duo had a very powerful bloodline and the reason for their recognition was due to an encounter they had with a Novice Rank 3 Angel of Protection.

This warrior of the Heavenly race had escaped from a Master Rank 3 Magus and was severely injured. Just as he was about to reunite with his comrades he was ambushed by the duo.

Sigrid's entire body was covered by a runic set and she was able to summon the illusion of an Ethereal Dragon that assaulted the mind of the Angel of Protection and forced him into a dream.

Using her power to affect the soul of a higher Rank life form generated a backlash that forced her to cough blood, but she was able to disable the magic defenses of her enemy for an instant and inflict damage to his consciousness.

Aren took the opportunity that his sister gave him and he fell from the sky above the Angelic Paragon. He launched a downward kick, his body was covered in a yellow layer of earth and had a runic set inscribed just like his sister.

As he descended, the illusion of a huge turtled formed around him and his weight increased immensely.

The Angel of Protection was able to fight back against the dream and stop that kick from blasting his head open in the last moment, but still, the attack destroyed the right part of his body. That plus the damage he had from before were too much for him and he knew he would not be able to escape so he attacked like a madman at the duo.

Sigrid and Aren faced the Angel of Protection without any fear and after sustaining some serious wounds, they killed their opponent.

Even if their enemy was gravely injured and they ambushed him, jump a Rank was an amazing feat and that was especially true since the duo was still at the Advanced level.

Part of the reason for their victory was their powerful Emperor bloodline and teamwork, and another part was the Path Techniques that allowed them to display a battle power at the Peak of their Rank.

The ones who also obtained great fame were Dante, Kilo, and Rax. The last two got the nickname "Dragons of Destruction" due to the powerful flames they left in their path that destroyed everything they touched. 

As for Dante, everyone already knew his god-level skill as a strategist and he proved that his battle aptitude was not inferior. He was always accompanied by those giants in black armor and they constantly fought against Rank 3 Angels of Supremacy and even Angelic Paragons.

He was a Master Rank 2 life form but the power and speed in his arrows could match spells launched by a Master Rank 3 Magus and the synergy he reached with those giants made people think they shared one mind.

When people saw him fighting, a phase of the mortal world came to their minds.

"A Tiger Father will not beget a Dog Son."

Zatiel had not shown himself since the fight against the winged snake but his power was engraved in the mind of every warrior of the Magi invader force.

There were plenty of them who wished to form some sort of connection with him after all by what they had seen and learned about the man, he was a monstrous level genius who would awake his True Soul and become a Rank 4 life form.

Eventually, the whole army marched once again and they did it under the cover of the night and in a stealthy manner. All sorts of concealment spells were launched by the Rank 4 life forms.

They knew it would be impossible to fully hide and create the tower without the Heavenly race noticing it, but these tactics will still buy them some time, and every minute was precious.

Ezequiel and Zatiel were once again with the army and the latter was the center of attention. This was due to the strange runes that released small arcs of red lightning all around his head and they were so many that they covered all of his skin.

The Soul Forging existences in the sky were also looking at him. They did not focus on the runes, but on the fact that they felt something odd with the consciousness of the Neo-Demon.

Since he did not speak about it and no one dared to question him, they just moved forward. Eventually, they reached the coast where there was an abandoned city of the Heavenly race.

This place was evacuated since the dukes knew there was a great possibility the Magi invader force would choose to construct their new magic tower here. 

Heinz did not waste time and he made the materials for the tower along with hundreds of automatons appear in the center of the city.

The army positioned around the tower and adopted defensive positions while the Soul Forging in the sky used their consciousness to maintain surveillance.

Less than three hours after they arrived everyone felt the powerful auras that approached with immense speed.

Some of the Rank 4 life forms had a solemn expression since unlike last time, they would have to fight.

Heinz was at the head of the army. His heartbeat was like thunder and an immense amount of blood energy filled his body. His eyes were filled with a monstrous fighting spirit and excitement.

He was a Sword Cultivator and unlike the rest, he was able to increase his power and law comprehension in the battles where he was forced to risk his life and push his limits.

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