Abyssal Lord of the Magi World
248 Space Storm
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Abyssal Lord of the Magi World
Author :Redsunworld
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248 Space Storm

The Soul Forging existences of the Heavenly race were like behemoths as they flew through the sky. None of them bothered to contain the energy in their bodies which made the air around them poisonous for any life form beneath Rank 3.

What called the attention of Heinz was that there were only forty-seven Rank 4 life forms instead of the forty-nine that appeared last time. Two Angelic Paragons were missing. There was also the fact that the rest of the army did not accompany them. 

The Cultivator could not help but feel uncomfortable when he saw those changes. His consciousness did not detect anything off, and thanks to his domain over the Law of Space no Rank 4 life form should be able to hide from him.

There was a possibility that those Angelic Paragons were needed in another place, after all the Heavenly race had to control not just this continent but the entire world. As for the rest of the army, maybe they decided that since they no longer had the Origin Runic Set, their participation would be futile.

Despite those perfectly valid and highly feasible reasons, Heinz still felt that something was wrong, but he did not have time to think since the dukes along with the rest of the warriors of the Heavenly race infiltrated the Second Layer and launched themselves against their counterparts.

Very soon a balance was reached between both sides. Marvelous phenomenon and supernatural creatures, each one covering thousands of meters, appeared on the sky as both sides released their Law Avatars.

They all fired attacks that filled the sky with explosions of all colors and the elements acted as if they were in a frenzy, with immense storms appearing around the battlefield.

Heinz fought against the Angelic Paragon with crystal wings and four Rank 4 Angels of Supremacy.

A river of lightning, hundreds of small meteorites, countless ice sharks, and long vines full of thorns assaulted the Cultivator from all sides.

The skin of the swordsman had a metallic red color due to Demodand Blood Drive. He moved through those attacks with amazing dexterity and just as a meteorite was about to crash on him, he blasted it to pieces with a single punch before sending an arc of sword energy against the river of lightning and split it.

From behind him a tide of vines approached with great speed and ahead there were ice sharks that blocked his path. 

Heinz's eyes were cold, thanks to the artifact armor and his powerful body even if the attacks landed point-blank they would not be able to truly harm him, but he was not someone who would choose to resist when he could destroy the obstacles on his path.

He flashed forward with amazing speed, leaving behind the vines. He used his body and sword to crush the sharks until he reached the Angel of Supremacy that had launched them.

His sword had a dark glow around it, that was formed by the destructive power of the Law of Space, the Law of Sword, and the Law of Killing. He pushed his Law of Blood to the peak and an immense amount of blood energy gathered on his arm which made them grow one fold.

The eyes of the Angelic Paragon widened as he saw the attack that was about to land on him. He was sure even with the artifact armor, he would end up severely injured.

Just as Heinz was about to hack the body of his opponent, two ten thousand meter snakes made of crystal attacked him.

They were the Law Avatar of the Angelic Paragon with wings made of crystal. Their power and speed were impressive, even though they were weakened by the force field.

Heinz's eyes narrowed when he detected those snakes. In an instant, the dark glow on his sword changed into a thick killing intent.

"Annihilation Ocean!"

A red ocean assaulted the two crystal snakes and the Angel of Supremacy near him.

The Angel of Supremacy suffered severe wounds but his life was saved thanks to his armor. A great part of the snakes was shattered under the might of the ocean.

There was an immense rage in the heart of the Angelic paragon when she saw the state of her Law Avatar. The effect of the Second Layer was more significant than she originally thought.

A diminish in fifty percent of your battle power doesn't mean that you could equal your previous might if there was a perfect copy of you. Her speed was too slow compared to Heinz, who could use his dexterity and the Law of Space to move around the battlefield and her strike power could not compete against the attacks of the Cultivator.

The woman's frustration almost made her use her trump card, but she was able to maintain a cold head.

'Our goal is not to destroy a mere magic tower. I don't know where they obtained that information but if it is true, then we can provoke more damage that way.' A peculiar light filled her eyes as she stared at the dukes for a moment before reforming her Law Avatar.

Heinz's body trembled because he used the Annihilation Ocean in such a rash manner. His energy was in disarray and the backlash would have been much worse if not for his powerful body.

Unfortunately, he did not have time to rest since the Angelic Paragon and the Angels of Supremacy attacked him with all they had.

The skin of the two crystal snakes glowed while they absorbed the light around them and fired beams of energy against the Cultivator.

Despite the danger, there was calmness on Heinz's eyes. He galvanized the power of space he controlled and used the ability that was the natural evolution of Void Disruption and Void Slash.

The space around the swordsman started to shatter more and more, which made thousands of small dark cracks appear on his surroundings.

Those fissures were so thin that even a Rank 4 life form would find it hard to see them with the naked eye. If they used their consciousness to touch them, they would harm themselves.

The number of cracks increased exponentially around Heinz and just as the attacks of his opponents were about to land, the space around him collapsed.

Space fragments started to rotate around Heinz and they carried the all-annihilating power of space in them.

The moment the Law Avatars clashed against this whirlwind of space fragments, they shattered before reaching the Cultivator.

After it fulfilled its function, Heinz was forced to deactivate this protective cocoon of space since it became unstable, but there was a smile on his face as he felt the power he had just controlled.

The Angels of Supremacy were shocked when they saw how Heinz stopped their attacks and shattered their Law Avatars with such ease. The Angelic Paragon with wings of crystal was the most surprised of all since she understood better than anyone how impressive was the feat that the swordsman accomplished.

'That was a Space Storm!. He is just a Rank 4 life form and has not yet started to engrave the laws into his body. How is his comprehension over the Law of Space so high." The Angelic Paragon could not help but felt poisonous envy when she saw Heinz's talent.

Space Storm was a power that could be used at the 'Initial' level of the Law of Space, but the difficulty was so high that many would only be able to utilize it when they were one step away from the 'Minor Completion' level.

Its defensive and offensive force was astonishing and it required very little energy. Heinz was still far away from fully mastering it, but once he did it, he would have a skill capable of facing Rank 5 spells.

Law comprehension was one of the most important factors to advance in the Rank and Heinz mastery over a law so hard as the Law of Space proved that he would find it very easy to reach the Peak of Rank 5.

Heinz did not care about what his enemies felt and he launched himself back to the fray. His eyes burned with a monstrous fighting spirit and his sword was filled with killing intent.

Not far away from him, the Cultivator's Blood Incarnation fought against an Angel of Supremacy and an Angelic Paragon.

In the end, Heinz was able to take care of seven enemies on his own with two Angelic Paragons among them.

This was even more impressive if you consider that the woman with crystal wings was the most powerful warrior of the Heavenly race.

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