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Abyssal Lord of the Magi World
Author :Redsunworld
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249 Goodbye I

Just like Heinz, Zitra and Totto were also fighting against several opponents.

The Lich had the Reaper behind him, who waved his scythe and split dozens of giant lava beasts that marched against him.

Totto raised his hand and his Law Avatar copied his movement and fired a beam of energy against a metal giant that attempted to crush him. 

Without losing his momentum, the Reaper used the scythe to disperse a hurricane.

He fought against Oliver and another two Angels of Supremacy. The Lich's power should be around the same as the original strength of the Angelic Paragon and thanks to the force field, he could take care of another two enemies.

Despite dominating his opponents, Totto could not help but feel uncomfortable as he confronted Oliver.

There was nothing different about his power or behavior. His strength was what he expected from the information he obtained from Zitra and the disdain and wrath on his eyes proved his mentality was the same he displayed the last time they saw him.

However, when he stared at the duke in the eyes, he felt as if there was someone or something else looking back at him. Even though he was a Lich and master of the Law of Fear, that made his bones shiver.

Of course, his experience was vast and the number of life and death battles he had were plenty, so he was able to shake off that feeling and display his full power during the fight.

'Those disgusting beast will soon understand that they are nothing against us. Maverick and Vermeil will soon be in position and I need to be ready to activate it. Even though it was a great humiliation to make a business deal with an animal, if everything goes well, it will be more than worth it.' There was a level of excitement and happiness in Oliver's heart that he had not felt for a long time, but he made sure not to show it on his face.

In the memory of the Angelic Paragon, the meeting with the Sage went without a problem. Not only did he help them with the Volcano Eruption, but he also gave them a way to handle the biggest threat to them.

Although the price was a little high, in his opinion it was extremely fair, or at least that's what they made him think. 

The energy on the duke's body grew and dozens of colossal creatures rose from the ocean of lava behind him and attacked the Lich. The power in each of them reached the might of a Rank 4 spell but unfortunately, under the effects of the Second Layer, they could not resist the scythe of the Reaper.

Still, Oliver's barrage along with the attacks of the other two Angels of Supremacy forced Totto to put all of his attention in the battle.

The Eye of Despair constantly channeled the power of fear and directed it to the Hand of Sorrow that increased the energy in the scythe. 

Totto's attack constantly destroyed the Law Avatars of his opponents and his fear energy slowly infiltrated the bodies of the two Angels of Supremacy.

Oliver's bloodline was able to burn any foreign energy that attempted to infiltrate his body. This talent had limitations depending on the quality of the energy, the might of his opponent's laws, and how strong the magical defenses of the duke were at the moment.

Zitra also fought against a duke and two other Angels of Supremacy. The power in her Law Avatar that took the form of a gyroscope was shocking.

The wheels of shadows spun incredibly fast and from the light energy in the core, hundreds of weapons were fired.

Tomas used his yin energy to weaken the weapons made of light of the Magus and then his yang energy to counterattack. Even though his battle power was reduced in fifty percent, his strength was still equal to most Peak Rank 4 life forms.

That was the reason he was so surprised by the pressure he faced as he fought against the young woman in front of him. The weapons fired by the Magus were able to alternate between shadows and light instantly.

The ethereal aspect in the Law of Shadows diminished the effectiveness of the Yin Law and although the Yang Law had more offensive power than the Law of Light, its speed was inferior.

Tomas looked at the two Angels of Supremacy who helped him against the woman and their condition was deplorable. They could barely defend against the weapons fired from the gyroscope and wounds were accumulating in their bodies.

If it was not for the artifact armor they carried, their condition would have been much worse.

'Just a little longer, the moment our plans succeed, the Magi will lose their guide, and slowly we will be able to dismantle their control over the continent.' The energy in Tomas's body exploded and the sword light his wings fired increased in power.

Zitra's eyes narrowed as she saw the rise in his opponent's strength. At the speed he burned his energy, he would not be able to last very long.

Just like Totto, she felt an impious presence in the eyes of the duke as they fought and her instincts told her that something was wrong. 

However, she could not figure out what happened to him. Zitra thought that the best path was to make sure he would not be able to escape and pin him down.

Her weapons became more and more brutal and every time the attacks of Tomas or the two Angels of Supremacy got near her, she would disintegrate into strands of shadow, dodge them and then fire back with more power.

The rest of the Magi were able to handle one or at most two opponents, depending on their bloodline and how strong they were.

Each of the Fallen, on the other hand, could fight with at least two enemies and some of those with an Emperor bloodline could even fight two Angelic Paragons.

The most impressive of all was Nero. The seven winged Fallen was able to fight against six Angelic Paragons at the same time!.

He overwhelmed his adversaries, even though they had artifact armors and he did not. The Law Avatars of his opponents attacked from every single direction and the power in each of them was incredible but Nero's spear destroyed everything it touched.

His bloodline gave him an extremely powerful physique and the blue star behind the Fallen increased the might of attacks and also improved his body.

Nero could see the revulsion in the eyes of the warriors of the Heavenly race as they focused on his seventh wing. To them, that was a disgusting deformity but the Fallen couldn't care less about their opinion and his eyes burned with a blue light that represented his indomitable pride.

An Angelic Paragon that had transformed himself in a giant treant charged against the Nero, while rivers of poison and a deadly miasma attacked from behind.

The blue light in the spear shined so brightly that burned the eyes of the Angelic Paragons that saw it. Nero turned back and released an arc of energy that not only destroyed the poison and the miasma but also assaulted the ones that launched them.

The treant roared as it attempted to smash the seven winged Fallen with his humongous arm. Nero's eyes narrowed and performed a back kick.

The arm was hundred of meters large and the leg was almost invisible in comparison, but when the two crashed, it was the treant's hand the one that exploded and his entire body was launched backward.

Zatiel focused on the battle in the sky and it was clear that the Magi side overwhelmed the warriors of the Heavenly race.

This was thanks to Heinz, Nero, Zitra, and Totto. They not only took care of the three most powerful enemy warriors but also suppressed more than a third of the Rank 4 life forms of the Heavenly race.

Even though they were winning and it appeared they would be able to obtain a flawless victory, Zatiel's face was expressionless.

'I wonder when it will happen.' Zatiel's heart was in complete calm and nothing could affect him.

Without any warning or the slightest sound, the earth beneath the Neo-Demon liquified, and an Angelic Paragon with wings made of mud rose from it. 

Zatiel was still looking at the battle in the sky. It seems that he did not notice the arrival of this man.

There was a layer of asphalt around the body of the Angelic Paragon and he was less than fifty meters away from Zatiel. To a Rank 4 life form, that was nothing and in less than a fraction of a second, he would be able to cover that distance.

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