Abyssal Lord of the Magi World
251 My word is Law
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Abyssal Lord of the Magi World
Author :Redsunworld
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251 My word is Law




Cries of anguish were heard the moment Zatiel disappeared. The pain and hate in them would make anyone shudder.

However, the expression in the faces of the Soul Forging existences of the Heavenly race, especially in the dukes, was one of pure bliss.

'Yes, we did it, we have captured the Taboo Existence!' Oliver could not be happier and he felt an immense weight drop from his shoulders.

This scheme was not done hastily and many backup plans had been prepared to handle any possible contingency. Those black spheres, asphalt armors, and the other tools they created for this mission were extremely expensive and time-consuming. They were forced to postpone other projects to have them for this task.

After the Sage told them Zatiel's identity, the dukes understood the importance of capturing him, and they even went to the extremes of using the Mirror of Falsehood to make sure they did not make a mistake.

'We have not finished yet, I doubt they would be able to notice Vermeil, but it is better to be safe than sorry. Oliver, make sure to maintain the pressure over the Magi and Tomas prepare yourself to handle the swordsman.' The voice of the Angelic Paragon with crystal wings sounded in the mind of two dukes and they nodded before adopting a serious expression.

Despite the tone of the woman, she was very confident in their victory. The black gas still had their opponents suppressed and even if they managed to free themselves, they would have to face Oliver and the rest of the Soul Forging existences of the Heavenly race.

As for Heinz, even though he had fused with his Law Avatar, the time that he would be able to stay in this world would be too little to make significant damage, not to mention he was not the only one who could enter that state.

She was focused on Heinz and there was a smile on her face as she saw the expression the Cultivator made when he realized that he failed to rescue Zatiel.

'Let's see how you face that failure' The Angelic Paragon had done thorough research on Heinz and naturally found out he was a Cultivator.

Those who stand out on this path could jump levels in battle power without the need of a bloodline. Most of their power comes from their Dao Heart that grants them amazing comprehension abilities.

But this heaven-defying talent was a double edge sword and the number of Cultivators who found their Dao Heart crumbling when they faced an immense setback was not small.

'Brother.' Heinz's eyes widened when he saw Zatiel's smile and heard his farewell. It was clear that the Neo-Demon did not blame him for not saving him, but that only made the pain he felt even more strong.

He remembered the first time he saw Zatiel. He had been a kind person in his youth and the number of friends he had made when he was weak was not small but as he advanced through the Ranks and the others lagged behind, their relationships deteriorated since even if Heinz did not behave differently, the rest did it.

Some attempted to maintain their relationship only to profit from his power, but the Cultivator could see past their facade and did not bother with them.

That is why Heinz was so surprised and happy when he found a Rank 1 life form who did not feel fear or nervous when he was in front of him and even went to the point of classifying those who followed his path as lunatics.

The Cultivator had long ago understood that Zatiel's true identity was a very special one, but none of that mattered to him because he had come to think of him as a true life and death brother, someone he would follow to hell.

As those emotions were filling Heinz's mind, his sight fell in the Angelic Paragon with wings made of mud.

All of the guilt and reproach in the Cultivator's mind transformed in a single though, one so potent and strong that permeated his True Soul.

'Kill them all!'

Heinz's Dao Heart trembled and a red seed was formed in it. This seed contained all of Heinz's brotherly love, uncontrollable wrath, and desire to slaughter.

The same seed also appeared around his True Soul and started to circle it. This was not made by emotions but of laws, more specifically the Law of Killing.

The changes in Heinz took a long time to say but it happened in less than an instant and the next second, a red aura that made the continent tremble was released from the Cultivator's body.

Not just the warriors of the Heavenly race but even Zitra, Nero, Totto, and the others felt fear due to the monstrous killing intent they felt from Heinz.

The moment that seed appeared around his True Soul, Heinz's face became emotionless but the coldness in his eyes was so great that it altered the environment around him.

Maverick saw those eyes, and even though he had come with the mentality to sacrifice his life to fulfill this mission, right now an uncontrollable terror made his heart tremble and the only thing he wanted to do was run.

Unfortunately for him, the killing god in front of him had other plans.

"DIE" Heinz did not attack the Angelic Paragon and just spoke that word but all the Rank 4 life forms were able to feel how that word stirred the laws in the world.

An unfathomable force assaulted the Maverick and the mysticism in it was so deep that his artifact armor was not able to react to it. His body trembled and in the next second, his eyes lost their bright and although his heart still beat, he had died.

Red threads had invaded the consciousness of the Angelic Paragon and advanced to his True Soul where they shattered it to the point that it was pulverized.

Everyone, from the weakest warrior protecting the magic tower to the Soul Forging existence in the sky, was startled and they could not believe what they just saw. 

Heinz used one word to shatter the True Soul of a Rank 4 life form!.

"Impo... impossible! how could he... how could he do something like that." The shock in the Angelic Paragon with wings made of crystal was the strongest of all.

She understood that what the Cultivator did was to communicate with the Law of Killing of the Beta Heavenly World and command it to kill the Angelic Paragon.

That ability was known by many powerhouses at the Soul Law Domain Rank as 'My word is Law' and it means one thing.

Heinz had reached the 'Minor Completion' level over the Law of Killing!. 

Her master was a Rank 6 life form and she understood very well how impressive and difficult reaching the 'Minor Completion' level was. In the Heavenly race, there is only one kind that is capable of reaching that level at Rank 4, the Archangels.

Reach the Initial level as a Soul Forging existence was impressive, but not that uncommon in High World with Emperor bloodlines, but the 'Minor Completion' level was entirely different.

The Law Engraving Rank is meant to help a life form reach a deeper connection with their laws by fusing them with their bodies, and advance past the 'Initial' level of law comprehension without this step, should only be possible for those with a Law Bloodline.

The woman did not have time to think about how this could happen as her entire body shivered when the Cultivator looked at her.

Heinz's heart was filled with killing intent and he was set on killing as many warriors of the Heavenly race as he could before the World Consciousness expelled him from this world but just as he was about to rise to the sky he froze.

When he killed the Angelic Paragon with wings made of mud the black fog he created disappeared and thanks to his control over the Law of Space, Heinz could feel a connection just where Zatiel had disappeared with a place thousands of kilometers away.

He closed his eyes and saw an Angelic Paragon with wings made of air flying as if life depended on it. He carried a dark cocoon on his hand and had the same asphalt armor and black fog around him that Maverick had.

'I can still save him!' Heinz's eyes glowed with excitement and a smile appeared on his face.

He looked at the sky once again and focused on the black gas.

"SHATTER" His voice created a red shock wave that destroyed the gas. The power in it was so great that it exploded the body of four Angels of Supremacy and wounded many others.

'Push them out of the force field and then go to this location, my brother is there.' A set of coordinates appeared on the mind of Zitra, Totto, and Nero.

The next moment, Heinz focused his power on the Law of Space and teleported.

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