Advent of the Nine Celestials
1 Arrival and Awakening
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Advent of the Nine Celestials
Author :MMMage
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1 Arrival and Awakening

sfx; boooooom !! [beep! Abnormal activity detected in the software file xp100020sd require administrator permission to delete file!] What do you mean you need administrator permission i'm the only one that's working on this vec teleportation project for years there is no other administrators besides me''! jin yelled as he push buttons in his mind.

Year 322019, human kind have advanced far into the universe where they are able to control and use black holes as a funnel to harvest energy and have made a lot of success advancing into the universe. As human kind advance into the universe our brains were not compatible enough to record alot of data hence their were stringent installation that was made since birth. Mostly 99% all human have the [A.I. prime] installed beside the brain to record and analyse any and all activities that is being made in their lives. [beep! Require host to perform manual removal within 30 seconds before hardware will be affected!]

[beep! Failed to remove the abnormal activiiii-t-ii ! commencing soul transport to planet kic 8462852][beep! data lost system shutting down, teleportation failure, transfer faileddddd!]

sfx; boom boom boom!! ''wh-what's happening here prime!'' Jin yell. [beep! System overload unable to suppress power overload, saving files, save fail teleportation device self destruct starts in 10..9..8..!]''what self destruct?? Cancel, abort, command AL799900203 cancel all previous command. [beep! Command AL799900203 detected unable to activate command! 4...3...2...1!] sfx; booooom. jin''ahhhhhhhhh.''

[beep! Software file xp100020sd removed activating file recovery][beep! Soul stasis endangered recommend host to find a body as soon as possible!][BEEP!][BEEP!][BEEP! HIGH ENERGY WAVES DETECTED, ACTIVATING HOSTS FORCE AWAKENING PROCEDURES!]

''I'm awake what's happening what is that bright light?[beep! Interference detected sy-ste-m....

''prime? PRIME respond, jeez if i'm going to die just let me die already'' jin sigh.

''well you did die but i pulled you over to have a quick chat''.''who are you again?''jin ask the unknown old man.''i am ahem to keep the introductions short you can just call me god one of the beings that govern souls and well you've died so i came to give you another chance, well you know the saying everyone deserves a second chance right.''god said. ''well that must mean i'm dead but how exactly did i die? The teleportation system is not even finished patching yet... oh i see there were a corrupt file in it and some how it just blows up on me, well since i'm already dead are you like going to judge me,punish me,make me drink that translucent tea or whip my memories?''jin asked.

''Well i would preferred to whip your memory but you see that explosion not only happened take your life but it also made half of the planet disappear, Good news is i haven't seen anyone other then you still floating around.'' ''But the bad news is half the planet is unknown even i cant detect it so it is mostly likely out of my universe, well hopefully they meet a good god as well which ever universe they got sent to.''god said with a worried smile.''since im dead you said you'll give me a secound chance what would that be are you going to send me to a different world or something?''jin asked with a calmly.

''well yes, but since your able succeed in taking half the planet down with you literally, i guess your worth that much.'' god said with a serious face. ''But because you take half the planet you will only be half yourself meaning you won't be the only soul in the body you'll be sent to'' god said. ''what is this world that you going to send me to?'' jin asked with a serious face.'' Well the key is that the air and gravity won't kill you once you arrive but do know that it is completely different from kic 8462852, since you would feel uncomfortable without the A.I. I will bind that to your soul, but you'll have to update and do other upgrades by yourself i'm not allowed to help you very much and tell you very much. ''god said. ''you said that you sending me to a world with magic?''jin probed. ''Oh yes it have magic beyond your imaginations, it also has Dragons, Phoenix, Unicorns, elf, beast-men, and elemental. ''god replied. ''oh could I ask for one favor before i get sent there?''jin asked. ''sure what might that be?'' ''ahh its just a tiny favor can give me the ability to learn magic fast?''jin asked. '' very well I'll give you the innate ability to learn magic fast [innate magic]''god answered.

'' well I'm ready whenever you are ready to send me. oucchhhhhhhh.'' jin yelled. ''Ooh it's not that painful it's just a sting to get the A.I. onto your soul, remember you won't be the only one in that new body, and you also won't be in the universe anymore you'll be going to a very strange world far different from yours that's about all the warnings I can give good luck kid.'' god gazed into the universe.

[beep! system restarting...system restart complete...system restoring...system restoring complete!]''system show me my statistics.




Xp; 0 / 50



Strength- 1.8





ability; analysis, mana manipulation, mana channeling,

passive; MP auto recovery,

blessings; world god blessing [innate magic], [space/time magic]<you know just a little gift from me so you don't have to carry a lot things around>

status; 1st soul awakened saturated soul enter hibernation soon, 2nd soul awakening 0.001%!]

"a.i. what is this 2nd soul awakening?"jin ask. [beep! body is currently in possession of jin from planet [kic 846285] system detect other abnormal objects in the hosts body that is similar to hosts own soul!] ''Oh that's right I don't need to talk out loud that's nice'' jin thought

[beep! 2nd soul awakening 99. 99....initiating awakening... awakening complete!] ''wow that's too fast''jin was shocked.

UMM. What happened the last thing i remember is finishing my boot camp for c++,c# and other programming classes I was thinking about... ouchhh my head hurts huh what's this? Who was this? Teleportation devices planet kic 846285? What? God? Umm the last thing I remember that was my own memories was going to sleep oh I for to change the commands for my room freezer and I felt dizzy and collapse. Does that mean I froze to death sigh all that effort into programming? so what are these memories? Someone else, oh an a.i. like the ones from those isekai manga oh I can use it too? What was it again...system show me my statistics.

[beep! Soul-Adam Alexander


Xp; 0 /10



Strength- 0.7



Intelligence- 2.2

luck- 20%

ability; reaction speed enhanced,

passive; high speed computing, calculation, and thinking, focus, wisdom

blessings; world god blessing [innate magic]

status; soul 1 (stasis), soul 2 healthy, soul 3 awakening...]

Wow my stats not all that bad but it's a bit different from the Jin senior. Hmm I want to see my status all the time, system add my statistics to my view interface top left hand corner. [beep! Show interface…] nice now I can see my stats I don't have to ask for my info every time.

Shiver shiver shiver… ''wow its really cold'' Adam murmured. As he opens his eyes he couldn't help but lose his breath. He was standing next to the side of a hug mountain that was 10 times the side of mount Everest on earth as he looked up what awaited him wasn't the blue skies that he was hoping for but a dark and pale violet. He rubed his eyes and look again the violet skies was gone and what replaced it made Adam grimace in horror as he wouldn't have expected to be reincarnated in the mouth of an unknown creature that could swallow planets and stars as he could see that there were more then 1 stars that was flouting around this planet. [Beep! Scanning…scan complete host seems to be on a planet with life, need to be scanned for more data.] ''That's a relief what would I do if I was the only living creature on this world, hmmm since I discover this planet I should give it a name to be recorded in the data-base and speaking of base I have to find a human base or something that won't kill me on sight. As Adam looked around he found a very peculiar cave, since he have nothing better to do he went inside the what greeted him was a hug head ache but before he could say anything he was slacked jaw for what he saw. There was trees grass horse, dogs, pigs, tigers, elephants wondering around under the blue sky or so he thought but when he looked closely they're all surrounded by a thick layer of some energy that he wasn't able to make out . ''wait…a blue sky what just happen I thought this was a cave.'' [beep! Abnormal energy detected host has enter space time teleportation… host have been teleported successfully… environment 20% identical to earths and planet KIC 84… warning to host intelligent life forms detected heading to host direction...] TBC
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    《Advent of the Nine Celestials》