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Advent of the Nine Celestials
Author :MMMage
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2 where am i?

Volume 1; chapter 2; where am I?

(Previously on ANC; Jin died and was teleported to an unknown world but before he could do anything another person too over his body and Jin went into soul recovery stasis inside the body. Then Adam Alexander a 19-year-old senior programmer took control of the body and went into a cave where he was teleported to a new place.)

As Adam was walking down the rode the system rings a waring. [beep! Detecting intelligent life forms detected, heading hosts way…] Before Adam can respond. Whoosh…. there was something no someone that was standing in front of him and he was 1m away from bumping into the person, but he stopped without notice that the momentum he was walking with made him trip and fall onto the person. ''Oughppppff''Adam heard a muffled girls voice, he tried to quickly get up off the person and apologize but the girl made some sounds that sounded like gibberish to him '' !!%%^&@@!!%%''. ''uhh I don't understand what your trying to say' 'Adam replied. Before Adam can notice an old man with white beard and mustache help the girl up. ''!@#@$%!@@''the old man said as he said that he walked toward and place his hand on Adams head… a few seconds later Adam could understand what they were saying.'' Young master Adam I am very glad that you are in one piece ''the old man said with a worried expression. 'owe you actually bump into me don't you know how to control yourself'' the girl chimed. ''Young miss Anan please calm down the young master didn't mean it on purpose he accidentally trip while stopping abruptly.'' The old man defends. '' Who are you people again?'' Adam inquired. '' ahu young master forgotten me I can't believe this I've been working for the D. family my entire 5 thousand years and no one have forgotten me Christopher Allen before, this is a first.'' The old man responded with a depressed tone. '' Well he might have hit his head on something while he was out in the forest there was some magic fluctuations in the area just now.'' Anan mockingly said but Adam too advantage of this and said.''Yea I was being chased by a wild tiger and hit my head on a tree branch, how long was I gone, where are we, and what are we doing here?'' Adam questioned. ''young master Adam let's return home before we talk any further it's not safe out here.'' The old man said with a serious expression. ''roar' 'the roar of a beast could be heard in the distance.

[Beep! Scanning complete

Name- Anan Alexander

Title; Duke Alexander, 3rd daughter


Xp; 30,000/128.000

HP: 6,588/6,588

MP: 5,600/5,600

Strength- 3.7



Intelligence- 8.9

luck- 11%

ability; water magic level 2, light magic level 4, fire magic level 2, wood magic lvl3

passive; sensory, locate, search, mana sensor

blessing; water elementals blessing, wood elementals blessing.

Status; cursed level 3- all xp gain will be reduced by 40%, all attributes reduced by 20%.

[beep! Detected that host and the unknown lifeform has the same DNA determined to be hosts body sibling.]

Name- Christopher Allen


HP: 200,522,290/200,522,290

MP: 640,500/640,500

Strength- 165



Intelligence- 50.81


ability; ???

passive; ???

blessings; ???

status; ???

[beep! butler of the D. family, expected to be hosts body original soul family]

''DANG I'm only level zero, even that little girl can whoop me with those statuses.'' Adam murmured to himself. ''nock nock nock '' Adam heard the door was being knocked. ''who is it' 'Adam inquired. ''It's us young master miss Anna and Christopher we would like to have a talk with you. ''Chris. oh the doors not lock Chris come in.'' ''young master please stop with the nicknames it's improper for a mage my age. ''Chris replied. I don't know why but I feel rather comfortable talking to them maybe it's because they were human but I admit there are a lot of races in this city but most of the recesses in this city composed of elves and beast-men with cats and wolf feature are the majority. I called it a city because there's a lot of 2-3 stories houses around the place that was packed. '' so young master how are you feeling now you disappeared on us about 3 weeks now we have men looking for you everywhere. 'Chris.

''yea, and you just show up out of nowhere and now you say you lost your memories how do you plan on explaining to dad about it? 'Anna questioned.

'' I'm not sure how to say this but I I just don't remember there's like a fog in my head and shaking it don't help but worsen it, maybe if you tell me some stuff I maybe able to get some memory back. 'Adam

''fine do you remember your family and friends? 'Chris.

''nope, not a clue all you've said is all I know.'' Adam replied. After a few minutes of chatting the two people left, and at this point Adam had been too surprised to even notice some of the details that they had talked about. But he did manage to record it so he asked ''prime tell me where and what this place is?!'' [Beep! Host is on planet AXIA 90, also known as A9…host current location is on the border next to the Elias family, hosts current identity is that of the 3rd son of the Alexander family…] They say that we'll be heading home tomorrow and it sounds like I'm part of the nobility in this world. As Adam thought about this there was two people talking next door. '' it seems like the young master lost his memories from birth till recently this is going to be quite problematic hi is the only person that has been elected to attend the greater magic academy of six realms. 'Chris sigh.'' I think it'll be fine I don't know where he gets that much mana from out of the blue but it seems as though he'll pass the exams for the academy. 'Anna replied. 'I hope so those magicians are crazy with those experiments I hope young master survive.'' Chris sigh deeply.

The next morning

Adam woke up and was greeted with the site of a big room he was fascinated just by the size of the room it could fit his previous entire house in this one room, and luckily there was a butler standing next to the door. '' hum, where am I exactly? 'Adam. ''good afternoon young master Adam my name is Alford the head butler you are in your own room of course you have been in a coma for the past 4 days, so miss Anna and master Christopher decided to teleport you back.'' The butler responded with a hint of reverence. Adam got out of the bed and put on some common clothes that was in the drawer then he turned around and asked ''where's the library?'' the butler lead the way to the library and the library stand up to its name there were columns and columns, rows to rows of booms in languages he didn't understand but he didn't care about that when he had the a.i. prime with him he could just assimilate all the information he collected with the a.i to his brain.
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    《Advent of the Nine Celestials》