Alchemy Emperor of the Divine Dao
1362 Slaying Eight Heavenly Body Tier Elites
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Alchemy Emperor of the Divine Dao
Author :Flying Alone
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1362 Slaying Eight Heavenly Body Tier Elites

Situ Jianyuan and the seven other Heavenly Body Tier elites immediately attacked Ling Han in unison.

He was the only outsider here, and once they killed him, they would finally be able to discuss how they would distribute the Highest Jade Essence Heart as well as the large number of True Origin Stones. However, if they couldn't kill Ling Han, all of these things would merely be intangible dreams.

Among the eight Heavenly Body Tier elites, Situ Jianyuan was the most powerful. There were two others who had also reached the high extreme, yet they were only at the early stage of the high extreme. Of the remaining five elites, three were at the medium extreme, and two were at the low extreme.

They all unleashed their own secret techniques, attempting to suppress Ling Han as quickly as possible.


Heavenly bodies materialized in the air, some radiating with an eerie black light, and some radiating with a glow as blinding as the light from the sun. Devastating power ruthlessly swept through the surroundings.

Ling Han raised his Divine Demon Sword with a laugh, and said, "Old friend, we're going to go on a killing spree!"

The Divine Demon Sword replied with a light ring. The blade of the sword quivered by itself, and it was as if the cries of dragons and roars of tigers could be heard. After being nurtured for so long, this Divine Sword was slowly developing a spirit.


Ling Han unleashed heaven's might and suppressed the cultivation of the eight Heavenly Body Tier elites by two stars.

"What's going on?!"

"Why did my power suddenly fall so drastically?!"

"What secret technique is this?!"

Apart from Situ Jianyuan, the seven other Heavenly Body Tier elites all exclaimed in astonishment. They were unable to grow accustomed to this sudden drop in power. It was as if a terrifying apocalypse were descending.


Ling Han brandished his sword, unleashing bursts of sword light that soared through the skies.

Pu, pu!

Two heads immediately flew into the sky. Blood gushed from their severed necks, painting the surrounding space a sanguinary red.

The victims were the two elites at the low extreme of the Heavenly Body Tier. In the Great Crimson Sun Imperial Empire—and perhaps even throughout the entire Immortal Realm—they were powerful enough to be regarded as elites. However, they had been unable to block even a single strike from Ling Han. They were killed in a flash, and both their bodies and divine senses had been obliterated.

Peng, peng!

However, in order to achieve these two kills, Ling Han had also exposed himself to the attacks of the six other powerful elites. Even so, he merely vomited a few mouthfuls of blood. Although his body had been penetrated by the attacks, none of them had hit his Godly bones. Thus, it could be said that he had only received some minor flesh wounds.

"F*ck! What kind of defense is this?!" someone exclaimed in astonishment.

This was far too incredible. Ling Han had focused most of his power on killing those two Heavenly Body Tier elites, so logically speaking, his defenses should have been extremely weak. How could he have faced the attacks of the six other Heavenly Body Tier elites and only ended up with some minor flesh wounds?

'He's a f*cking freak!'

Ling Han flashed a wide smile. He then activated the Indestructible Heaven's Scroll, healing the wounds on his body at a rate that was visible to the naked eye. In a few blinks of the eye, he had already recovered to his peak condition.

'Holy mother f*cker!'

This time, even Situ Jianyuan was stunned. He knew that Ling Han's physique was powerful, but he didn't know that his recovery ability was also this insanely freakish!

'How can we kill such a freak?'

What they still didn't know was, as long as Ling Han circulated a drop Indestructible True Fluid, he would be able to heal all of his wounds, regardless of how severe they were. They more so didn't know that Ling Han could even rise from the ashes, being reborn from death. Not only could he heal all of his wounds, but he could even regain all of his energy and reach the peak of his condition.

However, with their strength, they probably couldn't push Ling Han far enough to use these techniques.

"Die!" Ling Han shouted with a low growl. There was a cold glint in his eyes, and at this moment, killing intent burst from his body. If he didn't kill all of these people, his sword would never return to its sheath!

"We need to work together!" Situ Jianyuan shouted in panic. Right now, there was no time for him to worry about the fact that his opponent was only at the low extreme of the Heavenly Body Tier.

If they allowed Ling Han to continue killing them in exchange for flesh wounds, it wouldn't be long before they were all killed. As for Ling Han? His body was essentially undying, so it wouldn't bother him no matter how many wounds he received!

The six elites started to cover for each other, and this was indeed an effective strategy,

Ling Han still wasn't powerful enough to suppress all six of them at once. Thus, even though Situ Jianyuan and the others couldn't wound Ling Han, Ling Han couldn't wound or kill them, either.

"Sir, we acknowledge your strength!" Situ Jianyuan said. "How about this. We'll only take half of your treasures."

"Mm-hm, we'll only take half," the others said as they nodded. This deadlock had to be broken in some way.

Ling Han couldn't help but chuckle. "Were you all dropped on your heads as children? These are clearly my possessions, so why do I have to give you people half? I think it's better if you people leave your lives here and donate all of your possessions to me!"

"In your dreams!" the six people chided. Although they couldn't breach Ling Han's defenses, they were more than capable of teaming up and protecting themselves.

"Is that so?" Ling Han immediately charged over.

"Scram!" the six elites shouted as they attacked Ling Han in unison.

"Tide of the Ages," Ling Han whispered softly. He waved his left hand, and the tide of time instantly aged the attacks of the six elites. To their shock and surprise, they were completely unable to stop Ling Han's advance!

Ling Han activated the Lightning Sword Technique as he slashed down with his Divine Demon Sword, unleashing boundless rays of divine light. This was a future Celestial Tool!


As Ling Han dashed past them, another Heavenly Body Tier elite collapsed to the ground. Half of his head had been sliced off by the Divine Demon Sword, and it was without a doubt that his divine sense had been obliterated. This person's eyes were wide and bulging, and it was as if he were filled with a sense of shock and incredulity. How could he have died?

"Only five left," Ling Han said calmly.

However, it was this calm tone and demeanor of his that sent ice-cold chills through the bodies of the five elites who had just escaped from the raging flurry of sword strikes.

Ling Han brandished his Divine Demon Sword as he charged forward again.

The five Heavenly Body Tier elites tried to work together, yet their cooperation was meaningless before the power of time. The Tide of the Ages instantly aged their attacks, rendering their resistance futile. Moreover, when it came to their defenses, what defense could the Divine Demon Sword not breach?

At least there was no one in the Heavenly Body Tier whose defense could withstand a direct strike from the Divine Demon Sword.

Pu, pu, pu!

Head after head flew into the air, causing fountains of blood to gush into the surroundings. Elite after elite collapsed, and in the end, only Situ Jianyuan and the two other elites at the high extreme remained standing.

This wasn't because their defenses were powerful enough to withstand the stikes from the Divine Demon Sword, but because they had already stopped working together, each running their own way when the Divine Demon Sword swept over.

Ling Han couldn't help but laugh heartily. After spending so much time and effort to raise his Divine Demon Sword to level nine, it sure as hell wasn't disappointing him. Its might was becoming more and more terrifying by the day.

This was the might of a weapon that was destined to become a Celestial Tool in the future!

Situ Jianyuan suddenly pointed at the Heavenly Phoenix Divine Maiden, and shouted, "Capture her!"

"That's right, capture that woman so we can threaten this brat!" The eyes of the two other elites lit up, and they immediately charged toward the Heavenly Phoenix Divine Maiden.

"You're seeking death!" The killing intent from Ling Han's body exploded, and he immediately tossed the Notionless Saint out again.

"Wretched brat, have you had enough yet?" After being dragged away from the Reincarnation Tree, the Notionless Saint naturally stopped his cultivation. Moreover, under his furious rage, he didn't hold back as he released his overwhelming and formidable aura.

"Gasp!" Situ Jianyuan and the two other elites were all petrified. This was the aura of a Saint!

Ling Han seized this opportunity to activate the Star Plucking Step and charge toward them. After comprehending the might of heavenly tribulation, his speed had now become even more terrifyingly quick. He reached them in an instant, and he ruthlessly slashed down with his Divine Demon Sword.

Pu, pu, pu!

Three heads were instantly tossed into the sky.

After being stunned by the aura of a Saint, Situ Jianyuan and the two others were unable to offer even an ounce of resistance.

"Brat—" The Notionless Saint still wanted to say something, yet he was immediately tossed back into the Black Tower by Ling Han. Ling Han's actions were incredibly smooth, and it was as if he had already become accustomed to this action.


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