Alchemy Emperor of the Divine Dao
1363 The Might of the Treasure Forest Pavilion
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Alchemy Emperor of the Divine Dao
Author :Flying Alone
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1363 The Might of the Treasure Forest Pavilion

Ling Han immediately left after collecting the Spatial Spirit Tools of the eight Heavenly Body Tier elites. He didn't stay back to examine his loot closely.

He had no time to deal with the raging commotion that would sweep through Gathering Wind City as a result of the deaths of so many Heavenly Body Tier elites. His principles were extremely simple—if someone wanted to kill him, then he would kill them first. Nothing more needed to be said.

Several days passed, and Ling Han arrived at Big Trade City.

There was a huge amount of wealth in the eight elites' Spatial Spirit Tools. In total, there were around 200-300 million True Origin Stones. Ling Han was delighted upon discovering this. Sure enough, looting others was the best way to obtain wealth.

The others all came out from the Black Tower. After this stop, they would return to the Joint Peace Planet. Thus, they all needed to make some preparations. Those who needed to pack things would pack things, and those who needed to bring people with them would prepare said people for the journey back.

The higher Ling Han's cultivation level reached, the less afraid he was of other people discovering that he possessed a Spatial God Tool. Of course, the true secret of the Black Tower definitely couldn't be revealed. Otherwise, even the Celestial Realm would be astonished.

Ling Han made his way to the Treasure Forest Pavilion. He had promised to help Han Xinyan master the refinement techniques of the Berserk Blood Spirit Pill. Now that 10 years had passed, how was that woman progressing?

Although 10 years seemed long, how could the refinement techniques of Level Eight Divine Pills be so easy to grasp?

At that time, Ling Han had spent several months to master the refinement techniques of this Divine Pill, but he'd been completing comprehension under the Reincarnation Tree. If this were converted into real-time, it would have been at least dozens of years, if not over a century.

Ling Han was the Alchemy Emperor, yet even he needed to spend such a lengthy period of time, so one could imagine just how long it would take for others to master the refinement techniques of this pill.

He had been in a hurry the last time he came here, and he had left with Ding Ping, Chen Ruijing, and the others shortly after finding them. He hadn't gone to the Treasure Forest Pavilion. Thus, this was his reason for coming here again after 10 years.

To Immortals, a period of 10 years wasn't long at all. Most people possessed long lifespans, and 10 years was perhaps not even long enough to gray a single hair of a cultivator. Thus, Ling Han was immediately recognized by someone upon arriving at the Treasure Forest Pavilion.

"Grandmaster Ling!" More and more people started to exclaim his name. At that time, Ling Han had defeated all of the alchemists of the Treasure Forest Pavilion by himself, winning the respect of everyone.

Ling Han smiled as he nodded in acknowledgment. After his arrival was reported to the higher-ups, he was led to a small garden where he met Lin Yuqi.

This woman was bewitching as always, and her eyebrows and eyes were all exuding a sense of indescribable seductiveness. She swept her gaze over Ling Han, and a look of astonishment instantly washed over her face. "You were only at the low extreme of the Sun Moon Tier 10 years ago!"

"Mm-hm." Ling Han nodded, an indifferent expression on his face.

"Yet, you're already at the Heavenly Body Tier now!" Lin Yuqi exclaimed.

She felt a little exasperated. 'Can't you act a little more shocked? Isn't it boring if I'm the only one yelping in astonishment?'

"I know," Ling Han replied with a nod. He was naturally aware of his own cultivation level.

Moreover, after reaching the Heavenly Body Tier, he could also detect Lin Yuqi's cultivation level—she was also at the low extreme of the Heavenly Body Tier.

Lin Yuqi was rendered speechless. After a short pause, she composed herself and wiped the look of curiosity and shock from her face. Her expression became charming and seductive again, and she purposefully shuffled closer to Ling Han. A sweet fragrance wafted toward Ling Han. This fragrance was clearly very concentrated, yet it didn't smell overpowering or pungent at all.

"Handsome little brother, why don't you tell this sister how you reached the Heavenly Body Tier so quickly?"

Ling Han took a step back, and replied, "Madam, shouldn't you know already? It was the Berserk Blood Spirit Pills, of course."

"Pei! You think this sister hasn't taken them before?" Lin Yuqi said with a humph. "Every time a Berserk Blood Spirit Pill is ingested, there'll be a cooldown period of three years. If one ingests too many in quick succession, the Berserk Blood Spirit Pill will eventually become a deadly poison. So, why don't you tell me, how did you ingest so many Berserk Blood Spirit Pills in just 10 years?"

Others might have been helpless about such a problem, but this didn't mean that Ling Han was also helpless. The Black Tower was a precious treasure from the Celestial Realm, and Hu Niu had more so reached the Genesis Tier in just five years. Compared to her, his cultivation speed was as slow as a snail!

Ling Han simply replied with a faint smile. This was related to his biggest secret, so he naturally couldn't tell any outsiders.

"Oh, so you're treating sister as an outsider? You're still unwilling to tell me?" Lin Yuqi was secretly simmering with anger. 10 years had passed, yet this person hadn't changed a single bit. He was still completely immune to her charm and seduction.

"Then… sister will submit to you. How about I become your woman?" Her voice was laced with seductiveness, and her eyes were shimmering with charm. Her allure was boundless.

"Sure!" Ling Han replied with a smile. Who was afraid of whom? He leaned forward as if he were going to embrace her with a chuckle, and said, "Come, I'll take you as my 19th mistress!"

"Pei!" Lin Yuqi hurriedly turned around and stepped back gracefully. "Handsome little brother, who would've thought that you were this kind of person? You even dare to tease this sister!"

Everything about her was charming and seductive, yet it was only ever her who was teasing and toying around with others' emotions. She naturally couldn't allow Ling Han to take advantage of her.

Ling Han ignored her, and asked, "Has Han Xinyan mastered the refinement of the Berserk Blood Spirit Pill yet?"

"No," Lin Yuqi replied with a shake of her head. There was a look of regret on her face. However, her eyes suddenly lit up, and she said, "Handsome little brother, do you want to receive a great opportunity?"

"What great opportunity? I'm all ears," Ling Han said.

"Since you're an alchemist, you'll definitely be interested in this," Lin Yuqi said confidently. She paused for a moment before continuing, "The Treasure Forest Pavilion is made up of four major clans. They're the Lin, Shi, Han, and Huang Clan, respectively. Not only is there conflict and competition between the four clans, but there's even conflict and competition within each of the four clans themselves.

"The Treasure Forest Pavilion has refined alchemical pills for generation upon generation, and the reason that it has become the most powerful alchemy force in the Long Light Galaxy is because…"

She paused and looked at Ling Han before saying, "We have control over an ancient mystery realm from where we can obtain pill recipes and even Godly medicines. However, this mystery realm only opens once every 100,000 years. Moreover, only a limited number of people is allowed to enter.

"Regarding how many quota positions the different branches of a clan can receive, this is determined by a series of intense competitions.

"However, there's also an age limit regarding who can enter the mystery realm. Not only does one have to be under 1,000,000 years old, but their relative age also has to be under 30 years old[1]. Thus, when fighting for the quota positions, only prodigies who satisfy these conditions are allowed to compete.

"Although Xinyan's surname is Han, she's been raised in our Anyuan Branch Lin Clan since a very young age. We have very high hopes for her, yet she still hasn't succeeded in mastering the refinement of the Berserk Blood Spirit Pill yet. As such, it'll be extremely difficult for her to obtain a good result in the competitions.

"If you join the Anyuan branch of the Lin Clan, I'll promise you a spot to enter the mystery realm as long as you can place in the top 10. Regarding what pill recipes or Godly medicines you obtain, that will be up to your own abilities. What do you say?"

Ling Han didn't reply immediately. In reality, he had the Black Tower, so he didn't need to worry about getting screwed over. However, agreeing to this proposal too quickly wasn't good, either. If he agreed immediately, he would either be stupid, or he would be blatantly admitting that he possessed a freakish life-saving trump card.

"How long is there until the mystery realm opens?" he asked.

"A little over a year."

"Okay, deal!" Ling Han said with a nod.

A smile blossomed across Lin Yuqi's beautiful face, and she said, "You're a smart person. I knew that you would definitely agree. We'll leave for the headquarter of the Treasure Forest Pavilion in half a years' time. You can use this time to complete some preparations."

"Sure," Ling Han said with a nod.

"Regarding Xinyan, I suggest that you head over to check up on her as well. If she's improved, perhaps we can obtain even more positions. Also, meet me again tomorrow. Sister needs to train you properly."

[1] Relative age refers to one's age with respect to their total lifespan. I think you can think of it as 1 year equalling 1% of the lifespan... roughly.

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