Alchemy Emperor of the Divine Dao
1364 Understanding Godly medicines
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Alchemy Emperor of the Divine Dao
Author :Flying Alone
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1364 Understanding Godly medicines

To Ling Han, cultivation was incredibly important. However, alchemy wasn't something that he could neglect, either.

In his previous life, he had spent all of his time and effort on alchemy. He had relegated cultivation to a supporting role for his alchemy. In this life, however, he valued cultivation far more than alchemy. Cultivation was what would give him the strength and power to do as he pleased in this world.

However, this didn't mean that he would give up on alchemy. It was quite the contrary, in fact, with alchemy still holding a very important position. This was because he had many friends and family, many of whom needed more and higher quality alchemical pills.

Thus, he had agreed to Lin Yuqi's request without much hesitation.

After returning to his temporary residence, everyone expressed their approval for his decision. In any case, the better Ling Han's alchemy skills, the more benefits they would receive. Only the Heavenly Phoenix Divine Maiden was a little unhappy. She had heard that the manager of the Treasure Forest Pavilion was extremely bewitching and coquettish.

Of course, she still believed in Ling Han. If Ling Han were truly a playboy, he could have gathered himself heaven knew how many stunning beauties on his journey to the Immortal Realm. To say nothing of the Immortal Realm, Ling Han had already become the undisputed king while he was still in the Lower Realm. He was the most powerful person in that world, and there were definitely countless beauties who would have willingly thrown themselves at him.

The next day, Ling Han went to meet Lin Yuqi after giving some guidance to Han Xinyan.

Although Han Xinyan was talented in alchemy, it wasn't an easy task to master the refinement of Level Eight Divine Pills. Moreover, the Berserk Blood Spirit Pill was a Saint Pill among Level Eight Divine Pills, making it even harder to grasp than other ordinary Level Eight Divine Pills.

It was impossible for her to comprehensively master this pill recipe within 100 years.

Ling Han had initially thought that Lin Yuqi would hand him some new pill recipes to learn so that he could use them during the competition in half a years' time. However, his expectation couldn't have been further from the truth.

The seductive woman retrieved a Godly medicine, and asked, "Do you know what medicinal plant this is?"

Ling Han couldn't help but chuckle. She was actually using this to test him? She was underestimating him far too much! He shook his head, and replied, "This is the Three Clouds Grass."

Lin Yuqi chuckled before suddenly snapping her fingers and unleashing countless blade-like auras. The Godly medicine was instantly sliced into tens of thousands of pieces. She reached over and collected all of these pieces into her hand before placing them on the table, and saying, "Okay, now I want you to put this Godly medicine back together."

"Hmm?" Ling Han was astonished. 'She's even testing me like this? But what's the point?'

"This is testing your recognition of Godly medicines. Not only will you be tested on this during the clan competition, but you'll even be tested on this inside the mystery realm should you want to receive the rewards that it offers. Thus, you have to reach a certain level in this skill as well. Simply being good at refining pills alone isn't good enough," Lin Yuqi said calmly.

Ling Han nodded in understanding. He casually waved his hand and separated the tens of thousands of pieces of the Godly medicine, with not a single piece overlapping. He then recalled the original appearance of the Three Clouds Grass in his mind. Afterward, he started to shift the pieces and reconstruct the Godly medicine.

"You made 37 mistakes," Lin Yuqi pointed out after he had completed reconstructing the Godly medicine.

Ling Han didn't believe this. However, Lin Yuqi immediately identified these 37 mistakes and reordered their positions. Sure enough, the final result looked far more natural than what it had been before. He had no choice but to concede that Lin Yuqi was indeed correct.

"There is a total of 810,000 Godly medicines throughout the entire Immortal Realm. Moreover, through hybridization and nurturing, these Godly medicines can undergo all kinds of transformations. Even so, these transformations won't diverge from their core. After all, they're simply a variation of the 810,000 types of Godly medicines. Thus, you need to fully understand and grasp these 810,000 Godly medicines. That way, you will have grasped the unique properties of all the Godly medicines in the Immortal Realm," Lin Yuqi said calmly. At this moment, she wasn't a bewitching and seductive beauty anymore. Instead, she was more like a knowledgeable scholar.

Ling Han nodded in agreement. If others were right, he would have to accept their comments. He couldn't hang on to his old and outdated views. In any case, her words had indeed opened his eyes to an entirely new world.

So, as it turned out, being able to refine pills alone was far from sufficient.

"Here, these are the illustrated encyclopedias of Godly medicines." Lin Yuqi tossed a small mountain of books at him, and said, "Even with the power and influence of the Treasure Forest Pavilion, we still can't collect information on all the Godly medicines in the world. However, these are copies of the encyclopedias that we obtained from the mystery realm. They should be enough to teach you about all the Godly medicines."

"Thank you," Ling Han said earnestly. The knowledge from these encyclopedias would also be extremely valuable to him.

"Of course you need to thank me and remember all that I've done for you." She hadn't been serious for long, and she had already turned back into a bewitching beauty again. She started to make eyes at Ling Han.

Ling Han was speechless. He immediately gathered up the encyclopedias and left.

After returning to his residence, Ling Han started to comprehend in seclusion. He sat under the Reincarnation Tree and furiously brushed up on his knowledge of Godly medicines.

There was a total of 810,000 Godly medicines, so it was going to be a huge task to memorize the unique characteristics and shapes of all of them. Moreover, Lin Yuqi had extremely high standards, and she expected him to possess the ability to flawlessly piece any Godly medicine back together after they were sliced into tens of thousands of pieces.

This was incredibly time-consuming, as well as extremely taxing on the mind and body.

Fortunately, he had the Reincarnation Tree—this was like a massive cheat code. Otherwise, he would only have half a year to memorize all of this knowledge before the clan competition began.

With the help of the Reincarnation Tree, he had around 200 years' time.

'F*ck it! I'll do this!'

Ling Han entered the world of Godly medicines. Under the Reincarnation Tree, he didn't have any other unrelated thoughts. Godly medicine after Godly medicine sprang to life in his mind, their unique characteristics and shapes as clear as day.

One month, two months, three months… Time slowly crept by. Ling Han had only grasped the qualities of 200,000 Godly medicines, yet he was confident that his alchemy skills had elevated to another level.

He possessed a comprehensive understanding of the intricacies of these Godly medicines, and thus he would definitely be more comfortable and skilled when he had to fuse the medicinal properties of different Godly medicines together.

After reaching this stage, Ling Han had already developed a strong interest in the intricacies of all the different Godly medicines. Thus, even if he didn't have to participate in the clan competition of the Treasure Forest Pavilion, and even if he didn't have a chance to enter the ancient mystery realm, he would still persist in mastering the knowledge of all the encyclopedias. They were far too valuable and helpful.

This was only natural. After ascending to the Immortal Realm, he had slowly found his way around alchemy by himself. Even though he was the Alchemy Emperor, there was still a risk that he might go astray.

Right now, comprehending these Godly medicines was essentially the same as correcting his own path.

Half a year passed, and Ling Han had only just grasped the qualities of 400,000 or so Godly medicines. In other words, he had only grasped the qualities of around half of all the Godly medicines.

He couldn't help but sigh in emotion. If only he had another six months of time.

However, half a year had already passed, so Ling Han placed everyone else into the Black Tower. They could cultivate under the Reincarnation Tree there, and they would also have the guidance of a Saint. Thus, that was naturally the best place to cultivate in the entire Immortal Realm.

Ling Han arrived at the Treasure Forest Pavilion, only to see that Lin Yuqi was already finished with her preparations. Meanwhile, Han Xinyan looked a little dejected. She still hadn't mastered the refinement of the Berserk Blood Spirit Pill, and thus she lacked belief and confidence for this competition.

"Let's go!"

Their transportation tool was still Lin Yuqi's extremely luxurious carriage. One wouldn't feel any turbulence when sitting inside this carriage, and it would feel as if they were traveling over flat land.

Apparently, the journey to the headquarter of the Treasure Forest Pavilion would take 10 or so days. Ling Han couldn't help but feel that this was a shame. If he could spend this time inside the Black Tower, he could definitely memorize the qualities of several thousand more Godly medicines.

"Brother Han, how many Godly medicines have you grasped now?" Coincidentally, Lin Yuqi was also thinking about this matter. However, the way with which she referred to Ling Han would change every single day.

Ling Han sighed, and said, "Only 400,000."


Lin Yuqi and Han Xinyan both broke into a fit of coughing. Their faces were filled with a look of utter disbelief.


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