Alchemy Emperor of the Divine Dao
1365 Supreme Natural Talen
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Alchemy Emperor of the Divine Dao
Author :Flying Alone
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1365 Supreme Natural Talen

Ling Han sighed, and said, "I know, this is far from enough!"

"Oi, oi, oi, are you joking around?" Lin Yuqi was completely stunned, so much so that she had forgotten to tease Ling Han.

"Joking around about what?" Ling Han asked in astonishment.

"So you're saying that you've already memorized the unique characteristics of 400,000 Godly medicines?" Lin Yuqi asked.

Ling Han finally understood what was going on. Although he had spent over 200 years familiarizing himself with these Godly medicines, only half a year had passed in the outside world. Memorizing the unique qualities of 400,000 Godly medicines in just half a year was indeed a stunning feat.

However, he had already revealed this to them, so he couldn't take his own words back. He nodded in confirmation.

"You're either lying, or you're a true genius!" Lin Yuqi exclaimed.

"I started studying Godly medicines when I was eight years old," Han Xinyan said. "In the past 106,000 years, I've never stopped studying them, not even for a day. However, up until now, I've only managed to grasp the unique qualities of 270,000 Godly medicines, yet I'm already regarded as a prodigy."

Ling Han was stunned. 'What kind of brain do you have? You only managed to memorize the unique qualities of 270,000 Godly medicines in over 100,000 years?!

'Hang on… How can the Treasure Forest Pavilion raise such also-rans? Moreover, Han Xinyan is indeed talented in the area of alchemy. I've seen her talents with my own eyes.

'So, the problem definitely doesn't lie with her. Rather, it lies with me!'

Indeed, Ling Han was far too freakish!

He was the Alchemy Emperor, so did he also possess a supreme talent when it came to memorizing Godly medicines?

This was the only plausible explanation.

"Let me test you." Lin Yuqi randomly retrieved a Godly medicine, and asked, "What's this?"

Ling Han took a glance, and immediately replied, "Blazing Sun Heart Lotus."

Like she did half a year ago, Lin Yuqi shredded this Godly medicine into tens of thousands of pieces before saying, "Put it back together."

Ling Han casually waved his hand, and the shredded pieces of the Godly medicine immediately started to dance in the air. His hands became a blur as he reconstructed the Godly medicine. As he did so, he used his Origin Power to hold all the pieces together. It wasn't long before the silhouette of a Divine Lotus appeared. Then, it gradually became more and more detailed, until it was finally reconstructed back together.

Lin Yuqi and Han Xinyan both examined the Godly medicine carefully. However, looks of astonishment quickly spread over their faces. Sure enough, there wasn't a single mistake.

"Again." Lin Yuqi retrieved several more Godly medicines as she continued to test Ling Han.

There were some Godly medicines that Ling Han didn't recognize, and they would skip over these directly. However, if he recognized the Godly medicine, he would be able to reconstruct it rapidly and without any mistake.

There was a bright glimmer in Lin Yuqi's eyes. She only knew that Ling Han was extremely talented in alchemy. Unexpectedly, he was even more talented when it came to memorizing and understanding Godly medicines. She had truly plucked out a gem. She turned around and used the power of Regulations to obstruct Ling Han's senses.

When she turned back to face him, there was already a handful of shredded Godly medicines in her hands. They were all mixed in together.

"How many different kinds of Godly medicines are in my hands? What are they respectively?" she asked. She had clearly raised the difficulty of her tests.

Ling Han identified them one by one, and in the end, there were only three Godly medicines that he couldn't name. He put the pieces of these Godly medicines aside, and said, "I definitely haven't studied these Godly medicines yet."

Lin Yuqi and Han Xinyan were already numb with shock. They were both experienced in this field, so of course they had also learned how to identify Godly medicines before. However, even if they could recognize all of these Godly medicines, they definitely couldn't name them as quickly as Ling Han had.

His comprehensive grasp over the intricacies of these Godly medicines was as if he had completely seared the images of them into his mind.

Otherwise, the external appearance of these Godly medicines was far too similar, thus making them incredibly difficult to differentiate. This was especially the case when only looking at their shredded pieces. All of these things meant that it was extremely easy to misidentify the Godly medicines. However, Ling Han was completely unaffected by these challenges. One had to realize that Lin Yuqi had purposefully shredded 10 Godly medicines that were extremely similar in form and quality, yet Ling Han hadn't made a single mistake when identifying them.

"Let's up the difficulty again," Lin Yuqi said. She retrieved 100 Godly medicines, all of which Ling Han recognized. She then shredded them and mixed them up before placing them on the table. "Reconstruct them."

Ling Han smiled faintly. He waved his hand and swept all of these shredded pieces into the air. He then swept his gaze over them, his eyes quivering slightly as he did so. He had already memorized all of the pieces that he had seen. His brain started to whir, rapidly piecing the shredded Godly medicines back together.

Ling Han was indeed talented when it came to identifying and memorizing Godly medicines. When he was still in the Lower Realm, he could memorize any Godly medicine with a single glance. It was just that he had never been tested in such a way before, having to reconstruct several Godly medicines after they were shredded into tens of thousands of pieces.

Following the rise in his cultivation level, his divine sense also became more and more powerful. Otherwise, there was simply no way that he could simulate in his mind the reconstruction of 100 Godly medicines at once. One had to realize that there were over 1,000,000 shredded pieces!

He practiced the Indestructible Heaven's Scroll, so the might and resilience of his divine sense were both above his cultivation level. As such, he was able to detect and consider extremely tiny variations. This gave him even more confidence.

Ling Han continued to reconstruct the Godly medicines, making them more and more complete.

Lin Yuqi and Han Xinyan were both wide-eyed with astonishment. Even their dainty mouths were hanging open in shock. This was especially the case with Lin Yuqi, who had even stuck her tongue out to lick her alluring lips. She was instinctively trying to tempt him, even while experiencing such deep astonishment—as expected of this bewitching woman!

It wasn't long before Ling Han stopped his movements. He had already completed the task.

"You're an absolute freak!" Lin Yuqi exclaimed. She exhaled slowly, a delightful glimmer in her eyes. Ling Han's smooth and flowing motions had been surprisingly pleasing to the eye. In fact, she even felt a twang in her heart.

Meanwhile, Han Xinyan couldn't hide her admiration for him, saying, "I need to spend at least 10,000,000 years more before I can reach your level."

"Brat, join our Lin Clan!" Lin Yuqi's eyes were glowing brightly, and she said, "What do you say? How about I betroth Xinyan to you?"

"Aunty Yu!" Han Xinyan exclaimed. Her face instantly flushed red.

Ling Han laughed, and said, "Madam, you sure know how to joke."

Upon hearing Ling Han's reply, Han Xinyan's expression involuntarily changed slightly. Women were indeed strange. It was fine when they rejected others, yet when they were the ones being rejected, they would feel extremely uncomfortable and uneasy.

'What's so bad about me?' they would think.

Lin Yuqi squinted her eyes seductively as she shuffled closer to Ling Han. A pleasant fragrance blew over, and she flashed him a charming smile. "Little brother, do you like women who are more mature? Maybe someone like this sister?"

"Aunty Yu!" Han Xinyan hurriedly tried to drag this bewitching woman away. She was acting far too brazenly! She had just tried to market her, and now she was even trying to "sell" herself! How embarrassing!

"Your breasts are small, so there's no room for you to speak!" Ling Yuqi said as she pushed Han Xinyan aside. She then puffed her chest out as if expressing her dominance. Indeed, her breasts undulated beautifully, their shape full and filled with a mesmerizing allure.

Ling Han simply smiled, and said, "I already have a wife. If Madam wants to enter the Ling family, you can only become the 22nd mistress."

"Wasn't it the 19th?" Lin Yuqi said with a seductive laugh, not trying to hide her undulating breasts at all. She didn't mind giving Ling Han some eye candy.

Ling Han wasn't distracted by this, and he replied, "Someone as licentious as me will definitely wed several more mistresses in half a year's time."

Han Xinyan didn't know whether this was true or not, so she couldn't help but scorn Ling Han in her mind. Ling Han was indeed supremely talented in alchemy, yet his character was quite depraved.

'You have 22 wives… Do you have enough time and energy to please them all?'

Upon thinking of this, her pretty face involuntarily flushed red again. What did this have to do with her?!

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