Alchemy Emperor of the Divine Dao
1367 Overbearing Attitude
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Alchemy Emperor of the Divine Dao
Author :Flying Alone
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1367 Overbearing Attitude

There was fury on Lin Yuqi's beautiful face. She wasn't afraid of sparring, yet Lin Feng had kicked their door down and berated them before asking to spar. This was still called sparring?

"If you want to spar, we can see each others' abilities in three days' time. Now, hurry up and scram!" she shouted in irritation.

Lin Feng laughed loudly, and said, "Then I'll take it that you're admitting defeat!"

"Anyuan Branch… You're all trash and betas!" a green-robed man from the Hengyun Branch shouted with a sneer.

"Heh, Brother Xuefeng, they're indeed trash. However, those people definitely aren't betas. After all, they don't have a third leg down there," another young man from the Hengyun Branch said. His robe was azure in color, and there was the image of an alchemy cauldron sewed onto its back.

"Hahaha, Jianye is correct," the other man and woman said as they clapped their hands in approval. They appeared extremely arrogant, and it was clear that they didn't have an ounce of respect for Lin Yuqi or Han Xinyan.

Han Xinyan shook in fury. She was just about to step forward and challenge these four youths.

However, Lin Yuqi extended her arm and held her back. This kind of sparring would be completely meaningless. After all, these people had clearly come to humiliate them. There was a menacing edge to her voice as she said, "If you can't control the mouths of those four wild dogs, don't blame me for being ruthless with them!"

Lin Feng shrugged, and said, "Yuqi, you're far too domineering! Are they not even allowed to speak now? In any case, this is a matter for the Hengyun Branch. What right does the Anyuan Branch have to interfere with us?"

"She's fairly good looking, though," Lin Jianye said as he stared at Han Xinyan. "She has the right to become my maid."

"Heh, more like a mistress to service you alongside your wife, no?" Lin Xuefeng said wantonly.

"It's just that her breasts are too small. They won't feel too good in the hands," Lin Jianye said. He purposefully made a reaching and grabbing motion as he said this. He was as nasty as could be.

Han Xinyan was shaking in rage, and Lin Yuqi's eyes had also become icy cold.


She suddenly made a slapping motion, and a large hand that was formed from Origin Power materialized in the air and struck Lin Jianye's face.


Lin Jianye spat out a mouthful of blood as well as four broken teeth. His hair was a mess, and he appeared extremely disheveled at this moment.

A sly smile tugged at the corners of Lin Feng's mouth as if he had succeeded in his plan. However, he quickly hid this smile, and said with a serious expression, "Lin Yuqi, as a senior, what are you trying to do by picking on your juniors? There's no other way around this. I have to teach you a lesson!"

He had purposefully had these youths infuriate Lin Yuqi such that she would lash out in anger. That way, he would have a legitimate excuse to target her!

'You've beaten my juniors, so I naturally have to step forward to capture you.' No matter how one looked at this, he was the one in the right! Moreover, after he had "ravaged" Lin Yuqi, all he would need to do was hold firm in his innocence and claim that it was she who was trying to slander him. In any case, that would merely be his word against hers.

In any case, after "ravaging" her a few more times, perhaps Lin Yuqi would submit to him? Firstly, she was already at a disadvantage when it came to this because she was a woman. Secondly, this woman clearly looked like a promiscuous b*tch. As long as he satisfied her lust, how could she not completely submit to him?

He immediately reached over with his hands. At the same time, two heavenly bodies materialized behind him, each radiating with a formidable aura. He was going to capture Lin Yuqi as quickly as he could. Otherwise, if he looked at this seductive beauty for too long, blood would definitely spurt from his nose.

Upon hearing Lin Feng's words, Ling Yuqi immediately realized that she had fallen into his trap.

However, this wasn't a hidden trap. Instead, it was an overt trap!

They had already humiliated her and Han Xinyan to such an extent, so how could she have held back?

Yet, by not being able to hold back, she had fallen into it.

She roared softly as she waved her sleeve, sending a boundless divine light toward Lin Feng's large hands.


They exchanged a blow, and shock waves instantly surged through the surroundings, flattening the entire courtyard. Fortunately, this was the ancestral grounds of the Lin Clan, meaning that there were powerful formations protecting the city. Otherwise, just this exchange alone would have destroyed the entire Azure Rain City.

"Lin Yuqi, a battle in the sky!" Lin Feng roared. Although there were formations protecting the city, they would still cause significant damage if they fought with their full power.

He simply wanted to make this woman his own, not destroy the ancestral grounds of the Lin Clan.

Right now, Lin Yuqi already had no option but to battle him. She gritted her teeth and flew into the sky after Lin Feng. The two of them continued to exchange blows, moving further and further from the obliterated courtyard. Before long, they had already become two small dots in the sky.

Han Xinyan was incredibly worried. Lin Feng was at the medium extreme of the Heavenly Body Tier, while Lin Yuqi was only at the low extreme of the Heavenly Body Tier. Their strength was on two completely different levels. Thus, it would be impossible for Lin Yuqi to overcome the gap between their power, even if she was a two-star genius.

Ling Han immediately sprung into her mind. Although he was only at the low extreme of the Heavenly Body Tier, he could definitely improve the situation if he teamed up with Lin Yuqi.

"Oi, oi, oi, flat-chested beauty, where are you trying to go?" Lin Jianye and the four others surrounded Han Xinyan, preventing her from leaving and calling for help.

They naturally didn't know that the helper that Han Xinyan wanted to call was actually buried under the rubble.

Han Xinyan was fairly astonished. Why hadn't Ling Han shown himself yet?

He had been struck by all that falling rubble!

She furrowed her beautiful brows, and asked, "What do you people want to do?"

"What do we want to do?" Lin Jianye couldn't help but laugh loudly. "Little beauty, you're far too unreserved. You open your mouth, and the first thing that comes out is whether we want to do you or not. How slutty!"

Han Xinyan's face instantly became as white as a sheet. She clenched her fists, and shouted, "Just how shameless can you people be?!"

"Oi, oi, oi, it was him who had spoken just then, so what's it got to do with us?" the woman from the Hengyun Branch said. "In any case, you're the one who's trying to seduce men, yet you still have the face to question the shamelessness of others? I've truly never seen someone as slutty as you!"

"I'm definitely not daring enough to marry such women. However, toying around with them is no problem at all!"

There was a lewd look on Lin Xuefeng's face. Although Han Xinyan's chest was a bit flat, her appearance was top-notch, enough to make his heart beat in excitement.

Anyhow, why were they so daring? The reason behind this was extremely simple. The Anyuan Branch was far too weak!

The weak were consumed by the strong, and the strong were the ones who ruled. This was the revered truth of the Lin Clan. In fact, it was because of this belief that they had grown more and more powerful by the generation.

Of course, these people were definitely taking things too far by bullying another branch family on the ancestral grounds. However, they were the Hengyun Branch, one of the top 10 branches of the Lin Clan! As long as they didn't kill anyone, who would dare to punish them? Moreover, they were only using words to attack others. It wasn't as if they were actually carrying through with their threats or anything.

Han Xinyan couldn't take the humiliation any longer, and she immediately drew her sword and charged at the four people.

She wasn't weak, and her attack instantly forced Lin Xuefeng and the three others to retreat. However, her opponents weren't weak, either, and they immediately launched a counterattack after finding their footing.

Although the four major clans of the Treasure Forest Pavilion specialized in alchemy, cultivation was also something that was extremely valued. After all, without the support of cultivation, one wouldn't be able to refine higher level alchemical pills.

Lin Xuefeng and the three others were more so prodigies in cultivation. They were all at least one-star geniuses. If their cultivation levels were equivalent, none of them would be weaker than Han Xinyan. So, with this being the case, how could they be threatened now that they were teaming up against her?

Han Xinyan was quickly forced onto her back foot. All she could do was defend with all her might.

However, the four members of the Hengyun Branch were intent on humiliating her. Their strikes weren't fatal, nor did they cause her any severe wounds. However, Han Xinyan's clothes were continuously damaged and sliced off by their attacks. Large swathes of her jade-like skin were revealed. Her hair was also extremely disheveled at this moment.

However, they wouldn't dare to kill her here. Everyone was here for the clan competition right now, so if news of them killing a fellow competitor got out, their cultivation would definitely be crippled, even if they weren't sentenced to death. However, having their cultivation crippled was as good as killing them.

So, they simply chose to humiliate her. Anyhow, what could she do about this?

Anger blazed inside Han Xinyan's eyes. A resolute look flashed across her face, and she suddenly slashed her sword toward her own neck.

She couldn't stand this humiliation, so she was going to kill herself in resistance and protest!

With her being forced to death by the four members of the Hengyun Branch, Lin Xuefeng and the others definitely wouldn't get off lightly.

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