Alchemy Emperor of the Divine Dao
1368 Drugging the Opponen
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Alchemy Emperor of the Divine Dao
Author :Flying Alone
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1368 Drugging the Opponen

"Crap!" Lin Xuefeng and the others were all astounded. They hadn't imagined that Han Xinyan would actually be so drastic. She had merely suffered some humiliation, yet she was actually going to kill herself!

They hurriedly tried to stop her. However, their strength was essentially on the same level, so how could they stop her in time?

The sword arrived before Han Xinyan's neck, and Lin Xuefeng and the others all felt their vision go dark as if they were going to faint. Although it was Han Xinyan who would die, their future wouldn't be much brighter.

Han Xinyan shut her eyes. She didn't want to look at those four disgusting people as she died.


The sword slashed down, yet it didn't cut into Han Xinyan's neck. Instead, a large hand had suddenly shot over and grabbed the blade of the sword. This was a Level Eight God Tool, yet it was surprisingly unable to cut the skin of the hand that was gripping it.

This hand belonged to none other than Ling Han!

He had been cultivating in the Black Tower just then, so he naturally hadn't been disturbed by the collapsing buildings. It was only because of Small Tower's warning that he had come out in time and saved Han Xinyan's life.

"W-why have you only come out now?" Han Xinyan opened her eyes, and tears involuntarily started to flow down her cheeks when she saw Ling Han.

Just how much humiliation had she endured? Did he understand?

Ling Han's expression was cold, and he nodded before saying, "Sorry!" He took his coat off and wrapped it around Han Xinyan's body. He then turned to face Lin Xuefeng and the three others. The expression in his eyes was so cold that it could freeze someone into an ice statue.

He didn't have any special feelings for Han Xinyan, and they were just normal friends. However, since she was his friend, he couldn't allow her to be humiliated by any random person.

"And who are you?" the woman from the Hengyun Branch asked in disdain. Ling Han had restrained his aura, so she naturally couldn't detect Ling Han's true cultivation.


Ling Han lashed out with his palm, and one side of the woman's face instantly started to swell and become red. Her once seductive appearance instantly became especially ugly. "You're also a woman, so don't you feel any shame picking on another woman like this?"

"Y-you dare to slap me?" The woman instantly jumped in anger as if someone had stepped on her tail.

She practiced both alchemy and cultivation, and she was extremely talented in both. Moreover, she was also a beauty who was pursued by many people in her clan. In fact, even her seniors adored her a little too much.

Yet, right now, she had actually been slapped by someone!

This was unacceptable!

"How dare you!!" Lin Xuefeng and the other two men all wore dark expressions as they stared at Ling Han. "You've gone too far!"

"I've gone too far?" Ling Han smiled faintly, and said, "You people will understand in a moment what 'going too far' means!"

"Ling Han, Aunty Yu is in danger. You need to hurry over to help her!" Han Xinyan hurriedly said. She could envision what would happen if Lin Yuqi was captured. That would be an unbearable fate. Fortunately, even though Lin Feng was more powerful, it would still be fairly difficult for him to capture Lin Yuqi. He wouldn't be able to capture her any time soon.

"This won't take long," Ling Han replied. He immediately charged at Lin Xuefeng and the others.

"How arrogant!!" Lin Xuefeng and the others roared. They all launched a counterattack.

However, how could measly Sun Moon Tier cultivators withstand the might of a Heavenly Body Tier elite? Even someone as prodigious as Ling Han had only been able to challenge elites at the early stage of the low extreme of the Heavenly Body Tier after reaching the peak stage of the pinnacle level of the Sun Moon Tier, so how could these weaklings achieve such a feat?


Ling Han's strike landed, and his four opponents were all suppressed. Moreover, their clothes were all torn into shreds that flew away like butterflies in the wind. They were stark naked.

"Aaah!" The woman instantly started to shriek, almost fainting from anger.

Although Lin Xuefeng and the two other men didn't shriek, they had also gone as white as a sheet. They had been stripped naked in public; how could they endure this humiliation?

However, Ling Han couldn't give a toss about their feelings. With a thought, he sealed their cultivation. He then tied them up and hung them on a long bamboo pole, which he placed outside the entrance of the courtyard.

With this, it was extremely likely that everyone on the ancestral grounds of the Lin Clan would see their unsightly figures.

"Which direction did Madam head in?" Ling Han asked Han Xinyan.

Han Xinyan's face was flushed red, and she didn't dare to raise her head at all. Just then, she had accidentally glanced at someone's naked bottom. Fortunately, it was the bottom of that woman. Otherwise, she would definitely have been so disgusted that she wouldn't have been able to eat for half a year.

She didn't dare to raise her head, and she simply pointed her finger in some direction.

Ling Han immediately leaped into the sky and streaked toward that direction.

He activated the Star Plucking Step, treading on thin air as he dashed forward. The Regulations couldn't contain him anymore, and they were instead utilized by him to raise his speed. Meanwhile, he continued to track Lin Yuqi's aura, making sure that he didn't deviate from the right direction.


5,000 kilometers away, Lin Yuqi was currently engaged in an intense battle against Lin Feng.

Although her battle prowess was slightly weaker, she possessed an incredibly powerful God Tool—a cut of damask woven from the silk of a Level 10 Demonic Beast, the Ancient Cloud Silkworm. It was imbued with extremely powerful divine patterns, which allowed her to unleash battle prowess at the late stage of the medium extreme.

However, Lin Feng was also very well prepared. He swallowed and spat a golden pill, and with each cycle of swallowing and spitting, his power would rise explosively. In fact, the power of his attacks had almost reached the high extreme.

Fortunately, this power would only last for one trike. When he spat the golden pill out again, his power would fall back to its original level. Otherwise, if his power continued to rise unrestrainedly, there would be no need to battle at all. He would have achieved victory long ago.

Even so, Lin Yuqi was still at a disadvantage. However, she was still able to hold on by the skin of her teeth.

Lin Feng chuckled coldly. Tangling with Lin Yuqi was only one part of his plan. His true weapon was actually the golden pill that he was swallowing and spitting. He had imbued a strong aphrodisiac into this pill, and as long as one inhaled enough of its aura, they would become as lustful as a wild beast, even if they were a Heavenly Body Tier elite!

Moreover, in order not to raise Lin Yuqi's suspicion, he purposefully didn't cleanse the effects of the aphrodisiac from his own body, either. Anyhow, this pill was refined by him, so he already had some immunity to it anyway. When Lin Yuqi finally fell victim to him, this aphrodisiac could help bring him more excitement and arousal as well. He would be able to enjoy her with boosted vigor.

After battling for a little longer, Lin Yuqi's beautiful face involuntarily flushed red as a cherry blossom. She looked incredibly beautiful and alluring, especially her watery eyes, which were so beautiful that they could hook one's soul. Her beauty was simply intoxicating.

Lin Feng laughed heartily, and said, "Hahahaha, Lin Yuqi, obediently submit to me!" It was as if he could already see the seductive expression of Lin Yuqi as she lay under him and endured his vigorous punishment.

He couldn't help but feel aroused by this, his little buddy hardening and rising up. Perhaps he was too intoxicated by her beauty, or perhaps this was the effect of the aphrodisiac.

Lin Yuqi had only felt a little strange before, yet upon hearing his words, her expression involuntarily changed. "What on earth did you do?"

Lin Feng laughed loudly, and replied, "Hehe, I merely had you inhale some aphrodisiac. It'll only add to the excitement! You're such a sultry woman, so don't tell me that you've never used this before?" He felt an intense thirst, and it was as if he were about to burst.

"Despicable! Shameless!" Lin Yuqi's eyes were red, and she didn't tangle with Lin Feng any longer. She immediately turned around and tried to flee.

However, how could Lin Feng allow his prey to escape? He hurriedly dashed over to block her path. He was more powerful than her, so it was definitely a simple task to keep her from escaping.

Lin Yuqi became increasingly desperate, yet her body started to betray her more and more. Her body was limp and hot, and her eyes were seductive and entrancing. Her lips were also red as fiery flames, and it was as if they were going to consume her with heat.

"Hahahaha! I've wanted to f*ck you since several thousand years ago! Today, I'm finally going to realize my dream and taste your body!" Lin Feng was extremely smug.

"Is that so?" A calm voice suddenly traveled into their ears.


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