Alchemy Emperor of the Divine Dao
1369 Deal With Her Yourself
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Alchemy Emperor of the Divine Dao
Author :Flying Alone
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1369 Deal With Her Yourself

Lin Feng turned around in astonishment, only to see that a young man had suddenly appeared behind him. This young man was currently looking at him with an expression of disdain.

'Being able to soar in the skies… Heavenly Body Tier!

'Such a young lad. He's definitely under 500 years old.'

Lin Feng was quite astounded. Following the rise in Ling Han's cultivation level, it was becoming more and more difficult to determine his true age. Thus, Lin Feng could only determine that Ling Han was under 500 years old.

Even so, this was still enough to stun him.

500 years old!

Even in the Lin Clan, where there was an endless supply of alchemical pills, the youngest person to reach the Heavenly Body Tier was still at least 100,000 years old. Moreover, this person was already a prodigy among prodigies. Not only that, but they had also come across countless great opportunities. It wasn't as simple as just ingesting alchemical pills.

Just alchemical pills alone weren't enough to help one break through the barriers between cultivation levels. One still needed to cultivate and undergo comprehension! Yet, comprehension would require long periods of time. In fact, it would be quite normal to undergo comprehension for tens of thousands of years at a time.

Thus, a Heavenly Body Tier elite who was under 500 years old? This was genuinely shocking!

However, with lust coursing through his body, he didn't have much willingness to feel shocked. Right now, all he wanted to do was shoo Ling Han away and finally become one with Lin Yuqi.

"F*ck off!" he roared.

"I don't have a habit of f*cking off," Ling Han said calmly. However, his eyes were burning with flames of rage. He was the Alchemy Emperor, so he could easily detect the strong aphrodisiac that had permeated the air.

It was clear that Lin Feng had used an underhanded technique. This infuriated him immensely.

Against enemies, there should have been no differentiation between male and female. Only one thing should have mattered—to kill them! However, regardless of how much animosity Ling Han felt toward his enemies, there was still no way that he would stoop as low as to use such techniques.

This was the epitome of shamelessness!

"You deserve death!" Ling Han said. Killing intent burst from his eyes as he suddenly launched a fist at Lin Feng.

This fist was imbued with heaven's might, and thus it was as formidable and terrifying as a punishment from heaven.

"Hmm?" Lin Feng was astonished. This strike was clearly from an elite at the low extreme of the Heavenly Body Tier, so why did he feel like he was being punished by heaven? Why was there a flavor of heavenly tribulation? He only had time to raise his arms before his chest before the punch smashed into him.


He was immediately sent flying!

He couldn't help but feel stunned. Raising his arms, he saw that there was already a clear depression on his forearm. That was a bone that had been violently snapped by Ling Han's punch.

'Such a terrifying power!'

"Who on earth are you?" Lin Feng asked as he stared at Ling Han. Meanwhile, he continued to channel his Origin Power to heal the wound on his forearm. His forearm immediately started to return to its normal shape. Of course, this wasn't because he possessed a freakish recovery ability. Rather than that, he was forcefully using his Origin Power to reset his bones. Once this Origin Power disappeared, his broken bones would still be just that—broken bones.

"Ling Han, take me away!"

Meanwhile, Lin Yuqi was losing more and more control over her body and lust. Her eyes were watery and alluring, and her jade-like skin glowed with a slightly pink tinge.

Lin Feng paused for a moment, and an idea instantly popped into his mind. "Young man, I'm sure that you also have cravings for this seductive woman. Heh, I can lend her to you! However, when you're done, she belongs to me! What do you say?

"Rest assured, her mind has already been intoxicated by the Ten Intoxication Fragrance that I refined. She'll only crave the company of men more and more. In fact, as long as they have a schlong, she won't even mind the company of wild beasts!

"After you've had your fun, I'll help you clean up the mess. I definitely won't reveal your secret."

As he spoke, he continued to shuffle closer to Ling Han. After some time, he suddenly spat out his golden pill before swallowing it again, causing his power to increase tenfold! He launched a fist at Ling Han, and roared, "Hahahaha, I've already planned this for several thousand years, so how can I lend my prey to you!"

Just then, he had only made that offer to cloud Ling Han's mind and judgment. He was certain that any man would fall victim to his offer—after all, who could resist such kind of temptation?

However, his heart instantly jolted after he threw his punch. This was because Ling Han's expression was frighteningly calm. In fact, it was so cold that it was slightly terrifying.

"So, this aphrodisiac is actually this potent? I see that you've also inhaled quite the amount. That being the case, you'll probably also enjoy making love with any being that's female, regardless of whether they're beautiful or ugly, human or beast." Ling Han unleashed heaven's might and instantly suppressed Lin Feng's cultivation level by two stars.


He met Lin Feng's fist with a punch of his own.

After spitting and swallowing his golden pill, Lin Feng's power could just about reach the high extreme. However, now that his cultivation was suppressed by two stars, his power had also fallen to something weaker than the late stage of the medium extreme. In other words, his power was almost on the same level as Ling Han's.

Thus, he was sent flying by this exchange of punches, while Ling Han was merely pushed back a few steps.

Lin Feng was shocked. Was this person truly at the low extreme? How was his power so terrifying? Moreover, what was he trying to say just then? A hint of unease gripped at his heart.

Ling Han charged over, unleashing all kinds of secret techniques.

After unleashing Tide of the Ages, Lin Feng's attacks were rendered completely harmless. After several exchanges, he was easily captured by Ling Han. However, Ling Han didn't kill him. Instead, he stimulated the effects of the aphrodisiac inside his body.

"Roaaar!" Lin Feng's eyes became bloodshot as an aura of intense thirst radiated from his body. His eyes were completely fixed on Lin Yuqi.

"What are you imagining? F*ck off!" Ling Han casually flung Lin Feng into the distance.


Lin Feng landed in a forest. Moreover, Ling Han had also sealed most of his power as he had tossed him down. Thus, there was no way that he could fly back over.

However, the aphrodisiac in his system had already started to release its powerful effects. Lin Feng's eyes were bloodshot, and he started to chase after the wild beasts in the forest.

The wild beasts in this forest were instantly struck by great misfortune. They were frenziedly captured and held down by Lin Feng as he released all of his pent up lust. However, the effects of the aphrodisiac were far too powerful, so how could be satisfied after just one round?

The wild beasts started to flee in terror.

Ling Han laughed loudly. This was called becoming the victim of one's own evil deeds.

It was obviously impossible to kill members of the Lin Clan on their ancestral grounds, and thus this was the most suitable punishment for Lin Feng. It wouldn't be too late to kill Lin Feng if he came across him again in the future.

"Little brother, give it to me!" At this moment, however, Lin Yuqi suddenly latched onto Ling Han, only a hint of clarity remaining in her hazy eyes. However, this clarity was no match for the overwhelming thirst that she was experiencing. "Give it to me, sister is yours!"

"No thanks!" Ling Han launched a strike and instantly knocked Lin Yuqi unconscious. He then lifted her up and flew away from this place.

However, the effects of the aphrodisiac couldn't be dispelled simply by knocking one unconscious. Without sating her lust, Lin Yuqi would only end up burning herself to death with the heat of her lust.

Ling Han was incredibly quick, arriving at the ancestral grounds of the Lin Clan in no time. He then tossed Lin Yuqi to Han Xinyan.

Lin Yuqi had already been controlled by the effects of the aphrodisiac, and her slender body continued to squirm as she let out a series of soft and arousing moans. She was like a beautiful and lustful snake.

"What's wrong with Aunty Yu?" Han Xinyan asked in astonishment.

"She was drugged, obviously!" Ling Han replied. "Bring her into your room and help satisfy her lust."

"Ah!" Han Xinyan's mouth dropped open in shock. Satisfy her? How? Would she have to use the legendary scissoring technique?

Ling Han shot a glare at her, and asked, "What? Do you want me to sacrifice my body instead?"

"Damned pervert!" Han Xinyan's face flushed red as she chided Ling Han. She then hurriedly brought Lin Yuqi into a room. She couldn't let Lin Yuqi lose her purity and chastity, could she?

After a short moment, soft and sensual moans started to travel out of the room. These arousing sounds wouldn't stop no matter what.

"Form is not other than emptiness, and emptiness is not other than form," Ling Han recited as he sat outside, guarding the room. He could easily imagine what was going on inside the room right now. These wild imaginations caused his heart to beat in excitement. In fact, he could barely contain his own lust.

After an entire day and night, the intoxicating moans finally quieted down. Lin Yuqi and Han Xinyan both exited the room, their beautiful faces still flushed with an alluring red.

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