Alchemy Emperor of the Divine Dao
1370 I“ll Seduce You Forever
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Alchemy Emperor of the Divine Dao
Author :Flying Alone
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1370 I“ll Seduce You Forever

Han Xinyan's face was flushed red, and she was too embarrassed to even face Ling Han.

However, Lin Yuqi was completely unfazed, and she even made eyes at Ling Han, saying, "Little Han, you actually forfeited such a good opportunity! Are you really a man?"

Although she was chuckling as she spoke, there was a hint of strong competitiveness in her eyes.

When Ling Han had rejected her before, she could have taken that as Ling Han being purposefully distant so that he could attract more of her attention. In that case, she could say that he was skilled in his ways and extremely composed. However, after being affected by the aphrodisiac, she had actively sought to make love with Ling Han, yet he had still rejected her!

She couldn't tolerate this.

Since when had her charm become so ineffective? She couldn't even seduce this young man?

She had only been playing around with Ling Han before, yet her competitive spirit had truly been aroused now. She definitely had to subdue the man before her and have him cave in to her seduction.

Ling Han simply smiled in reply.

"Love, you actually rejected sister, even when sister was in such a state! That's a great humiliation to sister!" Lin Yuqi whispered softly next to Ling Han's ear, and continued, "So, sister has decided to seduce you forever!"

Ling Han couldn't help but shudder. 'Didn't I simply refuse to make love with you? Is there really any need to go so far?

'Forget about it, I'll just keep my distance from her in the future. I already have a jealous lover at home. In fact, Empress Luan Xing will definitely become my second jealous lover.'

Azure Rain City was only so big, and the size of the Lin Clan was even more limited. Thus, having caused such a huge commotion here—even going as far as obliterating a courtyard—Lin Feng and the others naturally couldn't keep this conflict a secret.

As a result, it wasn't long before everyone heard about Lin Xuefeng and the others being stripped naked and hung on bamboo poles.

This was something that everyone could have a good laugh about. However, regarding Lin Feng's actions… People grimaced when they heard about it, and they couldn't help but get goosebumps all over their bodies.

Who told him to f*ck an entire mountain's worth of wild beasts?

He didn't discriminate between male and female, and he simply f*cked everything that had an orifice. Nothing could escape from his demonic claws.


Just how pent up and thirsty for action had he been?

However, there was no shortage of high-ranking alchemists here, and they quickly concluded that Lin Feng had been affected by a strong aphrodisiac. However, the creator of this aphrodisiac was none other than himself!

Everyone was astounded upon hearing this news.

What kind of crazy fetish did one need to have in order to feed themself an aphrodisiac and then go into a mountain full of wild beasts?

Lin Feng instantly became a freak among freaks that no one dared to near. This person would even f*ck wild beasts, so wouldn't he be even more thirsty and lustful for humans?

According to rumors, even the servants who worked at Lin Feng's residence had all run away in fright. For a long period of time after this, the people of Azure Rain City used Lin Feng's name when making promises—If I go back on my promise, then I'll let Lin Feng enter my room tonight!

It could be seen from this just how widespread and influential his actions were.

Lin Feng obviously didn't have the face to remain. Together with Lin Xuefeng and the others, they all left Azure Rain City immediately after being freed.

Fortunately, the Hengyun Branch was rich with talent and had 10 participants in this competition. Meanwhile, Lin Feng was only one of the leaders of the group. There was still another leader who was in charge of the six other young prodigies. Thus, even with Lin Feng and the others' departure, the Hengyun Branch still had six young prodigies to compete.

However, the members of the Hengyun Branch still loathed Ling Han and the others to their core, viewing them as mortal enemies. Not even for a second did they reflect on the fact that this was all caused by Lin Feng's provocative actions.

The reason for this was simple. The Hengyun Branch was powerful, while the Anyuan Branch was far too weak.

Three days passed by in a flash, and it was finally the day of the intra-clan competition. This competition would decide which young prodigies could enter the ancient mystery realm. The Treasure Forest Pavilion called this mystery realm the Medicine King's Cave, and it contained a total of nine levels, each of which was a vast and boundless world.

The 100 branches converged, each sending a maximum of 10 young prodigies to compete. Each prodigy would receive their own score, though only the score of the two highest-scoring prodigies of each branch would be used for the rankings in the end. Based on this ranking, it would then be decided how many members each branch could send into the Medicine King's Cave.

"Let us examine everyone's age first." The person presiding over this intra-clan competition was Lin Xin, a respected elder and a member of the Beisha Branch, the branch currently in control of the ancestral grounds. Although he was only at the Heavenly Body Tier, he had already lived for over 30,000,000 years. He was undoubtedly a very old elder.

The young prodigies had their age examined one after another. Through examining their bones, their absolute age could be determined, as could their relative age. Without this age examination, the entire competition would be pointless. After all, the branches could just send any random person to compete in place of the young prodigies.

Because they had to be under 30 years old in terms of relative age, the competitors all looked extremely young and full of vigor. However, they weren't all handsome young men and beautiful young women. In fact, there were even a few disabled people among the competitors.

Being as weak as the Anyuan Branch was, they were naturally close to the end of the line for the age examination. Fortunately, the speed of the examination was extremely quick, meaning that they didn't need to wait for too long.

However, there was suddenly a huge stir among the crowd, with astonished shouts sounding from all corners.

"724 years old! There's actually a Sun Moon Tier cultivator who's only 724 years old!"

"Heavens! Did he consume the meat of a True Dragon? The speed of his cultivation is insane!"

"That's not the most frightening thing. This person is called Lin Yang, and I've heard that he's a level eight alchemist!"

"Pu! Are you serious?!"

"Of course!"

Ling Han also glanced over. This was a young man who looked only 18 or 19 years old. His appearance was innocent, and there was even a hint of bashfulness about him. However, his true age was already over 700 years old.

He had probably been cultivating if not refining pills all these years. It was probably because of this that he still maintained a youthful and bashful appearance.

Sure enough, this alchemy-oriented clan had a plethora of young talent. This was a sign of their power and potential.

It wasn't long before surprised shouts rippled through the crowd again. Another supreme prodigy had appeared, though this person was slightly older, at 1500 years old. However, his cultivation level was also higher, having already reached the consummate level of the Sun Moon Tier. Moreover, he was also a level eight alchemist!

This person was called Lin Badao, and he was a solidly built and extremely rugged man. Although his relative age was very young, he looked more like a middle-aged man over 30 years old. His appearance was incredibly tough and hardy.

According to rumors, he was more talented in cultivation than alchemy—he was a four-star genius. People thus referred to him as the Low Extreme Saber.

Afterward, the appearance of a woman in red sent waves through the entire crowd. She was called Lin Shuying, and she was a prodigy of the Beisha Branch. She was only 200 years old, yet she had already reached the Sun Moon Tier a few years ago. Moreover, she had already become a level eight alchemist!

Theoretically speaking, her feat should have been impossible. How could one master a high-ranking pill recipe so quickly and easily?

However, it was rumored that this woman was extremely peculiar in that she possessed a portion of the memory of some ancestor of the clan. She was astonishingly knowledgeable about alchemy at birth, and it was also because of this that she was able to master a level eight pill recipe soon after advancing to the Sun Moon Tier. If it weren't for the constraints of cultivation, perhaps she could even refine Level Nine Divine Pills!

Ling Han nodded in understanding. She most likely hadn't been reincarnated. After all, only one Reincarnation Flower would blossom in the Immortal Realm every 10 billion years. Thus, even Saints would have trouble obtaining such a flower, to say nothing of a branch family of the Lin Clan.

Anyhow, not every branch family sent young prodigies from their own clan. There were also some branch families that were like the Anyuan Branch, having a lack of talented prodigies in their own clan. Thus, they could only call for external help. The Shuiyue Branch was one of these branches.

The helper that they had enlisted was called Zhang Feng. He was over 500,000 years old, and he had already been renowned for a long time. However, he was at the consummate level of the Sun Moon Tier, so he satisfied the criteria of being under 1,000,000 years old in terms of absolute age and under 30 years old in terms of relative age.

He was also a level eight alchemist, and he had already studied alchemy for hundreds of thousands of years. He definitely possessed a wealth of experience.

Finally, it was Ling Han's turn to have his age examined.

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