Alchemy Emperor of the Divine Dao
1371 Prodigy Under 500
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Alchemy Emperor of the Divine Dao
Author :Flying Alone
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1371 Prodigy Under 500

The age of their bones was determined by a unique formation that could see through their flesh and directly examine their bones.

Ling Han walked into the formation.


The formation activated, yet it failed to display his age even after a long time.

"Huh? What's wrong?"

"Is the formation broken?"

The cultivators in charge of the formation were all slightly confused. Theoretically speaking, the formation would activate once someone entered it. It would then examine and display their age. However, why was it unresponsive now?

"Don't channel your Origin Power to resist the formation!" someone immediately chided.

If an elite channeled their Origin Power, they would indeed be able to prevent the examination of the formation. In that case, the formation would naturally lose its ability to determine their age.

Ling Han smiled faintly, and asked, "You think I channeled my Origin Power?"

The person who had spoken was only at the Mountain River Tier, so how could he detect whether a Heavenly Body Tier elite had channeled their Origin Power or not? Thus, he could only look to the elites of the clan for help.

Lin Xin walked over and looked Ling Han up and down. A look of astonishment involuntarily appeared across his face.

This young man was actually a Heavenly Body Tier elite!

He had actually become a super-elite at under 1,000,000 years old?

"This is a Heavenly Body Tier elite! Show some respect, understand?!" he roared at the Mountain River Tier cultivator. Heavenly Body Tier cultivators could be regarded as elites no matter where they went. Their services were more so welcomed by all forces.

The Mountain River Tier cultivator was given a fright, and he hurriedly started to apologize to Ling Han.

Because Ling Han had suppressed his aura, it would be impossible for those under the Heavenly Body Tier to determine his true cultivation. At most, they would only feel that he was slightly profound and mysterious.

Ling Han smiled, and said, "It's alright."

The formation activated again, yet it was still unable to determine the age of Ling Han's bones.

Lin Xin was confused at the start, yet after a short moment, a look of shock immediately spread over his face.

As mentioned before, one could prevent the formation from determining their age if they channeled their Origin Power. However, he could tell that Ling Han wasn't channeling his Origin Power at this moment. He was confident that he wouldn't make a mistake in determining this.

However, the formation was still unable to determine Ling Han's age. What did this signify?

This signified that Ling Han's physique was so freakish that it was essentially acting as a barrier of Origin Power. Moreover, this was a passive ability, something that Ling Han didn't need to control at all. As such, the freakish nature of this ability was even more terrifying.

The elder waved his hand, and said, "There's no need to examine his age. I can guarantee that this young man is… definitely under 500 years old!"

The crowd instantly erupted upon hearing this.

500 years old!

Just then, there had been a 700-year-old who had reached the Sun Moon Tier, and a 2000-year-old who had reached the consummate level of the Sun Moon Tier. After them, Lin Shuying had displayed her even more terrifying talent, reaching the Sun Moon Tier at only 200 years old. The crowd had already been stunned by this.

Now, however… this young man had reached the Heavenly Body Tier before 500 years old!

'F*ck me dead! Is this real?!'

It was widely accepted that there was a huge barrier between the Sun Moon Tier and Heavenly Body Tier. This barrier was extremely difficult to overcome, and it was what separated ordinary cultivators from elites. Moreover, it was only after overcoming this barrier that cultivators could attain the ability of flight and truly roam free among heaven and earth, not being restricted by the Regulations of heaven and earth any longer.

In any case, reaching the Heavenly Body Tier was a milestone achievement. There was a common saying that it was impossible to reach the Heavenly Body Tier before 1,000,000 years old. Of course, this saying was slightly exaggerated, with many prodigies being able to advance to the Heavenly Body Tier before reaching that age. However, none of them could compare to Ling Han's freakishness.

A 500-year-old Heavenly Body Tier elite!

No, no, no, a Heavenly Body Tier elite who was under 500 years old! Perhaps he was 400 years old, or perhaps he was only 300 years old. The younger his age, the more freakish Ling Han's talent. This was absolutely terrifying!

More importantly, he was actually participating in this competition. What did this mean?

This meant that he was also talented in the field of alchemy! Otherwise, even if a Genesis Tier Saint came, they still wouldn't have an advantage, what with the rules and all.


'How can such a freakish person exist in the world?'

Ling Han smiled at Lin Xin in acknowledgment. Although there was a huge gulf between their cultivation levels, they were still both at the Heavenly Body Tier, after all. Thus, their statuses were still somewhat on the same level.

Meanwhile, there was a peculiar glimmer in Lin Xin's eyes as he gazed at Ling Han.

Even if this prodigy were clueless in the field of alchemy, he still needed to recruit him into the Beisha Branch—with his supreme talent, coupled with their alchemical pills, Ling Han would have a great chance of advancing to the Eternal River Tier within 10,000 years!

At that time, the Beisha Branch would have another Eternal River Tier elite, thus solidifying their position as the leader.

Although the four large clans were all founded upon alchemy, without the support of powerful cultivators, they would merely be reduced to tools who earned money for others. In this world, power was king.

'I have to recruit him no matter the cost!' Lin Xin said in his mind.

However, if he could think this, what about the others? They could all see Ling Han's worth, and they all started to formulate plans in their minds. They couldn't miss the opportunity to recruit this genius.

In any case, Ling Han was the honorary elder of the Treasure Forest Pavilion, not of the Anyuan Branch. That being the case, anyone could still recruit him, no?

However, Lin Yuqi wasn't worried at all. One had to realize that she had tried all kinds of methods to seduce Ling Han, yet he had been completely unfazed. Who in the Lin Clan could be more womanly and seductive than her?

In terms of appearance, she was definitely one of the most beautiful women in the Lin Clan. In terms of demeanor, she was more so a bewitching woman who could make men go head over heels for her. In terms of cultivation, she had already advanced to the Heavenly Body Tier. How many people could compare to her?

With these three qualities, any man should have been entranced and intoxicated by her.

Thus, it was sufficient to say that Ling Han wouldn't be moved by beautiful women.

Although the Anyuan Branch was relatively poor in terms of wealth, they had accumulated treasures for many years, after all. So, it wasn't as if they would be completely out of the equation.

Lin Yuqi felt very assured.

Ling Han returned to his original position, attracting countless gazes as he did so.

He had suppressed his aura before, meaning that no one had known that he was a Heavenly Body Tier elite. Thus, he naturally hadn't attracted much attention. Now, however, it was as if he were bathing under a brilliant halo that made him extremely attractive and dazzling. Many beautiful women gazed at him, loving looks in their eyes.

In this world, people respected power. Moreover, Ling Han was still so young, so his future was definitely limitless.

In fact, there was even a bright glimmer in Lin Shuying's eyes. She had always held herself in very high regard, thinking that no man in the world was worthy of her. Right now, however, Ling Han's figure had forcefully entered her heart.

"Next, let us begin the first round of the competition—identifying medicinal ingredients!" Lin Xin announced.

The competitors all got into position. Members of the same branch family were all separated into different locations to prevent them from cheating.

There was a table before Ling Han, and there was a sack resting on this table. However, it was sealed by divine patterns that would shatter if one tried to forcefully scan the contents of the sack with their divine sense.

"When this candle is lit, you may open the sack before you and begin identifying the medicinal ingredients. Once the candle is exhausted, we'll go around and tally your score. The person who correctly identifies the most medicinal ingredients will win first place and obtain 100 points," Lin Xin explained calmly. However, his voice was clearly projected into everyone's ears.

When he finished speaking, he nodded to the person next to him, who immediately lit the candle.

The competitors immediately sprung into action, opening the sacks before them. The sacks were Spatial Spirit Tools, meaning that they possessed an extremely large space within them, even though they were only half a person tall.

Piles of medicinal ingredients were poured out, and the competitors started to identify them one by one. They would write the name of the medicinal ingredient on a slip of paper and then stick this paper onto the medicinal ingredient. This was a process that they would repeat again and again.

In order to correctly identify more medicinal ingredients, people would immediately put aside any medicinal ingredient that they didn't recognize or weren't too sure about. This way, they wouldn't waste any time.

The competition ground was extremely quiet, with only the slight rustling sound of medicinal ingredients being picked up and put down.

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